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  1. Chevy

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    What the heck kind of tow rope are u using? 550 paracord is the way to go. Some of the other stuff is real crap.
  2. Chevy

    Deer Hunting in Bath area

    Surely a beautiful area and a lot of state land. We bought a small piece of land and built a cabin in 1994 when it was shotgun only. We had many good years and no problem getting doe permits. It seemed as soon as rifle was allowed the hunting went down hill. Low sightings. It's still good, but not like it was. Maybe it's just me. I don't have anything against rifles either and it's probably a coincidence. I was in DMU 8W close to 8T. For example, the current doe tag probability for 8W is medium/none and 8T is low/none. Could be the tough winters? But I thought it would have rebounded by now with several years of limited doe permits.
  3. Chevy

    My 2018 Barn Plot..

    Does the yellow tape keep the deer out or are the other lines electric? We use electric fence but I wonder if two rows of non electric would suffice in high deer density area.
  4. Mendon. I have one guy looking at it Friday.
  5. Savage 220. Rifled barrel. Accu trigger. 20 gauge. It’s in mint condition. Only used one deer season. Plus 4 boxes of Remington accu-tip ammo. $420. Or $440 shipped.
  6. Chevy

    For Or Against Full Inclusion

    I voted NO. Not looking to be bullied by wolc, but I want to explain that I was drawn to archery season many years ago because it required dedication to be proficient and successful unlike the gun season which can be a circus. I enjoy the gun season also, but want to keep the circus where it is.
  7. Since you continue to stoke the argument and toss out baited questions, I will answer. It's because the xgun is not archery equipment and hasn't even been considered in the archery season until only very recently as evidence of that among other things.
  8. It's called "incrementalism" and its happening now to archery season.
  9. Give them an inch they will take a yard. Once xbows are fully allowed during archery season from all the whining, gun hunters and ML hunters will want their piece of the season. Then you can pick what ever weapon you want cause it won't be archery season any longer. Pretty sad. To me, xgun is not archery equipment and should not be expanded. I hunt with an unscoped handgun which has less range than the xgun. Therefore handgun hunters should have the same privilege as the xgun. pulling a trigger is pulling a trigger, right.
  10. Chevy

    Bowhunter Sighting Log

    So you sit on stand all day and see 5 deer. Write it in the log and tell the DEC. Then the DEC and their "interest groups" use it against you and deem there are too many deer and screw the bowhunter by making the first two weeks of archery season doe only. Yeah, I don't trust the DEC to do the right thing with this type of information.
  11. Chevy

    Get your vaseline ready NY! Its here...

    Last year we shot alot of doe between 10/1 - 10/15 and still had a chance at a nice buck which happened on 10/9. Now for the reasons cited, alot of guys wont bother hunting the first two weeks and are now two weeks behind on their hunt for the buck they had been scouting and figure they don't have time to be shooting doe with the reduced archery time in the woods. DEC really F'ed themselves and us on this one. Typical NYS.
  12. Chevy

    Gun shops in Rochester

    Jackson is out of business i believe. due to the safe act.
  13. Chevy

    Get your vaseline ready NY! Its here...

    This is B.S. and we don't feel like taking it in the shorts again. We are already criminals due to the Safe Act so what's the difference. I don't recognize their laws anymore. That's what this state has come to. Maybe I'll cool down by 10/1 but doubt it.
  14. Chevy

    Reminder: Extra DMP's available tomorrow

    Tried for one of the open units at 8:45am and it was closed. This was one of the units always available for xtra and DEC always complains there are too many deer and they need special seasons created to kill more deer. so how could the unit be closed by 8:45am for xtra tags? It was on the list as available. DEC wasted my time this morning. Pretty sure there is an error.