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2022 Lawn Thread


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On 6/13/2022 at 6:30 PM, bugsNbows said:

So, you cut your lawn after mowing a weed patch? Reckon any weeds / seeds took a ride to your lawn?

None of those plants in the plot were mature and shouldn't have viable seed, so the chance they carry over and reseed is very slim. But the lawn is full of clovers, dandelions and different types of grasses. I don't mind anymore. I used to be anal about my lawn and not let the kids ride in it, but I've given up on that.  I wanna be the cool dad, so I let my kids tear the hell out of it with there Go karts dirt bikes and 4 wheelers lol just no ruts is all i ask.. My wife even goes out there and tears it up with the kids lol.  

I did it more for  test to see how my "X" blade system would work from field to lawn lol 

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3 weeks straight of no rain and 85-100 temps.

I only water the garden, not the lawn

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Yea you're not alone. My grass and weeds are brown from drought.

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