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  1. ok so why are you willing to give them more? federal recognition means fed control
  2. I am far form pranoid, but I am a realist. I have no party affiliation at all. I see the writing on the wall. If the house and senate do not turn around this fall the next agenda will be guns. Th emore control we give then. the more power we lose.
  3. pull your head out of the sand and see what is really going on
  4. no offense and no. The more control we give the govt the more they will take. we had a guy in this county lose his permit for three speeding tickets, due to not beig responsible. They can revoke a permit for anything.
  5. there should be no standard in place the more standards we get the closer we are to having nothing. If you pass a nics check get a gun simple as that.
  6. we are slowly moving closer to it every day. And honestly guys like you who see no problem with more controol are going to hep get us there
  7. I doubt that. But lets play devil's advocate. You do have to renew your drivers license, and an instant background check wouldnt be the end of the world. Now a 9 month check process each time its renewed, no way. would you care to make a wager? With the monetry problems in this state and another dem governr to be elected, it will happen say a couple hundred every 5 years, and if you have atraffic ticket, it could jeopardize it.
  8. we have two more years of it. I do not think the conservatives will fare as well as everyone thinks in the fall. The libs still have a card or two up their sleeves to play before elections. So in short yes I think the dems will still be in power in 2 years. Let there be one more justice replaced before then, and see what happens. Congress has nothing to do with what the supreme court does, or their rulings, other than try to block a nomination. Th epresident apponts a justice and we have two more years of him regardless.
  9. we are on asinking ship as far as permits go. every year it is getting tougher and tougher. in my county the judge will no longer give a concel carry permit, and he is a gun owner. You get a permit for home and to go to the shooting range only. If you get caught somewhere else, you lose your permit and handguns. the more control, the more control. the less we have and it will get worse.
  10. before you see anationally recignized permit, you will see handguns outlawed. as I said one vote from that on the supreme court. Now there is another flaming lib there. One more needs replacing in the next 2 years, we are screwed
  11. within 5 years it will not be aone time fee trust me. It willbe a renew fee and a background check every 5 years at the most.
  12. I think I can travel to another state with a shotgun if I think i need to protect myself. As stated earlier it is a much more effective weapon and can be carried in any state. I was a truck driver many years ago and I never felt the need to carry to travel. I odnt look at a gun as a matter of protection, they are a matter of enjoyment hunting, shooting and lastly pritection if needed. I own a lousiville slugger that works well for that.
  13. when I go tmy permit it was 17 bucks in my county. Now you have to pay over 200 to get the papers and have a a limited amount of time to get them filled out and returned or you pay again. Mine took three weeks to the day to get. Now look at the process. You dont think that is a step in the wrong direction?
  14. well that was h ow the federally recognized drivers license came about. Yeah you can drive in any state with a ny license, but you have to obey their laws. It would be the same with a handgun as the laws vary. For instance in texas yu need to have your gun visible. In ny yu cany have i tvisible with a concel carry permit. I twould be very easy to get messed up. Last thing I need is a gun law offense
  15. the line needs ot be drawn a lot less than it is now. we are slowly losing our rights and freedoms no wunder the guise of protection. We need toprotect ourselves not the govt doing it for us
  16. we are talking guns and the lws differ between states. and a cdl is a federal license. They are controlled by the feds so you cant ge tone from a different state and keep driving hence federal control
  17. ok here goes. What camo patterns do you wear? How effective do you find it to be? I personally wear a johnson green and black plaid jacket and green wool pants. I see more deer in that then I have ever seen in camo. I put my stands in a hemlock or cedar tree either in them or ground blinds in the base of them. For turkey season I wear mossy oak break up head to toe to include a full face mask. It seems to work well for me. Sall game mostly upland birds, I wear jeans ad my orange upland game vest.
  18. did anyone read my letter in there last fall about my old lab I took hunting for pobably his last time?
  19. amen doc you mirrrored my previous post
  20. ok so diabetes and epilepsy should disqualify a person from carrying? what next cancer. Hey they are going to die, they may decide to take a bunch with them. Sounds dramatic, but it is my point where do we stop. I know where when no one has guns. culvercreek it isnt just ny that needs to get rid of the libs, it is the whole country. I mean think about it we were one vote on the supreme court from them saying owning a handgun in chicago was not against our conststutional rights. If it went through you dont think liberal NY state would not use that as a a precedent to take all handguns? next would be registering long guns and you go sign it out when yo uwant to use it fo rthe purposes they decide are ok. One liberal away from that right now. How much closer does it have to get? We do not need the govt to protect us from ourselves. what abut a person who drinks or uses drugs? Both alter ones state of mind. We do not want them to have a permit, but they can drive a car and kill families in that.
  21. that is exactly my question where is it drawn? I think we crossed the line of guarntee a long time ago. If you want to do i tright, make it so a person with a mental illness they have had to be hospitalized for part of the nics it is supposed to be. If they pass a nics they get a gun simple as that longgun or handgun. We are slowly giving up our rights under the giuse of protecting outselves. But what are we protecting outselves from? the crazy guy next door, or the govt who is slowly takin gover and will have all guns soon? It is all about govt control. And yes wny it is about fed control. Some states do not require a permit at all. Some states do recgnize other states permits. However to make it across the board, it would become a federally controlled permit. Any state can say no we do not plan to recognize this state or that state until it is a federal law. Then the feds control it. When I was in AZ all I needed to do was walk into kmart show my az drivers license and leave with a handgun
  22. wny th eguy with the low blood sugar can shoot you while in an altered state of mental being. You sai dearlier that all people who take drugs that alter the mind should not have a permit. Are you backpeddling on that now too. Tell that story to the guy in alex bay Mark Davis a volunteer emt who was responding to a call and got shot with a long gun and died. yes he was an emt and the guy was diabetic in a low bs. So where is the difference?
  23. but the permit system is state based how do you make it federal without giving more power to the govt to control them?
  24. I would dare say that maybe 2 percent of crimes are committed with a legal gun. And statistics show that people carrying who are not properly trained, have their own guns used againt them about 60 percent of the time. If I were so irrational I intended to commit a crime, I would steal a gun.
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