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  1. JRod 8G8H

    When is technology TOO much...?

    Ugh. I've been made by so many deer cause I'm either on this site or facebook. But the guys from "the hunting public" recently bought a Wal mart bow and accessories and sat on a 5 gal bucket with no camo on and killed a doe. Self filmed. Which inspires me to hunt from the ground more and keep it simple.
  2. JRod 8G8H

    did I sin?

    Lol.... I wonder the same thing when buying camo... I use the same pants and a couple jackets the whole year but have so much damn camo in my basement. I try and give items away to my little cousins. I currently have 2 bows and 2 guns and a xbow but i don't see myself ever parting with any of them ever...
  3. JRod 8G8H

    What it’s all about

    that's what you call buck fever... been hunting 10 years and i still shake too!!!!
  4. JRod 8G8H

    Kudos to WNY Bowhunter

    I was told 10-12 months but you're right, kind of annoying at this point. somebody local to us moog... i will pay the guy what he deserves but too long for a taxi job IMO
  5. JRod 8G8H

    Baiting for bait

    Idiot. Not the brightest method of yote hunting
  6. JRod 8G8H

    Kudos to WNY Bowhunter

    beautiful work. believe it or not, i still havn't got my Nov 2017 buck back yet...
  7. JRod 8G8H

    lighted knocks for bolts

    I have Nockturnal on my Piledriver bolts... they fit perfectly. But as stated above if loose can use saran wrap.. Love lighted nocks
  8. JRod 8G8H

    New Hunter

    Welcome.. Been hunting 10 years now myself, started in college, and am always learning from the site... Any equipment questions just start your own thread don't be shy.. Good luck
  9. JRod 8G8H

    New world record non typical

    Wow. Hope it's legit. Mass like that requires significant growth factors in that deer. He isn't even smiling in any of the pics. Hmmm
  10. JRod 8G8H

    Hunting boots

    Lacrosse Alphaburly
  11. I have bought 3 bows in 10 years bowhunting I'm about to get my first Elite... I certainly care for them enough that i will be able to have a high resale value to put them on craigslist at some point lol
  12. Honestly after the deer season my bows get put away and i don't shoot again until spring. Interested to see what you guys do.. What is your go to regiment for cleaning and keeping the strings healthy I use the scorpion venom stuff and have good wax too
  13. JRod 8G8H

    Need Help Naming Dog

    Tonight we're drinking red! Congrats on your beautiful puppy. He'll be a much bigger enzo than mine!!
  14. JRod 8G8H

    Need Help Naming Dog

    Nice! You went with enzo!? In Italian Enzo is like the name Henry which I've read translates to king of the home. My family is sicilian. The Ferrari Enzo was one of my most favorite cars that Ferrari has made.. Also, there also was a famous book called the art of racing in the rain and the main character dog was named Enzo... I see you guys talked about that already. This is our puggle Enzo, he's a great rabbit dog
  15. JRod 8G8H

    Need Help Naming Dog

    My dog's name is Enzo which means ruler of the home. Go with something based on his personality and what describes him best