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  1. This is what i am here for, kinda silly to me. but what can you do. So i am guessing this didn't make it in either, that sucks.
  2. will be nice to be able to buy a newer Excalibur crossbow. when does this hit the books?
  3. Appreciate all the comments guys, definitely done with the outfitters though. Great experience with my son he loved it and had a great time. Was looking at land years ago may get back to that. Vid of our hunt so you can get an idea of what im talking about.
  4. Yup. Had a great time but yeah I guess I was expecting to much. Done hog hunts twice and walked away with nice hogs Everytime. Every sit seen hogs. Different animals I guess. First guided deer hunt though. Will stick to hogs then. If he has a bad season next year will maybe look into a game farm like u said for him or take the trip back down to Florida if covid is over. Thanks for input. And I say it to people myself. Hunting not catching. But not paying for guided deer anymore.
  5. i like in person myself. but my son did his this year but he had me to explain things. i see how it can be abused though.
  6. So my son turned 12 and I took him for a two day trip down to Maryland, first he had a GREAT time. loved it, so for that I am happy. Now the issue I have is that I paid an outfitter a pretty penny for this trip and we got in 4 sits and only one of them was a good sit where he had an opportunity right at sundown but the guide sent his buddy to pick us up and he spooked the dear when he walked in. Go figure. I kinda went back and forth about how much to tip the guy was prepared to give him $200 and just gave him round about $150ish. The thing is I was planning on doing this with both my boys on a yearly but after this trip I feel like i wasted over a grand for what i could have done with my boys for MUCH cheaper, me and a buddy go to finger lakes every year for usually for Columbus day weekend and see more deer in one sit than I saw down there for 4 sits. Am i missing something or did i get screwed. It was their three day gun in January and man this place was hunted HARD, one day we were on the edge of a cornfield well after the corn had been cut (janurary) mind you i saw tracks in the mud when we went in but i know that was night activity and so i didnt say much especially since i dont know anything about hunting farms. another time he put us on a food plot with a 40 to 50 yard shot and advised us to use his rifle, but i want my son to use his bow so i just opted to use the xbow i brought just in case. again no deer. i finally had to say to him on the final sit to put is in where its close and he put us on a decent spot with a feeder that was a 20 yard shot in the middle of hardwoods and it is there where we finally saw some deer. had he put us there all hunts i would have been happy. The guide was a nice enough guy and my son had a great time at the lodge so like i said im not all bent outa shape but i really feel like we should have at least "SEEN" deer. and it wasnt just us alot of guys at the lodge said the same thing. So is this what guided hunts are like for deer? i have done hunts for hogs down in florida and NEVER had this issue. did i just pick the wrong outfitter? if so then i will give it another shot with a different outfitter next year. but if this is what i can expect then man i will save my money and just plan the trips myself to public land. Just needed to see if its just me or if there are better outfits out there to use. maybe it was the state? i have no idea.
  7. Tag have yet to receive mine. was wondering about this.
  8. Thats me and my partner. Mind u its a pet peeve of mine. But man we just start yappin. Though we do shut it mostly
  9. Whys that? Am i screwin somethin up by doin it
  10. I use rechargeable batteries but they go dead fast. lately i been going 4 rechargeable and 4 regular and been getting much better results. think i will be picking up a set of these now. Thanks
  11. Personally dont like the size of rage. Love shwacker though. Fly like fieldpoints for me out to 40. Farthest ive shot
  12. man I hope that things lives a long life, hehe would e cool to see what he looks like in a few years
  13. all are legal. they don't lock in place so they don't get stuck in the deer like fish hooks unless they have a set that I am not aware off. just google the set you want and make sure they don't lock in place. watch a vid of em
  14. Ouch. He got it yesterday and paid 270. Make sure to use promocode 6tenoff
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