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  1. Just added a Savage model 16 in 308 with a Nikon Prostaff BDC 3 - 9 to the gun cabinet. Got it sighted in today, I’m very happy with her. My first bolt action gun, with being left handed they are a little difficult to find in stores. She liked the Winchester ammo over Hornady so that’s the plan.
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    Drive past the Portageville entrance on the way to camp. There's always deer gathered right at the turn into the park.
  3. JimR


    I was working for a national home oxygen company and was in our Hamburg NY office. One of our Customer Service Reps heard early reports on the radio so we put the small TV on in our conference room and watched it all unfold. We started getting calls from other offices around the country to see if we were all right, all they knew was we were in "NY" and were worried. Not a lot of work got done that day, I'm sure the delivery drivers went out, it's tough to cancel someone's oxygen delivery !
  4. I need to have some grading done, a little clearing to improve my parking , and about 100 ft. of drain tile put in at camp. Location is town of Burns, outside Canaseraga in north east Allegany county. I'm looking for recommendations for a contractor. Anybody "got a guy" they prefer in that area ? Will probably require a mini excavator.
  5. I am now in the market for a woodstove to use at the new camp. I had an inspector come out and he confirmed my suspicion that the old Heatilator fireplace unit is rusted beyond repair. We agreed that a freestanding woodstove would be the best option. I have approximately 700 sq. ft. to heat, configured in an L shape with the kitchen and living room open to each other, two bedrooms and a bath off the kitchen. The cabin has a mix of old single pane windows and newer thermopane, R13 fiberglass batt insulation in the walls, and unknown ceiling insulation. Relatively low overheads, with a shed style sloping roofline (no cathedral ceilings or lofts). The floor under the old fireplace is concrete slab. I do plan to have the new stove professionally installed. So... keeping budget in mind (lets say 1K max. for the stove itself ) what do you have that you love, or conversely what would you stay away from ? Attached is a photo of the existing fireplace during tear out of the old rotten flooring.
  6. Hunted alone for a few years after my hunting partner passed away, never really loved it. Have a new group now and really enjoy the company.
  7. Jeremy, I watched Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Zillow. I also had a search set up with the Hunt real estate website. Finally found the place on FB Marketplace.
  8. Well, after many starts and stops in the process we finally purchased a small camp. Just 2 acres in NE Allegany County with a 2 bedroom cabin. There's state land bordering 2 sides, and more across the street. First step was to get the grass knocked down, that took two mows with the Husqvarna rider. Now to get the rutted driveway looked at, some maintenance on the well, and replace the soft living room floor, oh and need to buy a chainsaw for some clean up. I'm sure I will have many questions in the future.
  9. Our backyard fire pit. Just had to replace this pit as the legs rusted out.
  10. I'm considering purchasing a camp with a very small (2 acres) amount of land, however it's bordered by state land. Any one hunt Slader Creek, Klipnocky or Gas Springs state land ? Thoughts on how much pressure these areas receive and how productive they are ?. I have hunted state land for years, just not in this area. Thanks.
  11. A couple of us at work have been considering the Ruger PC9 for home defense. Takes a couple different type of mags, Ruger as well as Glock. (with the correct adaptor installed). Ammo is the ubiquitous 9 mm that many already have around the house for sidearms. Plenty accurate for close range , light, easy to handle, semi auto, has a rail for a red dot ect. Seems like a nice alternative to the 12 ga.
  12. I have had a pair of Sorel Chieftain, pac boots since the 80's. They are big, tough to drive in, gather mud until your tracks look like sasquatch, but WARM ! These are my go to boots for stand sitting or seriously cold weather.
  13. A co workers husband has been in the local trauma ICU since Thanksgiving when he fell from the roof his raised ranch style home. He was cleaning his gutters, ended up suffering massive injuries and has LOTS of rehab in front of him.