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  1. JimR

    Campfire at home?

    Our backyard fire pit. Just had to replace this pit as the legs rusted out.
  2. I'm considering purchasing a camp with a very small (2 acres) amount of land, however it's bordered by state land. Any one hunt Slader Creek, Klipnocky or Gas Springs state land ? Thoughts on how much pressure these areas receive and how productive they are ?. I have hunted state land for years, just not in this area. Thanks.
  3. A couple of us at work have been considering the Ruger PC9 for home defense. Takes a couple different type of mags, Ruger as well as Glock. (with the correct adaptor installed). Ammo is the ubiquitous 9 mm that many already have around the house for sidearms. Plenty accurate for close range , light, easy to handle, semi auto, has a rail for a red dot ect. Seems like a nice alternative to the 12 ga.
  4. JimR

    Sorel boots?

    I have had a pair of Sorel Chieftain, pac boots since the 80's. They are big, tough to drive in, gather mud until your tracks look like sasquatch, but WARM ! These are my go to boots for stand sitting or seriously cold weather.
  5. JimR

    Gutter Cleaning

    A co workers husband has been in the local trauma ICU since Thanksgiving when he fell from the roof his raised ranch style home. He was cleaning his gutters, ended up suffering massive injuries and has LOTS of rehab in front of him.
  6. JimR

    2017 HuntingNY Archery Harvest Thread

    My sons first buck !
  7. JimR


    Currently working on a bottle of Gentleman Jack that I am enjoying as well as a some Knob Creek that came as a Christmas present. The only bourbon I've found that I truly dislike is Jack Daniels black label, just too much charcoal for me. My go to has been Wild Turkey 101 for bourbon, Tullamore D.E.W. for Irish whiskey. Passed thru Kentucky and Tennessee on a recent trip to Florida and noticed signs for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail near Louisville. Now that sounds like a good long weekend trip ! On the water / ice front, I have tried crushed ice, cubes, rocks and have settled on a single large cube, (probably twice the size of a conventional cube) keeps the drink cool, melts slowly.
  8. JimR

    holy smoke !!!

    Dinosaur !
  9. JimR

    Christmas Cheer...

    Merry Christmas everyone, Thanks for sharing all your stories, tips and trophies throughout the year.
  10. I've been window shopping for a left hand bolt action myself. Any thoughts on the Browning X bolt ?
  11. Good to finally make it into the woods today. Got caught up on rest after 4 days of visiting one of our boys in NYC. My hats off to those of you who live down there and still manage to hunt, can't be easy getting out to the countryside. I made it to the state land at 1130, sat for a couple hours, still hunted til 3, then sat some more. Saw no deer, but did come across two scrapes with hoof marks and turds in them, In fact only one squirrel sighting all day. Will be back out Thursday.
  12. Live from JFK airport. Heading back to WNY tonight, looking forward to starting my late season public land hunting tomorrow. Probably won't be in the woods early, but I'll make it in before noon. Glad to see posts with folks still seeing and taking deer !
  13. JimR

    Steel plant is burning

    oh my poor boat
  14. Had my 17 ft. fishing boat stored at the old Bethlehem steel plant for the winter with Dr. Bobs storage. My sons Honda S2000 convertible was in there also, looks like both will be total losses. I can't imagine anything surviving this fire. I am glad no one was in the building, and hope no firefighters are injured fighting the fire. Time look at the insurance policy. http://www.wkbw.com/news/massive-fire-burning-at-republic-steel-in-lackawanna
  15. I was just trying to check out some state land, hoping to find some goose fields, on the SLIM. First off it opens into a blue screen, that turns out to be the North Sea. Once I zoom out far enough I can drag the map to NY. The larger problem is that the state land areas are no longer indicated. Has the program content changed, or is this possibly a problem on my end ? Any info appreciated. I did send an e mail on the "feedback " link of the site, but who knows when or if that will even be looked at.