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  1. Tag have yet to receive mine. was wondering about this.
  2. Thats me and my partner. Mind u its a pet peeve of mine. But man we just start yappin. Though we do shut it mostly
  3. Whys that? Am i screwin somethin up by doin it
  4. I use rechargeable batteries but they go dead fast. lately i been going 4 rechargeable and 4 regular and been getting much better results. think i will be picking up a set of these now. Thanks
  5. Personally dont like the size of rage. Love shwacker though. Fly like fieldpoints for me out to 40. Farthest ive shot
  6. man I hope that things lives a long life, hehe would e cool to see what he looks like in a few years
  7. all are legal. they don't lock in place so they don't get stuck in the deer like fish hooks unless they have a set that I am not aware off. just google the set you want and make sure they don't lock in place. watch a vid of em
  8. Ouch. He got it yesterday and paid 270. Make sure to use promocode 6tenoff
  9. Nice. Buddy o mine was on the fence. This should push im over
  10. I got the crossman tormentor. Great xbow gonna be hittin jersey this year come september. Once i take a doe with my excalibur gonna take a doe with the crossman. Thing groups great for me at 40 yards. Scope wasnt that great though
  11. Vince1

    New bow!

    Hehe i know the feeling. Everytime i pic up my compound i feel like im cheating on my recurve. She just sits there and stares at me. ☺
  12. Why in the world wold that. Be considered overboard. I mean doesnt everyone do it???
  13. hey bro, sorry for your loss. glad to see you back in it though. always game to hook up
  14. Depends on what my walk in looks like. But ive carried it cocked with a bolt through some thick stuff lost the bolt though. Long as it has an anti dryfire and no bolt in it to lose i dont see a. Issue