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  1. Test

    This is Bill aka. Mr. Bill aka Mr. B You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  2. Beer

    Bwahaha what goobers You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  3. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    I get a flu shot every year since my dad had his bone marrow transplant. Worst thing that happens to me is my arm gets sore for a day but thats just from the shot and totally normal. My girlfriend is an asthmatic and gets one every year and it is highly recommended for asthmatics and people with weakened immune systems including the elderly and young to get them. I say get your daughter the shot and get them for your family as well. Worst case you feel a little crappy but you can't get infected from it because it is a dead virus. Hope this helps and that your daughter is able to grow out of her asthma the way I was able to. You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  4. The proper way to Break in a Rifle barrel?

    That's only because you haven't shot my setup. I have full confidence that gun can shoot that and then some easily. It almost feels like cheating sometimes You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  5. The proper way to Break in a Rifle barrel?

    While such may be true for "special people" like Biz, I handload all my hunting rounds to get the best possible accuracy out of my guns. At that distance the indian needs to have some skills too, not to say I have sniper level skills but enough to relax and make a smooth trigger pull and maintain and estimate proper holdover. But main point being I used the same method as pygmy and $200 bucks worth of ammo and the gun is lights out accurate. Also another thing to note is the barrel should be fully cooled before each shot and cleaning. You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  6. The proper way to Break in a Rifle barrel?

    Thats what I did for my 300Wby and it dead nuts accurate out past 500 yards able to easily put a heart shot on a speed goat at 505 yards. (My longest shot to date) You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  7. Beer

    All about that two juicy. It's Sooo Juicy You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  8. Dads latest toothpick creation.

    His intense death stare You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  9. Dads latest toothpick creation.

    That was the way I used to view my rodbuilding. Sometimes I would spend 10 hours on a wrap and then decide I didn't think it was perfect then cut it all off and start from scratch. Similar to your dad's patience though I am almost certain he spent way more time on his creations. It's the tediousness of the act and attention one must devote to it that helps you clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. Your dad's art is awesome! Hope you've been taking notes! You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  10. Beer

    He led with his shoulder. Clean hit! You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  11. Local Snowmobile Ride

    Hey a snow machine is a snow machine, they're all awesome! So long as it works no complaints. You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  12. Ammo. deliveries in NY.

    For brass try starline and for slugs go with zero bullets. Great for plinking and awesome fmj prices You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  13. Local Snowmobile Ride

    The 80s called; they want their snowmobile back You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  14. Beer

    I heard they were marching so he'd leave them alone You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  15. Beer

    You Can't Beat My Meat!!!