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  1. Thank you I actually signed up several years ago but never really posted.
  2. I'm kind of old school and still shoot a double bead and a modified choke Aim for the middle of the neck and I don't shoot too far. This has been a successful strategy for me over the years and the excitement of getting up close and personal adds the excitement. Aim right at the middle of the neck.
  3. My son and I were scheduled in the class at Dave's club and received notice from both DEC and the club about the cancellation. Nothing we can do but take it when we all get through the current challenge, but I am disappointed in myself for not getting him through the class earlier. He just turned 12 in December and having gone with me before on successful hunts, he was looking forward to being behind the gun this year. I was proud of him that he quickly put it into perspective with all that's going on and people getting sick and understood that in the big picture people's health and welfare were much more important.
  4. Thanks for your help Dave. Got my little guy signed in when your course " opened up" this morning. See you on the 4th