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  1. Reb

    Red neck

    I have been called a Redneck/Cracker since I was a teen,just the way I have always been and always will.
  2. Reb

    DMP TAG Exchange, Swap, Donate

    I have a 9H dmp that I will sign over to someone that needs/wants it,I wont use it. You will need to pick it up in East Aurora.
  3. Reb

    Why.....why do you stay?

    I will admit ny is a beautiful state but soon as my kids are out of high school I am going back to north FL or Mississippi,I agreed to move here for the schools for my kids. The hunting here is great compared to sw florida(minus the hogs)but the cost of living is out of control,there is no way I could justify the costs to live here once the kids are no longer in school. The gun laws to me also are insane,after living most of my life in free states the gun laws here just baffle me. I still cant get over having to register every handgun and having them listed on cards that I have to keep on me,has to be one of the dumbest laws ever conceived.
  4. I have Facebook due to my wife setting it up but for the most part I dont go online anymore much due to trying to stay private,i dont have a computer anymore either. If asked I forgot all my passwords,they are welcome to try and retrieve them.
  5. Saw a few non shooter does yesterday and at last light today but overall this was one of the worst weekends since Bow started,only around 10 shots heard all of yesterday and today here in 9H. Congrats to all of those that filled a tag this weekend!!.
  6. Reb

    Whatcha think of the Season so far???

    Beginning of October it was looking to be a awesome season here but after a few weeks it pretty much died,cam pics and sightings have plummeted and I haven't seen any chasing in the last couple weeks. The weather has been so miserable I have only gotten out 50% as much as I normally would,some weekends i just go out in the rain to scout and check cams. Hoping it picks up real soon and the rain stops.
  7. Reb

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    Years back in Fl I had a friend who's father got reported for buying a ton of corn,somebody assumed he must be making shine with all that corn cause what else would someone need corn for. Anyways he wasn't making shine and nothing came of it,except everyone found out real fast who the person was that falsely accused him with absolutely no evidence. That guy moved out of the area within a year because of how he was treated and things that were done,I get that the guy probably thought he was doing something good calling the cops but he screwed himself in the end since he did it without any evidence.
  8. I heard alot of gun shots today also in 9H,started hearing them around 8:30 this morning and still heard some when I headed in about 5:20.
  9. Reb

    How many

    We live outside of town so we dont get any and take the kids into town where they get alot,the last house we stopped at the lady estimated she had close to 300 tonight by 8:00.
  10. Get in shape now,running,pushups,situps and pullups because he will need to pass the initial qualifier the first few days after get gets processed. When doing the qualifier do not quit,if you fail you get sent to pcp(porkchop platoon)to get extra physical training which just keeps you on the island longer. Also he needs to keep reminding himself they really aren't trying to kill him,although at times it seems that they really are,lol. If he is good physically it will mostly be a mental challenge,that's what got most of the guys in my training platoon. Also dont take food or jelly packets from the mess hall to eat in your rack at night,you always get caught and they will put the whole platoon in the pit or on the line in the squad bay which does not make friends. Also get good at sitting Indian style with your back straight,that one killed me after an hour straight.
  11. Reb

    Ground or stand

    Same for me,I decide usually based on the weather when I walk out the door in the morning.
  12. Reb

    Sunset shooting

    For where I hunt it is dark enough for me,not saying it's to dark for everyone. I'm in thick woods,if I was in the field next property over it wouldn't be a issue.
  13. Reb

    Sunset shooting

    Personally I do not shoot out of hours,I hunt all woods and usually about 20m before legal sunset it's dark enough I cant see good enough to make what I consider a ethical shot.