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  1. then why is our record better than the states with mandatory orange? Because we wear orange? hmm
  2. Ha-ha ..... maybe the wife is right ...... maybe. By the way, you don't have to be climbing trees to get in trouble. I remember one time when I had a small tree wedged across my ATV trail. So I decided to try to snap the thing in two and drag the two halves off the trail. I guess I got a little too intent on what I was trying to do and got into a position where I was pulling on the thing like a bow limb with all my weight and leg power at work. Well, naturally the thing broke all at once and sent me back into another tree so hard it knocked the wind out of me. It was a lot like your fall, and I had to lay there for a while just to get my breathing back to normal. Same deal, I was in the middle of the hill with absolutely no one around and no one even knowing where I was (I didn't have the ATV with me that time). I guess I was quite fortunate that nothing in my back broke because I did hit right on my spine. Now that WAS dumb! But I didn't climb any trees to almost do the same thing. :-[ maybe we need a law that says no breaking trees in trails.
  3. and the girl who as shot was shot while the hunter was hunting illegally and firing a gun too close to the home. For those who like to nitpick, I will clarify. Anyone who was shot in the woods not in their homes was shot as due to a misidentification for a game animal. I hope this clarifies it. And anyone else who was shot was shot during an illegal move on the part of the shooter, unless you know more than the dec who investigate the incidents.
  4. can anyone tell a scenario where someone was shot that there ws not some type of illegal activity going on? According to the DEC there has not ben an incident where it was purely an accident in over 10 years in NYS. In other words when people were shot, there was some type of illegal hunting going on and the morons made a goof in their attempts to break the law. Over 50 percent of people shot, were wearing blaze orange. I guess if the others were wearing it, they would not be shot? Statistically, we have a better safety record than the states who do have mandatory blaze orange laws. Look it up and read the scenarios of the other states. The majority say, I did not see orange so I thought it was a deer or bear or whatever else. Anyone in the past three years who has been shot in NYS was shot for misidentifying a target not when they are in the background. The years before, there was a man shot after a 20 gauge slug went through a deer. And guess what he was wearing BO. In other words someone shot them for an animal and again over 50 percent were wearing BO. So your arguments do not wash. And again I ask if deer do not see BO why is it ever ony run through for regular gun season? At 150 yards, I could just as easiy shoot you with my muzzleoader as my rifle, but I nor anyone else would have to wear it during ml season. I have seen deer react to BO a few times. On very private property, there were three of us hunting together. Two of us wearing camo, one bo camo coat. The camo wearers walked into a meadow. On the other side of the meadow were two deer. We stood upright in the meadow maybe 150 yards away. The deer did not respond at all. When our third hunter in BO stepped to the edge of the meadow, the deer instantly popped up heads, flagged and ran off. Hhe had not even get into the the meadow, and they spooked off. So I do not believe that anyone who is supposed to be in the know believes deer do not detect it either. If they did it would beproposed to be mandatory for all deer huntng seasons. I said it once and I will again. People become insane during deer season. If you feel more secure in orange, so be it. If I feel secure in camo, so be it. But in my opinion. it is a false sense of security. It is like locking your guns if a glass faced gun cabinet. It is locked but anyone can get in with anything that will break glass, or a screw driver to remove the hinges. Feel free to cu tme down or whatever else.
  5. well since my bunch of guys have been hunting together for 30 years, we dont have the disputes. You put down the rules on paper and agree before buying. Be selective who you buy with. Most tend to hunt with people of the same ideas on hunting. All decisions are done as a group. One man one vote. We selected one guy as treasurer and all contribute so much a year in either installments or lump sum. The treasurer pays the bills and can show it. Since our treasurer is the deputy county treasurer abou to be the vcounty treasurer, we trust him. Any left over goes into upgrades etc. I guess I would say if you have bad feeling about the people getting in, dont do it.
  6. the other solution buy a piece. Then you can either tell others no or charge them. Maybe you can get a pie or two though. Seriously though get a few hunting buddoes together and buy a chunk. No one can tell you no then. We have been checking the upcoming tax sales and one of my hunting buddies is deputy county treasurer as well as running for county treasurer. You can get decent stuff for a deal. Go to the owners before it goes up for auction an dmak ethem an offer pay it off and own it. Even if it is a few not so big pieces.
  7. I am willing to bet that most of the opposers on here will be in line or online purchasing a cross bow as soon as they are legal. Their reasoning will be so they can have a fair chance since everyone will be using one.
  8. bubba

    savage 10ml

    the smell the mess and the fun is what it is about. Just buy a modern smokeless rifle if you want to shoot it.
  9. the first thing you need is some training. It isnt as easy as grab a gun, stuff a couple pellets in it and stuff the latest fad bulllet on top of it. There is no need to get the most expensive gun that is manufactured. However do some research and see who is happy with what. I would also look at who has a good warranty with their equipment. As stated, if you are looking to improve accuracy during gun season, look into a better shotgun or rifle. It take a lot of time to work up a load for a muzzleoader to make them shoot very well. I would never use pellets as loose powder will certainly allow you to work up a load with small grain increments up or down. I have been working with an encore barrel this summer. Yesterday with th eload I worked up at 100 yards I had 4 bullets touching from the bench. That is accuracy. However I spent a lot of time working up the load that barrel loves. Hitting a pie plate at 100 is not good enough for me. Hitting the bullseye 4 times in the same place is. I would recommend a CVA Optima or tc omega if you want a dedicated good shooting muzzleloader. Avoid all the fads. I mold my own bullets and use loose powder. When my eyes were better, I could do the same accuracy with my t/c hawken at 100 yards with ptched round balls. I have been muzzleloading for 35 years or so, long before it was the in thing to do. One shot, one kill.
  10. the best advice I could give you is to ook for a good lock. Dont skimp on it. Syler is a good one. If there is no spark, the rifle is no good. Also make sure the flash hole is lined up well. Also look for a one piece stock for a long rifle. Using a flintlock is much different than an inline. It requires a lot of meticulous care and TLC. I would recommend going and shooting one to see what is involved before you go in so deep for something you might not have a liking for. I have a flintlock I use for special muzzleloading season. I tworks well, but as stated takes a lot of work to make it do so.
  11. umm look around we are well on our way to that exact scenario
  12. Ed my apologies. I misread your post the first time
  13. a law would be fine if it were enforcible. How many dec officers would it take to check every stand any more than checking for B/O on private land? The only person getting a ticket would be the guy falling out of a stand. We are going to enforce ourselves right out of a sport. You cant make laws to fight stupidity. The next thing will be when someone gets shot in a hunting incident, we will not be allowed bullets any longer.
  14. I have found at least here in the north, the longer you wait the better off you are. I know it is a lottery, but last year most of my budies and myself got in early, all got turned down for 6a, and I had three preference points. After the closing date, I got a permit mailed to me the second week of season. The last week in september, I was in walmart and there were a few buying licenses. Long story short 5 in a row got permits for 6a and it was the last week to apply. I am waiting this year even though I have 4 points. It makes no sense to me to have permits left over. Hand them out during the alotted time to apply rather than reject then mail them out later.
  15. they will have ot wait until soem of us still yearly guys pay up so then can mail the others
  16. cul v er no it was for wztirem who said I could not talk about orange on here as there was a forum already. I dont have the numbers, but will soon as I asked for stats from 2009 for my upcoming hunter ed class. It is true that mot accidents occur getting in or our of a stand. However there are safety harnesses that are used when climbing in and out. I guess the bottom line is be as safe as you think you should be. I stay on the grond most of the time, but when in the air I have on a harness.
  17. welll excuse me. My simple point was why over look the obvious. We do everything we can to be safe except the obvious. I was not aware we could not make a comparison My humble apologies (sarcasm intended)
  18. that was about 4 years ago. May be more now. But they are clear
  19. When I ued to climb, I never used one. I spend much more time in a ground blind in a chair. If I fall off that, it would not be any worse than falling off a bar stool in my younger years. Again we teach in the hunter safety course that it is imperative to wear one. More people are hurt and killed in tree stand accidents (falling out) then shot every year. We all want to wear orange to avoid being shot, but will not wear a safety harness, which is much more likely to get you hurt. Someone please explain the logic to me.
  20. I have a set of nikon compacts 8 power I think. They work great. Just the right size to carry with me and not too bulky. They were 89 bucks at gander mtn. WNY is 100 percent correct. I teach the hunter safety class and one of the points we stress is a scope is used to magnify an already known safe target you plan to shoot at, not for target identification. Maybe a refresher course may be in order.
  21. I actually have my fla permit. And did you knwo that for the permit to be recognized by the other states, you need to be a resident of the state the permit is issued in?, not just an add on form NY. Read the paperwork closely. If you get stopped in another state witha fla or ut permit and a ny drivers license, the permit is no good in that state. So buy some land in ut to establih residency. That came from law enforcement.
  22. again that sounds great in theory, but it is a fantasy, without the federal govt taking over the process, unless you can explain how it will work otherwise. If you got permit when I did and it ws 17 bucks, took two weeks and no restrictions, you would not think todays system was so great. It is slowly becoming tougher and next step is impossible. The change is gradual and is taking away our rights to have a handgun until it is gone. Inch by inch stil gets you to the finish line.
  23. from what I saw here most dont want permits at all
  24. I am not pissing and moaning about it being diferent. I am pisisng and moaning because the govt at any level has their hands in it.
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