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  1. We use a "zodi" portable shower pump. At our cabin in the adks I have an old 1/4 keg with a spigot tube brazed on. Sits on the wood stove and you have plenty of hot water. Mix the hot water with some cold to the temperature you wish in a 5 gallon bucket and you are on. We have a shower stall in one of the bedrooms but when we first got it we improvised. Uses D batteries and is a welcome amenity after a couple days in the woods. in the summer we just heat some water on the stove or outside on the burner for the turkey fryer.
  2. Sincere and heartfelt condolences from my family to yours. May the joy and memories of times past provide you strength and comfort.
  3. It certainly appears to be a 98 I'm far from an expert but did quite a bit of research when I picked up my 2nd M48 to sportorize years ago. The 48s as well as several 96s I've picked up over the years to sportorize have never seen the hacksaw and are in original issue format. I couldn't bring myself to cut them up and kept thinking I'd pick up another to cut up, then that one was also added to the herd LOL A long time ago I picked up a book on 96s and then one on 48s at local gun shows. I'll see if I can find the book on 48s ( although yours is a 44/98 the book discussed all of the iterations of the Yugo from the original Czech 24 to the 48s
  4. The "predutz 44" marking would indicate that it was a 98 that was captured or otherwise appropriated by the Yugoslavs from the Germans. Most of the German markings are usually scrubbed ( except under the barrel) and the Yugoslav crest and "44" markings were added when the Yugoslavs reconditioned the rifle. The early rifles didn't have the mark 98/48 but the later reconditioned rifles did. If your plan is to sportorize the rifle you will find it easier to find an aftermarket stock for a 98. While the rifles are very similar many of the parts are not interchangeable including the stock (without modification) and bolt.
  5. I also have an inreach that I have used on a couple Caribou hunts. As stated before there are smaller options but mine works fine for me. It allows you to use the SOS function but also allows you to text anyone- so your dad could keep in touch with you. They are a pain to type on but you can Bluetooth to your phone to make it easier. They have plans that you can activate and deactivate- which is what I do. I pay like $39 a month . You can activate it just for the fall hunting seasons. I got it to use up in AK but the family likes the fact that I can communicate when necessary in the Adks as I normally hunt alone at camp and ther's no service. A text every couple of days is easy and makes for a happy wife
  6. Congratulations on a great trip Agreed- hard country to find a transporter for. Almost went there last year but the only transporter I could line up would only drop us on 3 fingers charley strip so we went back to the western artic herd again. Beautiful country and wonderful bull. Congrats again
  7. If these are still available I'll take them. please pm me payment info. thanks
  8. Congrats to all the successful hunters this morning! quiet, foggy morning for me
  9. My little guy Sunday morning. A very happy young man with his side- kick.
  10. Zag- I had to get my son a license last week after he completed the course on line. The only options I found locally were Walmart and the Town Clerk. I gave a call to our Town Clerk who was very helpful and I didn't need to bring him into the Department store. I wouldn't worry about the heavy loads for a kid. Have them shoot something he or she is comfortable with, and just " adjust" your range. A 20'gauge with a # 4 game load makes them just as dead at an appropriate range and the kid is much less likely to flinch.
  11. My son and I had a somewhat difficult weekend yesterday we heard one Tom but only saw one hen- way off from previous seasons behind our house. Made me think we should have traveled to camp for his first season behind.he gun. this morning we bumped a bird off the roost walking in- he couldn't believe how much noise a turkey makes trying to fly in the dark- his reaction was worth the price of admission. we heard no gobblers this am but I convinced him to hang in there. An hour later we had called three young toms in and he closed the deal on a bird with a 5 inch beard- not even close to the biggest bir,d I have called in but by far- not even close - the best turkey hunt of my life. seeing his joy was overwhelming.
  12. Lots of good information here. One thing I would add that I feel is important is to take your seat ( preferably in your blind) and practice shooting a little. Figuring out how you can acquire your target, or more likely hold the barrel up comfortably for extended periods of time . This best figured out before you have a turkey coming in. I just did this exercise with my 12 year old this week. He has been shooting well but was very humbled when he had to quietly and efficiently shoot from his chair. It's not that difficult but I firmly believe in the 5P principal. i don't normally use a blind as I like to be able to move, but with a young hunter I think it will be a more successful strategy. I have a bog pod that we used Caribou hunting that I had my son practice with, and he can safely hold the shotgun on it indefinitely if he has to. This week we're hunting the wood lot behind the house - really no agriculture around . I'll use a hen and jake for decoys- it's what has worked for me in the past. If you use a decoy as stated earlier put them in a bag to carry them. Be safe and enjoy
  13. Well, from a personal standpoint I am grateful that DEC leaned forward on this issue. My little guy took the course online and thanks to a very helpful town clerk we were able to get his license and tags. I do however agree with the folks that feel ther should still be a "live" class. I think there are a lot of kids that don't get the hands on support or training they should get outside of the class from a parent or mentor. Will DEC continue the online class after June? I think only time will tell but I believe once you spill the water out of the glass it's pretty hard to get it back in there.
  14. Thank you I actually signed up several years ago but never really posted.