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  1. Last week I received my Bear and Turkey tags but did not receive my Archery and MZ tags. While at the town hall for something else ,I asked them to check what I should be getting, they said I should have gotten everything I applied for ,in the mail ,I even got a doe permit while there.
  2. This is a long story , it should be helpful in picking out a Caliber that you would want to use . http://www.chuckhawks.com/myth_busting_calibers.htm
  3. I know of 3 neighbors down the road feeding deer all year round , Are they Baiting ?.
  4. This was not an out of state hunt ,it was on a co op area ( very large area ) now closed to the public for hunting. People from all of the sorounding states would come here to hunt.There was a buck 10 pointer tall tines and thick with a big body that 5 hunter that I know of had missed because of firearm failure including myself,ever since then I do bring a back up rifle even on my own property.
  5. Do not compare ( all you younger people ) to people your fathers or as me ( who might be old enough to be your grandfather) It's just a part of getting old . You Just Get Colder Faster and Stay Cold Longer. It requires good quality clothing to stay warm and dry. 1'st think base layer, mid layer and outer layer. If you are going to post in one place all day, Don't walk to that spot with every thing on ( you will just sweat ) and that will make you cold all day.Carry your heavy outer gear in a back pack. Extra sox , change them after you get to your spot, your feet will stay warmer longer with a
  6. I shoot Left handed also , And only own 1 left handed bolt action rifle and have no problem shooting a Right handed bolt action rifle which I have many of. Caliber , It is like the old Chevy. Vis. Ford thing in racing. There have been many posts on here as to What is the best caliber for deer, you will hear so many replies on this you will just get confused.It just boils down to what you are comfortable shooting.
  7. After 50+ years of deer hunting I had just about every type of rifle action and caliber that is out there and still have many. It boils down to where you are going to hunt most of the time.If it is on your own property ,which you say is in the Catskills ,And Unless it was farm land and farmed until you bought it , It is overgrown with trees.If you have Nothing as of yet ,Think about a Shotgun or a MZ loader ,You can use both on Long Island and up here in the Catskills. And you can use the MZ loader Now for early Bear and at the end of the hunting season for Deer also. As for a rifle in the Ca
  8. thphm

    Missed Bucks?

    Whey do most of these threads wind up off of the original subject and a P*****g match between the same people on every thread, gets pretty boring reading the same BS .
  9. Now I know why the bear has been hanging around the property this long. Pulled the cards out of the cams yesterday and there is a shot of a cub walking around ( picture not that great ) . Hmm have to be careful walking around now.
  10. I was thinking of that with the picture but just posted it here.
  11. X2, this rides with me on my atv all rifle hunting season while to and from my stands.
  12. Mark the last spot where the blood was seen. Then walk slow and look in a small circle, then larger circles.Sometimes it takes more than an hour to recover a wounded deer.We had one that took 2 + hours but we found him.
  13. As WNY BH said ladder stands are a pain to carry and put up ( by one ) person doing it, better off wit 2 people erecting them.,Buy extra load binders to take some of the wobble out of the thing.Shooting rail is a good option , I made mine + added a swivel seat afterwoods.Just one of the strap on type that I modified . For posted sines if you are going to buy a better type get the metal ones,with your info on them there are some up around me that are 50 years old , paint is faded but they are still hanging where they were put. As .vosssigns.com/product/106wpooa/
  14. Welcome Outdoorstom ,Nice that the 2 of you recovered that bear I am a past member of DSI also had a tracking lic. until my heart went sour about 10 years ago grampy, If you ever heard about Lee B. from L.I. I was out on a few searches with her on the east end..
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