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  1. I have the wooltimate jacket and pants I use during bow and the stand hunter which is the wooltimate parka and bibs during gun which has heavier insulation. It does collect debris and burrs but i dont walk through that stuff during gun. Highly recommend all of it. Besides wooltimate I have a leafy/ghillie waterproof parka I wear during bow on the ground and pretty much have eliminated all cotton and non-waterproof outer layers.
  2. Same thing in 8H had a basket grunting and bump does out of bedding.. Well I heard the grunting first and man was my heart pumping
  3. Man what a tank. You in Buffalo? Are you able to bowhunt here? I used to work in Depew and one of the biggest bucks I've ever seen in person was on Borden near Transit/French.. In someone's backyard daytime probably hitting their feeder or fruit trees...
  4. Really like the video.. I'm assuming you've seen The Hunting Public... I think that's awesome you're up for a challenge.. One land I hunt is a suburban 5 acres with little pressure, and the other is 40 acres with moderate pressure on either side of me.. Good luck man
  5. No the optic nerve is in your brain and comes off of your brainstem. Something is getting pinched it's best to get some xrays and a proper diagnosis first. Get a full work up from someone who understands the spine... Remember xrays do not show nerves or discs only an MRI would
  6. I'm a chiropractor... I agree go get some xrays from your doctor and then see a good chiropractor with a positive reputation. The chiropractor can even order the xrays. Good luck
  7. I hunted 8G last night in Batavia-Byron area didn't see a thing the wind was bad and all over the place
  8. Had a basket 6 grunting and chasing the neighborhood does a few mins ago. Heard the grunting first which got my heart pumpin like it was mid November lol.. Now i just need his uncle to show!!
  9. Rattled in a basket 6 this morning and tonight i was shut out for the first time this year.. Warm and windy tonight..... Tomorrow morning nice n cold 37 I feel like this thread might explode tomorrow morning!! Good luck all
  10. About that time. Over some clover but the wind is crazy tonight...
  11. Went out this morning before work... Saw 3 spikes and a 2 year old 6\7 pointer.... They came in and hung around after i did a couple rattling sequences. Then they all did some light sparring. The neighborhood does did not particularly like my rattling however lol