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  1. Got a nice batch today. Cleaned and ready for blanching and vacuum sealing tomorrow.
  2. Shotgun. Mostly pass shooting in the winter. In the summer its tight shots over decoys.
  3. I got out for a couple hours this afternoon at a dairy. Birds were hungry. Killed 38 pigeons and 12 crows over a feed bunker. Solo shoot. If my nephew was with me it would have been awesome. We killed about 300 pigeons and 100 crows this winter. We weren’t able to get out too much. Im hoping our sumner pigeon shoots over decoys is better than last year. Last year the wheat was not in the good shooting areas so we did not do well at all. No big 200 plus bird mornings.
  4. My wife and I over-seeded 8 acres of clover today. Hoping we get enough freezing to draw it in good. We shall see. Was fun to get out and play. I have some wind damage in the woods. I have a bunch of junk poplar (I think) thats like cork. Very dark smooth bark. Twists and falls over. Most are hung up too. Ill pick around and drop them. Pain the backside.
  5. I have 6 of them now…started with 2 snd they were great …. Of the 4 new ones…two are dead and will not stay powered up. They turn on and immediately shut down…two of them constantly stop sending pictures, despite a strong signal. Another eats fresh lithium batteries in a week. I am sorely disappointed.
  6. After a disappointing archery trip to illinois, my nephew and I were able to redeem ourselves. I killed this heavy bodied target 8 on my new land in the NZ and my nephew connected with a beautiful 9 in the SZ. Im much prouder of these NY deer than I would have been with an Illinois kill. So overall, we had a great season.
  7. Illinois trip is very disappointing. None of us 4 have had a shot yet. I finally saw 2 decent bucks yesterday morning n the jungle behind my stand. Other guys saw a couple here and there. They guy who has the leases and who we paid took off back to New York on Monday. Showed us additional stands before he left. None of the stands are maintained and zero trimming or shooting lanes for at least 4-5 years. One guy in our group had 3 stands with broken straps. Not cool. My heart breaks for my nephew. This was his dream hunt and booked it through a good friend he trusted. He is here too…he hunted other areas and killed a marginal 2.5 yr old 10 pt. NOT what you come here for. The lack of basic maintenance and unsafe stands is what soured me. This is set up for crossbow and shotgun seasons now. The property owner killed a beauty Sunday. Crossbow shot at 72 yards!! We are gonna bail on this hunt overnight and get back for the weekend. Ill take hunting my 200 acres at home over this anytime. Trips like this make you appreciate what we have back home. May not be 140-170 inch deer in each wood lot …but i will take it any day.
  8. Couldn’t get out this week. Had to get everything accomplished at the office before we head to Illinois this afternoon for a week on a bow hunt. People will think i am crazy , but I would rather stay here and hunt my farm. We put a lot of work into it snd have a couple nice deer we want to see on the hoof, especially that big 6. This trip is my nephew’s dream hunt. He is a great young man and deserves this trip. Wish you all safe and good hunting.
  9. I won’t get out again this week up my land in 6k before I leave for Illinois on Friday for a week. Still stressing over leaving the office for a week of hunting but I owe it to my nephew to do this trip with him. Its a bucket kist hunt. We have had 15-20 does and young bucks out in the plots at the same time on our 3 hunts. Last picture is of a big 6 I am considering taking. Third year he has been a 6 and I love big 6s. We have 2 nice 8s that I think will get a pass this year. Its just my wife snd me on the 160 acres we bought 3 years ago. No one hunts the 7-800 or more surrounding acres. We are trying to see what potential we have to grow some big deer.
  10. I pulled cards this morning and was shocked to see a newly born Fawn. October 11. Ill try to post pictures.
  11. I am currently running 4 of these. The App said one of them was out of batteries (I am using Energizer Lithium) I run them on moderate settings. I changed the batteries on the one and when I power it up it immediately says “powering off” and shuts off. I tried several different batteries and even a different battery pack. Same thing. Anyone have a similar experience??
  12. My nephew and 4 buddies got 30 yesterday morning. They had a good time.
  13. Due to weather and other commitments, I was not able to get my brassica plot in. Is it too late to be of any value? I will be mixing in clover, chicory and other fillers too. I don’t want to disc up the area and be hunting over dirt.
  14. I think Wolc needs to be on the presidential ticket in ‘24. I’ll be his campaign manager. Any other volunteers?????
  15. Or perhaps Remington made do with the season at hand to get the add out instead of waiting for fall to take the photos. I am still amazed at how a simple photo of a product is immediately interpreted as a poacher’s tool.
  16. Why is it that a sinister motive has to be attached to a new product? These innovations assist some people, like some women for instance, to enjoy shooting firearms they may not normally handle without flinching or injury. The cheaters are going to cheat...poachers either already above the curve or simply do not care. I would also reckon that many poachers do not spend the money on technology to assist in their quest.
  17. A couple days late but we managed a good haul. Most flowered already and they are just too bitter. Blanch and vacuum seal tomorrow and we are good to go!!! Can’t wait to sautee some in olive oil…garlic and caramelized vidalia onions!!!
  18. Beautiful!!! Nicely done. I miss taking my dad perch fishing. We had a honey hole off of the canal behind a friend's house.
  19. That was an excellent show, especially for the fact he didn't hunt the large preserve operations in the mid-west.
  20. Many Oneida Eagles are scarfed up now by bowfishers ...they have a cult following. I owned 2 in my day back in the late 80's early 90's. I wish I kept one for my nephew who took to bowfishing last year. He outfitted my old Matthews Q2, but the Eagle would have been a nice alternative.
  21. The seed was very well stored in a dry room before given to me. These guys are working hard to create this food plot business. I will probably give him 100 lbs back, as I will not use the other 2 bags this season. Id hate to see it go to waste if he can sell it to someone. I have plenty to overseed it again at least 2 more times if I choose to depending on my germination rate. I may roll those fields next weekend with the side by side to get good soil contact. That can never hurt. I have done many favors for these guys over the years in my law practice. Some fairly substantial. If I kept track, im probably paying thousands for these seeds. I never been one to keep score. Im just grateful they think of me with their scrap seed that I can use and experiment with. Great hard-working guys who show their appreciation for the free legal work I have done for them over the years.
  22. I “frost” seeded it pretty heavy. Im probably a week too late but I couldn’t get up there last weekend. I have no expectations. If it sucks Ill just disc it and plant something else there. I get my soybeans from a farmer client of mine. He gives me whatever he has left after planting. Cleans the hoopers out etc. last year he gave me 50 lbs or so. A friend gave me a 2 row planter. He bought a 25 hp tractor with implements for his property maintenance…nota hunter…has no use for the planter. Ill try planting the beans with it this year. Im rally new to this.
  23. Seeded 5 acres of Clover today then had to cut and drop a ton of windfall on the major logging road. Opened it right up. Pulled down a bunch of widow makers leaning on other trees. Its amazing how much work the Polaris Ranger can get done in the woods.
  24. It now looks like I will be putting just over 7 acres into clover this year. The other 10 acre area will be a mix of soybeans (6 acres) and a brassica mix (4 acres). I still have an adjoining 10 acre plot that will be planted with alfalfa.
  25. I will be putting 10-15 acres into clover. The guy who gave me the seed is a really good guy and he wanted to make sure I have enough. He and another guy started a foot plot seed business 2 years ago. Just getting off the ground. This is seed from 2021-2022.....gave it to be free...no promises. So I will be laying it down fairly heavy.
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