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Sheds 2023?

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I don't plan on putting the miles on the boots looking for sheds like I did last year but have managed to snag a couple of early ones so far in a spot where I know that several of the bucks that made it through season have dropped already...









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I put 5.5 miles in last week, found one dandy shed, bumped several bucks still holding. Going to wait until February to go back to that spot. Going to go out this afternoon for a few hours close to home. IMG_20230103_130003598.jpgIMG_20230103_130012214.jpg

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I do predator control around a deer farm and a couple of weeks ago we saw a small six on the outside of the fence trying to get into the fence after a hot doe.

When we approached it with the ranger to try and scare it away, it jumped into the fence and both of it's antlers flew off.

Those were easy sheds to find.


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I'm at 6 sheds and two deadhead bucks. Picked up one side off a buck that I was looking for friday afternoon. Turns out it was last year's antler from him but was in perfect shape other than some bleaching which is incredible in itself. Ended up taping 68.5" making it my second biggest typical shed to date. I'm hoping to find his new antlers in the upcoming weeks.














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Going out tomorrow. Have a bunch of bucks on cams that dropped but the set I’m looking for he’s still holding as of 2 days ago. Also a smaller one with some potential still holding as well



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