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  1. screamon demon

    Need Help Naming Dog

    Clubber as in Clubber Lang
  2. screamon demon

    What's the best breed of hunting dog there is ?

    Wirehaired pointing griffon - google it. Staring at mine now(griswold). Best dog ever!!!!
  3. screamon demon

    Security system outdoor cameras question.

    Hey man - since i moved away 5 years ago i only lurk on here. Not much hunting to share from Florida. However, i am an IT professional. Recenty i have gotten into Raspberry Pi and Arduino. My son had a school project and wanted to duplicate the technology used at the harry potter world for the interactive wands. Spoiler alert the wands are plastic with a reflective tip. We used a raspberry pi with a noir camera for his project. When first hooked up it was pretty fantastic to see how well it worked in the dark. There are a lot of web pages focused on home security using the pi - if you are a bit of a DIYer you can easily set some systems around your place cost effectivley. The raspberry pi is less than $40 and the noir camera was $18 including the ir lights. Some googling in that space may give you some other ideas and/or options good luck
  4. screamon demon

    Wife said let's do it.....

    Good for you - Sounds like heaven. Best of luck to you. As for the taxes the new Tax bill will be tough on states like NY with high Income and Property taxes but that is why NY needs to vote for better representatives to help reduce that cost. I moved away a few years ago due to work. I miss NY dearly and pay a lot of attention to what happens there. Good Luck with your retirement!!!
  5. screamon demon

    ? for you techi's...

    are you using the amazon cloud storage? You could have inadvertently synced your photos to the cloud making them available on your kindle.
  6. screamon demon

    New Pup

    He already stinks!! but that is the wifes job
  7. screamon demon

    New Pup

    Meet Griswold - Santa brought him for the boys. I just looked at doewhackers picture of bunny hunting. This guy is not quite field ready but he chases around the pheasant wing pretty good, i had him at the gun club during trap sessions gun fire didnt bother him - If the snow is not too deep I will get him for some romps in the woods. For now we are happy that he goes to the door to go out.
  8. I am staring at my sleeping 5 year old right now after putting my 4 year old and his 1 year old brother to bed a little while ago. Hitting home? Hell yes I have cried several times today. For the first time in my life I have expressed empathy. In the past I thought I understood it but not until today did I fully understand it. I have kissed and hugged my kids and shed tears all night. I cannot imagine what those kids went through this morning or how their parents are feeling now. My opinion is however is simple. It was not the guns fault. As a society we have stopped raising men and started raising boys. Boys who fell they are entitled to whatever they want. Parents are not allowed to knock good sense into kids these days so we let them rot away playing violent video games where death is measured in a score and posted on Facebook. Mixed feelings will come about but I for one cannot stop thinking about a 5 year old getting shot to death for no reason other than some faggot douche whose parents wanted him to finally grow up and stop being an enabled pussy
  9. screamon demon

    Out of control neighbor

    You really want to get back at him. Next gun season opener instead of hunting fire up your chain saw and start whacking trees down at the edge of the property right around day light. You will need an alternative place to hunt
  10. screamon demon

    Has the idea been approached

    Just my personal observation but I see a lot of guys who do not bow hunt that do not wear blaze orange. Apparently I get my camo fix while archery hunting because come gun day my ass has on a bo vest and hat.
  11. screamon demon

    Going after a wounded deer?

    Imo the responsible thing to do is notify econ and sheriff that you are tracking a wounded deer and you may need to dispatch it. If at all possible i dont think its fair to let the animal suffer all night. Of course every circumstance is different.
  12. So in some counties it's only conceal and carry there is no target/hunting permit. Which is not really a permit to begin with it is a restriction put on a permit. How does blue keep getting voted for in this country?
  13. screamon demon

    Need help deciding on a new 30.06 and 12Ga

    Since you have the time and you are smart enough to start looking at it now I would recommend shopping around for something old with some character. Nothing shoots like an old gun. Browning, Winchester, Remington, Ithaca all good names. Anyone can walk into the local shop and get the latest and greatest but lead has been firing down steel barrels and killing game for a long time. As previously stated - one mans opinion. Also - Because I have old guns and some were not cared for very well (so hunting in the elements doesnt do them any justice) I bought a mossberg 535 a few years back and I love it. (wood stock)
  14. screamon demon

    Deer/ Bear hunt :(

    Thanks for the story. Dont worry about the other posts sometimes things happen. You know the old sayings about opinions and well you get the point. Personally i have no intererst is shooting a bear but in your shoes who knows what I would do. I think you owe your cousin a beer BTW
  15. screamon demon

    Your DEC/State Troopers at Work

    Here is a story of some arrests from WNY from last weekend. Lot's of complaints on this site about not doing enough here is an example of a win.