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  1. CAREFUL, too many landmines waiting out there, Scammers are every where,
  2. My son came home with a bad cold and guess what?? Yep, it is kicking my old butt real bad, 101 fever, chills, throwing up, coughing, and everything hurts. The shot worked, I am sick as an old hound. This is not cool. Just as hunting season started to look real good. Just my luck!!!
  3. He must go!! We need our country back. We The People must get involved and make the government "for the People"' By the People. VOTE VOTE him out!!!
  4. Welcome, good luck and best of times hunting
  5. Zinc and Vitamin C, every morning, builds up your immune system, prevention is the key. Started doing this a couple of years, haven't had a cold since.
  6. Yes, I agree with you but can't they see and use their minds?
  7. Not cool!! I just reload more and more. Save some for other hunters.
  8. That's funny as hell!!!! Right there with you, never run out of ammo!!
  9. Just another damn follower, no sense to even listening to her.
  10. WOW!! Good for laughs Push-ups, fingers tips, knuckles, fists
  11. Nice looking unit. I love my shop. gets me really excited,
  12. I haven't seen any dead deer in the woods, when out and scouting. Few on the side of the highways. No need to for any disease, God will protect his creations
  13. Can be confusing, but then, centerfire rifle, small calibur, .22, etc.222,223,22-250,.204, 222mag.
  14. Next Spring I will starting raising pheasants, not really into shooting such beautiful birds. Good luck with your hunting and use of dogs.
  15. Vote these clowns out of office, We the People control the voting process.
  16. Panning so far looking to be a great season, many bucks and does seen in state lands and driving to and from work.
  17. All set up and ready to go. Get to hunt a new area, no other hunters on property, it's going to be great. Can't for Turkey Season.
  18. 1/2 hour before sunrise, in your stand and ready to wait. Check the schedule for sunrise and sunset.
  19. Cycles, all animals have high and low times. Homework may be required for squirrels and small game, check local farmers and location of planted fields.
  20. Go with the flow. I didn't like it either but it means absolutely nothing cause we know what we have done and that is good enough for me.
  21. Happy Birthday, may the the sun be on your back and the rain fall gentle on your fields
  22. My vacuum sealer i purchased from Sportsman Guide, several years ago, will never go back to anything else. Greatmachine never had any problems and the food keeps for long period and tastes great.
  23. Start CLOSE!! Be comfortable with the bow, pull is very important, do not strain. If the arrow hits high, set pin higher, the arrow rule, shoot for groups, if tired, then hang the bow up and start tomorrow. DO NOT shoot or practice when tired. Check all and make everything is tight.
  24. One eye closed, I was taught by my Daddy. I shoot left or right, makes no difference to me.
  25. I like the idea, keeps the firearms covered and out of sight. We live in a different time now than a few years ago.
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