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  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the advantage to canning the Venison as opposed to freezing it? My mother canned EVERYTHING, as in 300 plus quarts of tomatoes a year, but never anything like venison.
  2. Views from my south tower on my place in NZ…nice 8 has been showing up in the plots…my 7 mag is begging to bark.
  3. Very nice indeed. My Brassica's Sh-t the bed, though there are some really nice bulbs which have been getting picked at and hopefully will produce later on. Time did not allow me to manage them well after they took off. WIll be interesting to see how they draw. I also have chicory, beets and radish mixed on one half of the big plot. Corn is being cut in the immediate neighborhood, so the deer are concentrated there now
  4. Nice morning in the box blind with muzzleloader. Doe and fawn paid us a visit. Yesterday our “pet” 4 pt came out as we were leaving. I followed him around talking to him as he fed and rubbed a few trees. It was hysterical. I got to within 10 feet of him. He followed my wife and I all summer. Whether I was brush hogging…running chain saw..or my wife clearing brush.
  5. I agree with Paula. Every creature has its wake up times too.
  6. Mine did the same thing. My field was pretty wet too. They were doing great then all turned about 3 weeks ago
  7. Killed 3 nice roosters over the old gal today. Her nose is still gold.
  8. Nephew was able to take 2 nice roosters over Dixie yesterday. Being 13, we are only going to take her for glorified "hunting walks" this year, despite her drive to hunt hard. 2 beautiful points and retrieves is good enough in my book.
  9. Bill, once again, I think you are really missing the point here. Location is everything. I know of plenty of very large public areas where game gets less pressure than many smaller private areas in a given region. Unless you have experienced this for yourself, it is unfair to make a generalized statement. Hunting, abilities and harvests should not be "graded" on where one happens to hunt. At the end of the day, no one gets a gold star for having killed the most "difficult" bird
  10. Bill….there are many privately owned properties that get tremendous pressure ….as well as the bordering properties. I do not think it is as much a matter of private vs public …..than the pressure on specific properties or areas. Not every privately OWNED property is a wildlife refuge. Just my observations
  11. So you hunted with my nephew (joey) and the boys? Are you the one who used his Maxus? He is having bad luck with his A5. We bought 3 and all 3 had problems but my 2 have resolved They are a good group of guys. Joey is a savage on the gun.
  12. 150 with an option for the adjoining 102. This is the view from 2 of my 2 box blinds last year. Its much different and cleaner now. The last is of the hydro seeding this weekend
  13. I'm sure you have had some hair-raising experiences tracking bears?
  14. I couldn't wait to tear it down!! That is now where my log pile is from the 100 trees we took out on the front of the property where the house is going.
  15. I have been using disposable dog pee pads for about 15 years now. Place a couple under between the deer and tarp...another under the head and one under the backside. Absorbs all the blood, clean tarp and easy disposal when you get home. I have a dozen or so stored under the back seat of my vehicles for all kinds of messy situations. I have even wiped out the cavity of the deer with one in the field before loading it in the SxS or bed of the truck.
  16. NOT CANCER!!!! We are so relieved. She recovered from the surgery beautifully.
  17. Bless your heart. Don’t let the possibility of missing the seasons deter your progress; rather, let your recovery be a humble goal to live for.
  18. I would probably wait until you get a couple good days of sunshine after this rain to fertilize. My brassicas went bonanza after the previous rain followed by sun. I would wait until they are 4 to 5 inches then hit them. I am by no means an expert.
  19. She will serve you well. I lived on mine this summer. Ive used my grapple bucket more than i ever imagined. Don’t look back!!!!
  20. Surgery went well. Removed the larger masses. Still a couple nodules up the chain to be removed at a later time. Shes eating now. I’m sure she will be sore tomorrow. Im relieved she made it through surgery well. She is one special pup
  21. Surgery was postponed until next Tuesday. She had a very mild seizure from the anti-nausea medication given her before the procedure. She is doing great and we are looking forward to getting this over with.
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