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  1. Agree with others that it’s certainly not a “pizza destination “ spot lol. Not sure where you’re going but The Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage is pretty good and is also a brew pub- fun place but pretty popular. If you make it to Homer Fat Olives is place for wood fired pizza. Finn’s on the Homer Spit isn’t bad either
  2. Hi Dave- wishing you and the wife all the best. Happy you guys got treated right away.
  3. Hi Thanks to all for the advice. As I posted I am new to the food plot game- we have always hunted the larger tracts of timber etc and never planted anything around the camp. As I get older I can see my days of roaming and tracking are waning, and it’s time to establish some habitat and have other options.
  4. Question from someone who has never done the food plot thing- why don’t you plant clover/ clover mixes in the fall?
  5. Nice looking rifle. The Siamese Mauser has a strong action and you can load them hot- similar to a Ruger #1 load ( always check the manual) Navy Arms and Gibbs rifle both put together bolt 45-70 rifles years ago, built on a Siamese Mauser or British Enfield due to the rimmed cartridge and the fact they are strong actions. I almost acquired one at a local gun shop years ago but I blinked and it was sold. Best of luck with it!
  6. Not sure if any forum members are fishing the DU tournament at Saratoga Lake- lot at Browns was about 2/3 full at 8:30. My little guy has a ball game today so I can’t fish but my wife and I bought tix and will be at Browns after the ball game if anyone stops in for a cold one at the drawings etc. Good luck and stay warm.
  7. Splitear: i see you’re in Ballston Spa- there is a great resource for young kids right in Easton. Willard is a small place but they have a great kids program. My little guy and many of his classmates started at 3 or 4. Now as teenagers everything is about Gore or killington etc LOL it might be worth it for you and the family to take a ride over on a Saturday morning and check it out for next year. It’s a good value and the program for the little kids is great (or at least it was 10 years ago.
  8. Lots of folks fishing out of Brown’s Beach. Drove by on my way home from my son’s ball game and the parking lot is pretty full for a cold day!
  9. Been away on vacation but a belated congratulations on the new house and shop!
  10. Less than a mile from the house-A great time last year (even though we didn’t fish lol)
  11. Best wishes to you and yours for a speedy recovery
  12. I just wanted to add another thank you to Ryan. My little guy got his first buck this season so I reached out to Ryan todo a Euro. Ryan did a great job, was fast turning it around and very reasonable. He also showed me some of his work, which looked excellent. Thanks again!
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