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  1. Therein lies the problem. One should not NEED a permit for any gun. Good old NYS nonsense rears its ugly head again.
  2. The occurrence was at my home in north GA. My hunting property is in Steuben Co.
  3. My daughter is a Vet. Her least favorite task is putting down animals.
  4. For sure. Just had mama doe and twin fawns come through. Very normal.
  5. Yesterday morning about 8:30 am a doe came hauling azz across my lawn… followed closely with a young spike. His nose was glued to the ground. It reminded me of October / November chasing. Not 5 minutes later, another doe came down the hill to my lawn followed by a 6 point velvet buck. He was hanging with her although not quite as heavy as the first buck. Within minutes, here come 4 more young bucks trailing the first. Seems crazy that a hot doe would be running around in mid-July. Very strange to me.
  6. I usually try to research and read reviews before I buy. However, that doesn’t guarantee success. I’m sure it is pretty much similar to the myriad of China made units out there. My last two purchases were not good (Browning and Bushnell) so I returned them to the seller. Hope this works out for you.
  7. Congrats.That's a long time!
  8. IMO, a straight 4X scope would suffice.
  9. Safety chains hooked... check.
  10. Nice! I too like those minimalist design holsters.
  11. I have a Glock 20 with a CT green rail laser next to my bed. Pity any poor sob that tries something stupid.
  12. I once heard an interesting statement... a deer thinks every hunter is a stump in the woods. A turkey thinks every stump in the woods is a hunter. I've found the latter to be closer to the truth.
  13. LNIB, 1” aluminum, medium height. Picatinny and STANAG (NATO) spec. $130 new. Sell for &95 including shipping.
  14. My one and only is a springer… Air Arms TX200. Deadly on tree rats.
  15. I agree that the BLR is a nice looking rifle.
  16. I just read where a lady named “Sis” recently passed in Addison NY. Folks, I’m quite sure that is Pygmy’s (Dan Clark’s) wife. Very sad. I had the pleasure of dining with Dan and Sis on a couple of occasions. Very nice couple. RIP. Prayers for Dan and the entire family.
  17. I read this morning that this is on hold. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen though.
  18. They source out their design specs all over. I think most are from Pacific Rim countries such as the Philippines.
  19. Good stuff. Also liked their tribute performance of StairwayTo Heaven at the Kennedy Center a few years back.
  20. Sounds like typical NYS issues.
  21. I have been buying scopes from SWFA for many years. They are out of Texas. They have always been top notch. Chris Ferris is the owner. I have been on a couple of hunts with his nephew CFII. Nice young man.
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