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  1. Reb

    Cold weather gone!!

    As much as I hate snow and cold weather I'm glad its dragged on so long this year,my wife has finally had enough and is ready to move back south. She won't go back to Fl but that's ok,she is ok with Tenn or AL and both of those were my choices before we moved here so win win.
  2. Reb

    Winnnndy Sunday !!

    Had a good blast of thunder and rain here in East Aurora/South Wales about 8am but then was sunny and kinda nice until just a minute ago,wind and rain just started picking up and sky is really dark. Coming from FL though were used to losing power in hurricanes so not worrying to much about this one,got all the stuff outside that could fly packed away this morning.
  3. Reb

    did I sin?

    That's how I am,I have way more than I need and have several that I have not shot in years but my son is young and is just getting into shooting now. I figure he or my daughter can have them down the road and maybe pass them on to their kids some day,even though I may not shoot them I keep them all in excellent condition.
  4. Reb

    Whatcha got for a temp ?

    Your just north of where I'm from,sitting here with a temp of 2 I'm really wishing we hadn't moved. Enjoy the weather,granted if your from there its considered cold at 53,lol.
  5. I hunt the 20 acres that we live on,not a ton of land but it backs up to a large heavily wooded county park that is no hunting so I see deer everyday and shoot atleast 2 each year.
  6. Reb

    Obsession Phoenix

    Congrats,your gonna really enjoy the Obsession. I have the Obsession Turmoil and love it,my shoulders aren't the greatest after a motorcycle accident but that bow at 70lbs still isn't bad.
  7. Reb

    Carrying a 1911

    I have carried a 1911 Commander as my primary ccw for years,I love the .45acp and only carry a 9mm when it's really hot out and I need a smaller frame carry gun. I used to shoot around 1k rounds per week for years out of my 1911's and they have been just as reliable as all of my Glocks.
  8. Reb

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Got a new reloading powder scale,dehydrator and a jerky gun. Kids got some .22's and .410 shells along with the video games and toys.
  9. I make a point to say Merry Christmas to everyone,I hate hearing happy holidays.
  10. Didn't get a shot on anything during gun season so took the muzzleloader out sat afternoon for a final hunt and had this guy walk past me at 4:20,just when I thought it was over. Got 3 deer this year so even with the horrible weather it turned out good.
  11. Reb

    Red neck

    I have been called a Redneck/Cracker since I was a teen,just the way I have always been and always will.
  12. Reb

    DMP TAG Exchange, Swap, Donate

    I have a 9H dmp that I will sign over to someone that needs/wants it,I wont use it. You will need to pick it up in East Aurora.
  13. Reb

    Why.....why do you stay?

    I will admit ny is a beautiful state but soon as my kids are out of high school I am going back to north FL or Mississippi,I agreed to move here for the schools for my kids. The hunting here is great compared to sw florida(minus the hogs)but the cost of living is out of control,there is no way I could justify the costs to live here once the kids are no longer in school. The gun laws to me also are insane,after living most of my life in free states the gun laws here just baffle me. I still cant get over having to register every handgun and having them listed on cards that I have to keep on me,has to be one of the dumbest laws ever conceived.
  14. I have Facebook due to my wife setting it up but for the most part I dont go online anymore much due to trying to stay private,i dont have a computer anymore either. If asked I forgot all my passwords,they are welcome to try and retrieve them.