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  1. best show ever. he made great shows. i feel like i can hear him in my head.
  2. just sad i dont root for any of those over paid fuck wads
  3. Nope nobody did say they were definitely going to win. If that was the case,I bet there would be a lot of folks with empty pockets. Don't worry though there is always next year. Sent from my XT1028 using Tapatalk
  4. i hate to say I told you so but . I told you so. You know after i said that it didnt hurt at all. shabby thats what they are a bunch of kneeling shabby rookies who belong in the pop warner league.
  5. looks like my "ass" is about to turn into a Jaguar
  6. I didn't jump on the wagon . I'm the guy driving the mule that pulls that wagon. Jeesh cant a guy get a little respect.
  7. After they target that dudes ankle its all over with. There will be a lot less people at Prior when they come home wondering what went wrong. Its just like old times , the fans are so good around here that the bills dont need a super bowl to pick up ticket sales.whats the jaguar them song so i know what to sing tomorrow.
  8. venison stew with cheddar bisquits
  9. you wont see my face in a gander mountain store. it was useful for a short trip to get a hunting license. it was good when they opened but went sliding down hill into a shit pile not long after. Speaking about the tonawanda store. You couldnt buy black powder you couldnt find decent lures for local fish.I went in there once and they wouldnt even sell me their last smoker. that place was just a hot garbage mess.Its time for a Boycott
  10. Duke and Riley are Vizslas we have had for about nine years now. then there is Loafer and Nessie Monster. They are both coonhound rescue dogs that we have had for about six yearsOur female Nessie is about the hungriest dog ever I swear she could eat all day.
  11. i have a hand grinder that i hooked up with a battery drill , and an old electric that makes lots of ozone. Thats the reason i got a new grinder, before the old one burned up. next on the list was a meat stuffer , my buddy hooked me up with a kidney stuffer that worked pretty good. just not a lot of volume. now we have a nice sausage stuffer, with upgraded metal cones, my coonhound Loafer thought it would be fun to chew up the plastic cones, thanks buddy. A Meat mixer is a handy tool, it saves your hands from all that cold meat. We have a large commercial deli slicer, its an old Hobart, we don't use it much but its nice to have just not a necessity. then we got the dehydrator, its an Excalibur with some heat settings. it makes jerky every couple weeks and we had it now for about a year it works every time. Our little processing facility, It makes the work a lot easier when you dont have to struggle.
  12. i had one land on my arm and work its way to my shoulder . That was pretty fun.
  13. Yup that's it a great dehydrater W do quite a bit a jerky. we love ours Sent from my XT1028 using Tapatalk
  14. I buy LEM products straight from the manufacturer. Its just not wise to scrimp on apiece of equipment like a grinder. I bought the LEM big bite #12. Just super impressed with it. The thing just eats meat.The year after we got it we decided toget the jerky attachment so we could make chicken jerky for our dogs as treats. The jerky attachment with the foot pedal works flawlessly. the wife trimmed 18 pounds of chicken breast today and filled the dehydrator. i took a pic of the jerky for you to see what you what it looks like.
  15. i played yesterday and won $8.00, I won my money back. I reinvested, 8 bucks and a dream.
  16. Spam spam eggs toast and spam. Monty Python was the best. Sent from my XT1028 using Tapatalk
  17. Nothing like years of experience. Ive had older folks tell me "if I told you, then you would know". If some one with years of experience has something to say then one should listen , They may not be right but then again they may not be to far off. God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. So you can listen twice as much as you talk.
  18. No hunting for her she does not even have her license yet so its just cans for her right now. I figured why just shoot at home when its way more scenic to go and target shoot in the woods.i had the .22 just in case a flesh eating squirrel attacked us.
  19. sounds like your on to something. it may be a little heavier out front. but a slug from a .410 would do the job if it was close enough, really close enough, just grab it around the neck and shoot it, hahaha
  20. wrong. why are you even spouting off about guns you know nothing about. The 22 /410. I used in Pa. had the rifle barrel underneath. clearly you are confused. why do you want to shoot deer with a .410?, Those are mostly kid guns, and they are great for black snakes
  21. wierdo haha your the weirdo. that cant wait to watch a bunch of guys run around and chase a ball.
  22. you need some new targets. these tell you what your doing wrong and what your doing right according to where you hit.
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