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  1. I remember that, literally happened a few minutes from where I lived at the time. I still drive by there and chuckle about that
  2. If you need parts for your LW you would reach out to Novix
  3. Had a quick season this year. Used my Tactacams this year to actually stay out of the woods until my target buck started showing himself during legal. He did so 2 days in a row so I slipped in and hunted an hour or so and killed him broadside at 15 yards. Our farm got hit with EHD bad so I stopped booking deer trips which gave me the chance to go out to some public and go back to the basics. He was 157” 9pt
  4. How’s your season been so far
  5. Yes Toppings Path and any other “State” properties south of 495 you don’t have to go to check in. If you’re a Suffolk resident there’s some really good county properties
  6. The info I gave you was for archery season. Shotgun season is by reservation
  7. Season is over this Friday so if you can get out I would
  8. I was wondering if anyone here knows of any pheasant farms. The place we order from has no more and we’re looking for another 500 pheasant and 100 Chukar
  9. Nope, south of LIE is no reservation or check in during archery season. You do need your free access permit. So basically from Toppings Path all the way south on state land, that doesn’t include county spots @DoubleDose
  10. As far as Huntington area goes, it’s closed all the way to the NY/CT line which means you couldn’t even seaduck outside the harbor. DEC, if you get a reasonable officer, only adheres to the State and Federal regulations. For instance, if your hunting Head of the Harbor they will not ticket you since that’s a town ordinance. As far as the Nissy goes, I definitely wouldn’t launch from Stony Brook and drive around. On a typical NW wind there you’re gonna get your ass kicked and if you have wind against tide there good luck with that. Unfortunately since the evolution of FB a lot of these places are shot up now. I gunned the Nissy for over 20 years and now I wouldn’t waste setting my alarm clock for it. Same goes for Port Jeff, conscience bay and that entire area get pounded literally every day
  11. @mowinif you ever make your way down to LI and looking for a spot to bowhunt please hit me up. I may or may not have a spot or 2
  12. This statement right here is what represents a true sportsman! @Thymeyou’d be crazy to not take up this offer. Not everyday that someone offers to take out a stranger and show them spots. Definitely would never happen here on LI. Again, @mowinthats a pretty standup thing to do
  13. If you can get close to Sunrise they’re literally on the highway everyday coming from the woods
  14. Just wanna say good luck tomorrow to all that are gonna make it out. Sorry didn’t wanna highjack this but tough noogies lol
  15. Green scored him last night 157
  16. G2’s measured 14” and 13 5/8
  17. Shot him in 1C which is Long Island
  18. Thank you. To many guys get a deer on camera and rush in before someone else gets him. Patience and to be honest, using a cell cam so I’m not stinking up the woods played a big role
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