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  1. All old evidence of hunting spots on my cousins 40 acres are legit. This was my 2nd year hunting it and I'm still learning deer patterns there but buckets and downed stands etc definitely have helped...
  2. No blind or he'll never use that field again. I would go with a ghillie suit or like someone said before a ghost blind. These are semi aggressive options. Rattling now might work it's late enough in the season along with a buck decoy. I've had good luck in December rattling. Good luck
  3. Well about 7 or 8 doe busted me this morning when i was waiting for yearlings to pass and take a crack at a big one... Walking back in tonight all the doe were bedded along my walk into the woods.. Busted again lol. Property is land locked and i only have 1 trail back into the woods unfortunately....
  4. Had about 7 or 8 does come through around 8. I was on the ground... Was waiting for the yearlings to clear when they all smelled me. Didn't blow but jogged off. Moved stands in case they double back...
  5. On the ground watching for movement... I can feel the wind is switching for the better. No shots yet. 8G
  6. I contracted lyme disease about 7 or 8 years ago. It was pretty crazy i had all the symptoms and was pretty much on the couch for 1 month straight... Still have little flare ups every few weeks. Definitely don't feel the same than i did before i got it...
  7. Check out Excaliber if your budget is semi-high. I have the centerpoint sniper 370. After 3 seasons of use I'm not too happy with the way the strings and cables look currently... Otherwise pretty happy with the way it shoots... Shoots just as well as my friend's ten point.
  8. Pines... That's where i head too in a snow or rainstorm... Shot a button buck in 2 feet of snow a few years ago. The drag out sucked...
  9. Phade that was a great breakdown thanks. You're right the battery is hovering around 80% I'm gonna switch to lithium... I figured it was a temp/batteries issue because once we dropped below freezing all my cams kept getting pics except the Browning. It's a strike force with the viewing screen. I actually jumped 2 doe yesterday who were standing right in front of it and it didn't get them... Thanks again for restoring my faith in Browning
  10. So i have 4 Cabelas cams, 1 Browning, and 1 no name Chinese cam i got on Amazon. 6 cams on 45 total acres. The gen 1 cabelas cam is/was the best... Cabelas has been going cheap although the gen 2 has been improved this year so i bought another. I thought the Browning would be a game changer given the price point but yesterday there were 3-4 sets of fresh tracks in front of it and no recent pic. The cheap amazon one is actually doing great.. And it was only $49 with a 2" LCD viewing screen.. Unfortunately it's working so great it got a slammer buck at 3pm opening weekend about 60 yds from my stand...
  11. Congrats... That's the best eating.. IMO any deer is considered a trophy
  12. This is my first year wearing electronic hearing protection.. In my 30s now and I get some ringing in my left ear from years of shooting. Opening day I heard 4 does and a buck walking behind me with the volume turned up but unfortunately they spooked when I swung around to shoot the buck lol
  13. Gonna do a lap around the property after work around 4.. Got a good wind and with this wet snow and I can spot and stalk pretty undetectable. Still have all my tags unfortunately as I've passed a lot of young deer..
  14. It made me very upset to see that... I'm glad the Pennsylvania game commission is taking it seriously thanks to social media.. Should be a felony to torture a managed big game animal to death. This mom is very stupid no wonder the kids are awful.
  15. Check the town ordinance like everyone is saying. It's a grey area where i live because a bow is considered a firearm and there's no discharging a firearm. However it also says you need to be 500 ft from structures while bow hunting. So some guy hunts a field down from my house (urban) and has dozens of deer of all ages running around.... Meanwhile i cant even target practice