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  1. It’s pretty much just to focus the crosshairs at that distance. If the crosshairs look solid at 50 yards but then you aim at a target 200 yards away, the crosshairs could look blurry. Turn the knob to the 200 mark and it should make your crosshairs appear solid again. That’s my understanding of it.
  2. Better not sit with me and spook deer! We will have a throw down right then and there!
  3. Congrats Enders. I shot my share of small bucks when I was learning the game. And I was excited as hell every time. Enjoy it.
  4. I’m thinking the second phase of the rut should be kicking in soon for all those that haven’t killed bucks yet. Hopefully we can have another good wave come through the forum. Good luck this weekend!
  5. I agree with Boone. Invest in a climber. It will help you out immensely. You’ve done A good job scouting. You are on them. Make sure you are setting up with favorable wind directions near those bedding areas and travel corridors. Use the snow to your advantage. Deer will adjust to your presence if you’re hunting the same spots. Find the fresh sign/tracks and climb. That is my most successful late season tactic. If there isn’t snow, look for the runs that have fresh mud on the leaves. Just because there looks to be a good run doesn’t mean it’s being used. The fresh mud confirms it’s use.
  6. I used to always worry about bumping deer on the way into the woods. It would often times ruin my hunt before it began. And I would even leave the stand early in frustration thinking I wouldn’t see a damn thing because I just kicked all the deer out. That was when I was new to the game. I expressed this to my uncle who is an experienced hunter with plenty of rackers on his wall. He told me that when I kick deer they run into the woods and that’s exactly where we want them. Lol. I’ve learned that deer don’t leave the county when you bump them. They hop off to a safe distance and resume being a deer. Sit tight and they might just come back through. I’ve bumped deer on plenty of hunts. I just go about my merry way and get where I was headed. Seen plenty of them after and killed plenty of them after... still sucks not knowing if it’s a big ol bruiser you just bumped in the dark though. Lol. Such is hunting. edit: sometimes when I do bump deer I will throw some grunts at them as I move. I’ve had them stop and hang out as I finish moving through. Other times when they blow at me I will blow back. Lol. Keeps them on their toes.
  7. I walked a ridge this morning looking for some fresh tracks to set up on. I found some coming out of a brush lot and into the hardwoods. I used my climber to set up on it and within five minutes I had a basket 8 dogging a little doe. He ran her around for a while then they both bedded 35 yards in front of me. They stayed there until 830 when I saw a good buck sneaking up behind them. They heard him sneaking but stayed put. He ended up giving me a 50 yard shot. The .270 crushed his shoulder, lung and heart. The other two deer sprang up at the shot. Looking around and at him. The little doe trotted off and the buck chased her around for another 20 minutes. Great hunt. Thankful for this buck.
  8. You might see more deer if you walked more than 300 yards from the road.. And at a faster pace..Tracking them. Maybe say.... like Buckmaster does.
  9. Dude tracked a buck that far and that long. Took a bunch of pictures along the way. Killed the thing. A dandy buck at that. The proof is in the pudding. I don’t care if you think it’s super human. He obviously knows how to hunt them that way and does it well. Come back and post when you can match it. P.S I killed the buck in my profile pic
  10. I don’t comment much but love your posts! Have you ever considered the little dog booties or would that be counter productive? I’m sure it would effect the dog somehow, just wondering. Keep up the good work!!
  11. Shot two deer one time. Followed the first blood trail and found the deer. Went back, followed the second blood trail and found the deer. Wasn’t very confusing.
  12. I just saw a monster ten cross the road on my way home. Also at noon. They’re on the move.
  13. Dug way back for this one. First time I’ve posted this year and a post started by me 6 years ago pops up. Lol.
  14. I try to find two or three trees that are clumped together that I can shoot out of nicely. Situate the climber so it’s in between them. Sometimes I will face the climber away from the trails and post behind the tree for cover if that’s the best option. I also cut my bow rope to 25 feet and don’t stop climbing until it’s taught if the tree has no limbs that high. Tie the bow rope to the top portion of the climber and haul it up. I cock the crossbow on the ground before climbing. Double checking it’s on safe before I do.
  15. I did have the opportunity in boot camp to qualify expert with iron sights. That was pretty awesome. Shot the highest in my platoon. Have the certificate somewhere. Once I got to the fleet it was 4 times with glass. Managed to hustle 20 bucks off a SSGT one time. Always wondered what I could do with a little heavier round and a good set of high powered optics. Not to mention I had to shoot in 29 palms with 20 mph cross winds using Kentucky windage!! And I appreciate it, Cap.
  16. Lol absolutely. No disrespect intended. Couldn’t help throwing some friendly trash talk down given the easy opportunity
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