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  1. As stated earlier don't overthink it. A 7mm-08 will be all the rifle she ever needs for deer and like sized game. Add to that (as previously mentioned) that reduced recoil factory loads are available and to me it's a no brainer. I have one in the safe and enjoy shooting it but never really gave it much time in the woods (yet). I have a couple 6.5's in the safe but they are pre-man bun rifles, so they are chambered in 260 Remington, which is also an excellent caliber but due to its' lack of commercial success, ammo availability can be an issue . I carry one often and I've shot quite a
  2. Another thing to consider is whether you plan on moving out of state in retirement. If you plan on moving but coming back each fall to your camp etc. it may be worthwhile as the lifetime license doesn't "expire" if you move out of state. There is also no "senior" non-resident privledge.
  3. It was going pretty quick when we left. I did see a couple deer and they seemed to be in good shape, although that doesn't mean much overall. Here's to spring.
  4. North West of long lake. it was going away fast. With the weather.
  5. Went up to camp this past weekend with the family still a couple feet of snow in the woods.
  6. Looks like things are heating up a little today for Handy Andy
  7. I had an appointment for the end of the month. I checked the NYS site Monday morning when I got up about 5am and openings had popped up in Potsdam for Monday and Tuesday- drove up and got the jab ( and immediately cancelled my other appointment so it's available to others) It's a drive but I got it done.
  8. Just a thought: If this is going to be for a "base camp" and not being moved around you may want to consider turning the barrel on it's side to allow for use of longer length wood. I've used both upright barrel stoves and lengthwise and prefer the later. I currently have a larger barrel stove in my camp and they throw heat. I'm sure you thought of it but make sure you burn it hot after your done fabricating to get rid of the paint and then repaint with high temp stuff. Also put some sand in the bottom of the barrel to help prevent damage to the barrel from the heat of the coals.
  9. I took a day off and Drove up to Potsdam yesterday. Still Quite a bit of snow in the northwest part of the park.
  10. We use a "zodi" portable shower pump. At our cabin in the adks I have an old 1/4 keg with a spigot tube brazed on. Sits on the wood stove and you have plenty of hot water. Mix the hot water with some cold to the temperature you wish in a 5 gallon bucket and you are on. We have a shower stall in one of the bedrooms but when we first got it we improvised. Uses D batteries and is a welcome amenity after a couple days in the woods. in the summer we just heat some water on the stove or outside on the burner for the turkey fryer.
  11. Sincere and heartfelt condolences from my family to yours. May the joy and memories of times past provide you strength and comfort.
  12. It certainly appears to be a 98 I'm far from an expert but did quite a bit of research when I picked up my 2nd M48 to sportorize years ago. The 48s as well as several 96s I've picked up over the years to sportorize have never seen the hacksaw and are in original issue format. I couldn't bring myself to cut them up and kept thinking I'd pick up another to cut up, then that one was also added to the herd LOL A long time ago I picked up a book on 96s and then one on 48s at local gun shows. I'll see if I can find the book on 48s ( although yours is a 44/98 the book discussed all of
  13. The "predutz 44" marking would indicate that it was a 98 that was captured or otherwise appropriated by the Yugoslavs from the Germans. Most of the German markings are usually scrubbed ( except under the barrel) and the Yugoslav crest and "44" markings were added when the Yugoslavs reconditioned the rifle. The early rifles didn't have the mark 98/48 but the later reconditioned rifles did. If your plan is to sportorize the rifle you will find it easier to find an aftermarket stock for a 98. While the rifles are very similar many of the parts are not interchangeable including the sto
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