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  1. 20’ drifts covering up Addison? Sounds like an improvement. LOL
  2. Apparently, gloss doesn't sell. Personally, I love fixed power scopes... 4x or 6x. However, it seems the most abundant scopes now are very high power with huge bells that weigh too much for typical hunting rigs. Hard pass from me.
  3. So, Airedale, are you the old timer now? LOL
  4. I don’t drink coffee… but I love the smell of it brewing. My mom used to have one of those old percolators. She drank coffee and smoked all day.
  5. Wow. Wouldn't the PETA folks have a coronary over that.
  6. I've been using Gly since the 70's. When used per label, it should not be problematic.
  7. I think that the only way you can get a replacement tag is to have DEC come out and inspect foul deer. You will not be able to have any of it… ie antlers.
  8. Always sad to hear of this type of news. I just love dogs. Thanks for posting..
  9. I have spent in the tens of thousands of dollars for NYS non-resident big game, turkey, bear, small game, archery and gun licenses, Deer Mgt tags etc for my wife and myself. Loved every minute.
  10. Geez, that is not a blood trail… it’s a blood highway. Congrats
  11. Same here. Our long time (since 1966 at least) hunt ritual at our cabin in Steuben is over. Only my wife and I are left. We both have some medical issues to be addressed, so no trip to NY this year. Maybe next year if I'm still vertical. PS. On a good note, we did get to meet Pygmy and his bride a couple of times! LOL
  12. No trip up to Steuben for me. Will be my first opening day miss in many, many, many years. Kinda bummed.
  13. My last two Browning cams went TU. The second one lasted one day. I'm done with them.
  14. Tube steaks are a ticket on the heartburn express for me. No can do anymore.
  15. Not to mention the lack seal around the face… especially for those with facial hair.
  16. Face masks are worthless.
  17. If I even come up to NY hunting this fall, I'll be bringing a new Weatherby Mark V Hunter in 7mm-08. The scope is a Tract Toric.
  18. Crock-o-feces. Last time I check, cash is legal tender.
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