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  1. This isn't about something I found, rather something I witnessed while in a treestand. I'm just sitting there relaxed, scanning the woods, when all of a sudden something falls from the sky, right in front of me. I look down and there's a squirrel laying there that had fallen at least 30 or 40 feet. He didn't move a muscle for about 5 minutes, then sat up and sat there for about half an hour. He finally slowly walked off.....wonder if he had any internal injuries?
  2. Welcome! I'm fairly new here too, but this seems to be a good site.
  3. SIT - are you for real? Or are you just trying to stir things up? This was at 9:00 PM....as in total darkness.....on posted property, with firearms. Hmmm, I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm gonna go ahead and call them poachers.
  4. Trust me....I really wish the neighbor would have waited for the police!
  5. I was talking to my neighbor today and he told me that last Sunday night he noticed a car parked at the bottom of his driveway. Two guys were walking up the treeline we share, headed to my woods. One of them was carrying a rifle. He called the police, then grabbed his shotgun and went out and stopped them. He told them to wait a few minutes and the police would be here. When they heard that, they took off running. He never got a plate number, so they got away. I'm really glad he caught them, just wish he would have waited for the police. I have zero tolerance for this, and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, no questions asked. To my knowledge, I've never had a problem with poachers, so this has really got me pissed! >
  6. Well, if you like letting bucks walk until they get older, let it go. If you like super tender meat....shoot away.
  7. I think it's the same deer. He's a beauty!! We hope to see a harvest picture too!
  8. That top buck is nice. Good luck with him!
  9. Definitely worth the money.....you'll be glad you bought it.
  10. That's weird. I don't have to log in...just click on the link in my favorites and it opens right up. I'd shoot a moderator a message if I were you.
  11. It's nice to see someone with some faith in their fellow man. Nice pics....good luck this season!
  12. It's great to see their numbers growing. My stepson shot one in NH last year....a young cow and it was the best tasting meat I've ever had!
  13. Great looking spot! That buck has great potential.
  14. I just went and pulled cards. Guess I know where I'm sitting this afternoon! The time stamp is wrong, it's actually an hour later than shown. Hopefully he's hungry early tonight.
  15. The field directly above the pond by the house is supposed to be wet. Fish & Wildlife came in and put in 8 duck ponds last year. The bean fields....definitely wet. The good thing about that is the farmer I'm leasing to told me yesterday they won't be getting the beans off there for 4-5 weeks!
  16. Acually I did! It's hanging next to my desk at home.
  17. Man, that looks painful! Hope you have a quick recovery!
  18. Another vote for the Rage. I shot a doe this weekend and she only went 20 yards....blood everywhere.
  19. Farmers were able to get the corn planted earlier than normal this year, so it's coming out earlier.
  20. Send to him all your contact information along with references. This is great advice. It will let him know you're serious and responsible.
  21. Really glad to hear you're ok. I got flung off their merry go round once.
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