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  1. Man, that looks painful! Hope you have a quick recovery!
  2. Another vote for the Rage. I shot a doe this weekend and she only went 20 yards....blood everywhere.
  3. Farmers were able to get the corn planted earlier than normal this year, so it's coming out earlier.
  4. Send to him all your contact information along with references. This is great advice. It will let him know you're serious and responsible.
  5. Really glad to hear you're ok. I got flung off their merry go round once.
  6. I totally believe in wearing a harness, and never hunt elevated without it. For Christmas I bought family members harnesses as well. As far as the state mandating them.....that is completely wrong in my opinion.
  7. Sorry to hear about the lack of activity...must have been a little disappointing. Even so, still feels good to be out in the woods!!
  8. We got around 4" of rain the other day on top of already saturated fields. The soybeans are pretty wet right now!
  9. I went up for a plane ride yesterday and wanted to share my favorite picture from the ride.
  10. There will be a lot more wheat exported this year fro mthe U.S. and Canada. Russia had a drought and crop failure so their govt has banned any exports.
  11. You're right...I forgot to mention corn. Yes, I'm blessed to have my job....I love it!
  12. For your foodplots....brassicas love it!!
  13. As much rain as we got over the last few days, they won't be working my fields for at least a couple weeks.
  14. I took this picture of cargo hold full of urea. I'd love just one or two grab fulls of this!
  15. I'm fortunate in that the ph is excellent here without any liming.
  16. I don't see anything wrong with doing drives, more power to the guys who enjoy them. I've done a few in the past with decent results, but haven't done any in years.
  17. It's no wonder some of the general public thinks most hunters like to combine drinking with the sport. Cartoons like this, plus "Welcome Hunters" banners hanging over lots of bars give that impression.
  18. I kind of like the snow....the deer start hammering the brassicas!
  19. Wow, did it ever rain yesterday! Here's water coming around the culvert leading into my pond. I thought this would be a Spring event, not twice this summer. Happy to report it's working as planned. ;D
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