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  1. You guys are welcome to come try some Ladders or Hang ons Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This is where you go…. Best Burger in the State competition winner…. Tell Randy and Matt that Tim sent ya… http://alenanguspub.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I just saw iPhone has a $30 lightning to SD reader that will be just the ticket Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Does the phone reader allow a mass transfer and then you can swipe through the pics? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. http://www.snopes.com/bill-bennett-donald-trump-quote/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. This ! Keep that knot high!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have a Browning that wasn't taking pics .... Monkeyed around with it in the woods... Didn't seem to work, so I pulled it and walked down to camp.... When I turned it on I saw there were 57 pics!! All taken while I walked down the hill...lol.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Well I wouldn't try to compete with an orchard...$$$$$$$ Ag fields are also difficult to compete with but since deer eat all throughout the day you may be able to do some small snack plots focused on the Oct-Nov period.... Maybe you can key in travel corridors... How do they get from bedding to the orchard or Ag... Create secure areas of travel by hinging. I have similar issues, realize that it's not gonna be fixed by Oct '16 and am going to focus on lessening the canopy in our wooded sections, and releasing some wild apples and oaks that are getting crowded. If you can predict where deer may get bumped from, start creating some corridors near those locations that might direct deer toward your stands.... Like you said, start doing a few small things and see where it leads. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. This is where they lose me..... "More than 20 million American hunters regularly take to our nation’s fields, woods and wetlands to fulfill their integral role in the proper management of the nation’s wildlife. " I'm not fulfilling a role when I go afield.... I'm going out to enjoy myself.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. These are the guys you're looking for http://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/97398.html Had my walk with Brice today... Great guy, very knowledgeable and informative. He hunts as well so looked at things from that type of eye during our walk but also indicated options to consider..... Patience is key, no amount of work is going to bring immediate results... He was able to help us prioritize efforts toward where we would see the most immediate results, create a second tier of tasks to chip away at and develop strategies for the future..... If you are in Brice's area I'd recommend scheduling a walk with him.... And I'm sure all these folks would be worth a call! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Meeting ours Wednesday.... Just want to get his opinions on the lack of regeneration since our logging; if he feels we should do more.... Brainstorm some ideas for habitat needs.... And see if he feels there are any programs (EQIP, CRP) that might be beneficial.... He was over 5 years ago, nice guy, can't hurt to get his opinions...... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I was curious about the muzzle pics and believe it's the IR flash.... I can't recall a daytime pic of them right at the camera so that would suggest scent isn't the attraction. I'm going to experiment with some higher sets angled down to see if that'll draw less attention. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I wouldn't worry about direction in regrowth area... All you're doing there is keeping the sky open.... In bedding area, if you create one, you've read the drill, drop a bigger tree and pull some others on top of it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I would keep up with the regrowth areas by hinging trees as they begin to mature..... I know I waited to long on our property and some of those areas are beginning to canopy which diminishes the ground level brush..... Hinge 7-8 trees in an out of the way area and check it throughout the winter to see if deer are bedding....! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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