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  1. Jumped 3 doe walking in then nothing. 1 muzzleloader shot a couple miles away around 8 and nothing else. Should be action tonight tho... No new pics on cam this week. Scrapes were getting hit a week or so ago but seemed to have dried up..
  2. JRod 8G8H

    The Closet

    hahaha... actually pretty organized compared to me!! might need to build an addition!!! I'm trying to attach an insulated shed to the house in 2019 and so far my wife is not putting up a fight..
  3. wow... I've actually seen fines closer to 5k for stuff like this... and with a .22? should be an animal cruelty charge too.
  4. JRod 8G8H

    Ten Point Poached Close To Our Property

    so glad they caught him... I hate hearing stories like this... unfortunately it does look like the same buck
  5. JRod 8G8H

    View from the new home

    awesome story... thanks for sharing
  6. JRod 8G8H

    Hunter finds bear stuck in barrel

    Young bear. Pretty cool and cool color coat
  7. To be continued this week with the ML.. Cam has had 2 different bucks freshening up a scrape/ licking branch around 4:30pm this past week. That cam is 60 yds from my stand. Had one of the bucks come out like clockwork at 4:30pm but he got my wind and bolted because I was facing the other way photographing this little guy..
  8. Sat 2 hrs this morning saw 2 does out of range... Cam had 2 different bucks freshening up a scrape/ licking branch around 4:30pm this week. That cam is 60 yds from my stand. Gonna hunt my way in around 2... Good luck all
  9. Quite cold. 2 doe out of range and this fox and his girlfriend keep chasing eachother all over the damn place. Good luck all
  10. It's a YouTube channel they have a couple seasons worth of hunting now from about half a dozen guys... very knowledgeable and they film for eachother. They set up climbing sticks and hang ons or just bow hunt from the ground..
  11. IMO the crew from "The Hunting Public" are the next big thing in the whitetail hunting world. They are consistently killing deer 140-150"+ on public lands throughout the midwest. They have no idea what deer are around but they use topography and sign and conditions and intense preparation to get into bow range of huge bucks on public land.. That's talent to me and I've learned a lot from them
  12. JRod 8G8H

    Lost my oldest pup this morning.

    very sorry to hear about your doggy.... thanks for sharing with us
  13. put a 2nd cam back out tonight on my 5 acre spot after work... plenty of fresh tracks and 2 freshened up scrapes.. had about 8-10 does watching me put the cam around the tree.. had about an hour so I did have my shotgun loaded just incase but they were 60 yds off of the property... i guess tonight was their lucky night!! To be continued Friday afternoon...
  14. JRod 8G8H


    Interesting. I got Lyme a few years ago and still have flare ups every once in a while but man that was rough initially
  15. JRod 8G8H

    Deer Season Flying Bye

    Agreed.... my problem is my schedule has been full at work... should've taken more days off because weekends there has been heavy pressure on deer, and weekdays I only get an hour or two to sit.. not enough to get a crack at a mature deer