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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sold pending funds Because of you we can’t have nice things.
  3. Saw a picture of a urban buffalo set that is supposed to go 2teens w 4 drops. Apparently there were a number of guys running this deer and each other ragged and he knocked his second, quoted to be 119” single side, off while being pursued by the guy who has both haves. He was described to me as being a non hunter and having his 4mo old child in a sling stylecarrier. Yes- I am very aware as to how many inches/feet of antler that is and would say it seems legit. A shed obsessed coworker showed me all the pics. Never realized how addicted people get and how crazy urban areas get related to them.
  4. It seems 3/4s if people responding to this thread are under the impression 12 yos would be drafted, issued a gun and sent to the woods...... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. An interesting aspect would be to bring data to the table. A quick query of hunting incidents in NY would not justify any concern for: youth based on performance, would warrant the law to mandate fall protection and would have everyone worried about being shot by Jr totally off your rocker on where real injury/incident frequency lies for our area and country. Then again every hunter’s opinion is where their reality and desires show. Surprised more folks weren’t backing this as they tag twice the number of bucks with a rifle in October as in previous years. [emoji848] Because of you we can’t
  6. Says the guy who’s fenced in equity is where it all came from.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. And the cdc has already recommended not consuming animals that have tested positive. It will have a huge impact whether it is a real disease threat to the herd or people. Look at the DEC and the urine ban sure to come in the name of CWD. For the record I see using deer urine as a tactic of hopeless hunters, however a ban on urine in the name of cwd is a really dumb unfounded idea. We also have an impending lead ban in the name of our health and eagles. If political, you don’t need to sway hunters- just the 85% of the population that isn’t a hunter or anti. When we are recreationally killing
  8. Loggers typically leave your property like an ex does your checkbook. Because of you we can’t have nice things.
  9. Have had minimal luck with DEC trees- I have some 2yo crab apples that are twigs compared to the ones I got through the nwtf Because of you we can’t have nice things.
  10. I’ve got some Atv plot implements you can borrow- just return them promptly and in at least as good of condition as they were picked up in. Because of you we can’t have nice things.
  11. Not trying to be a smart ass here but timber stand improvement and hinge cutting are rarely the same thing. Tsi is for timber quality. Hinge cutting is some deer habitat related deal (screening, browse, bedding, etc). Qdma once said no one should hinge cut a tree unless they know what it is and affects. Because of you we can’t have nice things.
  12. gjs4

    Broken Antlers

    Wow Because of you we can’t have nice things.
  13. Nah- it’s far worse here than internet norm based on being an active member of a bunch of hunting forums. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. $200 Because of you we can’t have nice things.
  15. Awesome. Great job man. Because of you we can’t have nice things.
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