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  1. To be honest, this area is a lot like NYS where I grew up. Nice mountains (bigger than the ones in Steuben), trees, critters, four distinct seasons, cool season grass, etc. We only get snow a couple of times per year... the most I have ever seen up here was 6". The people are very friendly (typical small town southern folks), but we get lots-o-tourists in the summer and fall. Ap trail nearby.Trout fishing (using a fly rod) is big up here in the Toccoa River. Bill Oyster has a shop downtown dedicated to building world class fly rods. He offers classes in that, but there is a several year wait. I never got into fishing much... hunting and golf were my main interests. All us old retired people do up here is drink and have parties (not sex parties, this ain't the Villages). LOL
  2. 10-4 on Atlanta. Worst part about living up here.
  3. Forgot to add… no gators up here. I lived in Florida for 42 years. I was involved with Gator trapping when I worked at Dismal. Have a 10.5 ‘ Gator (head mount) that I caught with the state trapper.
  4. I’m not getting worked up or anything. I do recall one member pushing some crap about me coming on here and posting while not living in NYS. While I was born and raised in Steuben County, I moved away a long time ago. My family has a little land with a hunting cabin on it that we (the wife and I) have been coming to every year for a very long time. I shot my first buck at the age of 16 in 1966. It was on the Erwin WMA, and comes with a unique story. To answer an above question, the best hog hunting in is south Ga. I live way up north in the mountains, and am surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest. There are not many Ag crops, and the deer mainly live in residential areas (like my yard lol). We do have some turkey (AAMOF) I have pics of a white turkey in a wild flock. There are a lot of black bears around… have seen three in my yard.
  5. I've been a member here for approximately 6 years. I visit regularly, but only post occasionally. Seldom do I receive comments, feedback or any sort of communication regarding anything. Why does it feel like y'all don't like and / or appreciate "outsiders"? Pygmy (Dan) has been the only member that seemed friendly and helpful. Guess I didn't realize that not living in NYS would so hamper my experience. Any comments?
  6. Correct, no FFL. Buy away!
  7. My hearing also sucks. Also have had Tinnitus for years. I got hearing aids last year. They help a little but not anything to write home about. However, they are Bluetooth enabled so that talking on the phone is greatly aided by having it go direct to the hearing aids.
  8. That ain’t rain… it’s heavy sweat!
  9. Puzzy. Pick the trap up and carry it into the woods. Then open the damn door.
  10. I feel for you poor NYS residents.
  11. Hope it works for you. Apparently, it contains no pesticides, and is quite safe. Sure is expensive though. Wonder what their active ingredients are?
  12. Hearing that as more electric vehicles hit the road, less gas will be used. That means less tax revenue from gas taxes. We would then likely see a mileage tax imposed. No thanks, I’ll pass.
  13. Walther PPS. Single stack 9. Comfy in hand and easy to carry.
  14. So, you cut your lawn after mowing a weed patch? Reckon any weeds / seeds took a ride to your lawn?
  15. Not bashing Vortex or the OP but…we need to quit buying so much China made stuff. They are our enemy.
  16. All of this back and forth nonsense is rather entertaining. Guess what, I will hunt with whatever is legal during the times allowed. End of story for me.
  17. I understand that Sir. All I was trying to say is that the soil temperature determine the microbe activity. If it is too low, nothing much will happen. Maybe wasting money based on timing... not product selection. Good luck anyway.
  18. You may be a tad early for that organic fertilizer. To become available, it has to be “worked on” by soil microbes. They aren’t very active yet due to low soil temps.
  19. Me thinks both Tommy and Cam need a haircut. Looks silly to me.
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