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  1. I broke down and spent the cash on some smart wool long underwear last season. It's the best money I ever spent. Warm, comfortable, and is known for not getting stinky!
  2. That's horrible. My condolences to the family.
  3. Excellent!! Great looking deer.....looks like you made a nice shot on him to. Congratulations!!
  4. Personally, I would do the does only for 3 years. I have SO many does around here that it would definitely do the herd good to get their numbers down. The fact that there would be a ton of big bucks around later is a huge bonus. I have to agree with others here though that license sales would plummet, which would be bad for us all.
  5. Bubba said it well. The same goes for me. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for what you guys do. Happy Veterans Day.
  6. Great looking buck! Congrats.....you gotta love how your plan came together!
  7. Nope, but sure do hear a lot of shooting around here from people who are!
  8. A situation like shows what a man is made of. I'd like to think most hunters would do that, but I'd only be fooling myself. Good job! Personally, if I ever tagged a deer under those circumstances, I'd know I hadn't done the right thing every time I looked at it on the wall.
  9. Good going Bubba! Filled that freezer!
  10. Here are a few of a buck I shot on Election Day. Also, a shot of him velvet.
  11. Nice looking buck...wow! Congratulations....he's a beauty!
  12. I usually hunt in the evenings due to how hard it is to get to my stands without bumping deer in the morning. That might have changed now that I shot my buck last Tue morning!
  13. Good job! I'll bet you got your son hooked on hunting by having him with you.
  14. Thanks guys! It's funny....today the farmer is harvesting the beans the deer were in yesterday. Timing is everything.
  15. Good job....gotta love the adrenaline rush, huh?
  16. I was way off on the age. DEC checked him out and said he's 3.5. They said he obviously has good genetics and good feed.
  17. I got pictures of this guy all summer as he ate beans in my fields. This morning I got in the stand at 6:15, and bumped a couple deer doing it. They didn't blow, just took off running through the woods. As it got light, I could see a deer in the beans a couple hundred yards away. It was a good sized doe and at first I thought she was alone, then saw a couple more does in the brassicas. At about 7:15, 2 does came out of the woods and started eating beans about 50 yards in front of me, then were joined by a third doe a little while later. They were out there for 30 minutes when I saw a couple of them go on alert and started staring into the woods. Of course I immediately start scanning, but can't see what they're looking at. After a minute or so, I glanced in the other direction and saw the big guy coming my way. He was heading toward the 3 does, I'm assuming to check them out. When he was 100 yards out, he turned broadside. I got my heart back in my chest and squeezed the trigger. He dropped right there. Great part of the story is that I just picked up this 30.06 a month ago, and this was the first round I fired at a deer This is definitely going to be considered my lucky gun now. After climbing down and checking him out, I went back up into the blind (you can see it in the picture) and poured another cup of coffee and wrote down everything in the journal I keep up there. I've got scales and he weighs 205 field dressed. My biggest buck yet, and I'm pumped! I'm guessing he's 5 1/2, but I dropped his head off at the DEC to have him aged. I'll get him back tomorrow. The cape is already at the taxidermist. [/size] [/size]Here he is in my beans this summer. He was a 7 pointer then.....no brow tines. He since broke one off, so he's a 6. [/size]
  18. Congratulations to both of you!
  19. I agree you run a risk of retaliation, but are you going to just roll over and let people hunt your property because of fear? The state police will prosecute trespassers every time if you press charges. What upsets them and CO's, is when someone calls them over, but then doesn't press charges.
  20. Wow...scary story. Glad you were sharp enough to notice it!!
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