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  1. Definitely not as crowded as it use to be. My dad up there last week. He said it was very quite and not too many deer.
  2. Don't know if anyone has already posted the article, but here's the link. Ran across this online the other day. Thought it might be useful since the symtoms are similar to Lyme disease but without the rash which might lead hunters into a misdiagnosis.
  3. Thanks everyone. At least I have a week left at the end of the season to prepare and try and get one with my bow now. And good luck to those of you still out there.
  4. My first buck!! I've never posted here before (never had anything to add!) but really enjoy reading all the great posts. Anyway, shot him opening day around 10:00 am. He managed to sneak in behind me and my stand at about 50 yds but had his head down moving at a slow enough pace that I had time to set up. Waited for him to get into a clearing where I would have a clean shot. I made a bleating sound and when he frooze and turned his head, I took the shot. He jumped about 7 feet in the air, hit the ground, tumbled twice and dropped. Needless to say, I know he's not big but I'll take it! Now I just need to convince my fiance to let me hang him somewhere.