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  1. Apparently I've been doing it wrong these past 16 seasons #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  2. Happy Birthday@tuckersdaddy hope it's an amazing one!!!!! #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  3. Nah can't be any sanity for you if he's crazy enough to join the rest of the group #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  4. Because it saw me coming for my boat. It made the right choice to boogie on out of my way #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  5. Definitely no rawhides those are very bad for dogs. #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  6. @turkeyfeathers can your wife please chime in here. Apparently Larry things antlers are bad for you. Think he's getting confused with rawhide bones #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  7. Disregard. Apparently the usga rules were amended last year to allow gps. Carry on. #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  8. Pretty sure only rangefinders are legal per usga rules #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  9. Ouch. Probably not a bad idea to grind or saw them off #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  10. I like the name #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  11. I am honored! I will pack you some brews! #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  12. Cracked into my latest from Artisanal. At a whopping 7.9% it's quite delicious and really digging the can art too #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  13. More than that actually. The $20MM was conservative #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod
  14. He should get a better paying job to afford my meat. No less than 18 hours goes into each bag #LessOverzealousMods #WeWantANewMod