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Outboard motor.


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I need a small 8hp tiller, for my 12ft Smoker craft.

Trying to decide between Honda and Yamaha.

I've found both motors at dealers not far from me.

Price is comparable.

Which should I choose?

Both are brand new, short shaft, manual start. I'm no gear head, so nothing really stands out to me that would sway me either way. 

Any help appreciated. Thanks. 

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You can’t go wrong with either! I would add Suzuki to that same list.if you’re trailering it and not taking it in and off due to the weight I can’t recommend the Suzuki 9.9 efi engine. I have that engine on my boat for a kicker and it has a couple thousand hours on it with zero issues!

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Don't over look other brands like Tohatsu. They're made by Mercury but can be had for less money. I have the 8 hp, twin 4 stroke as a kicker motor and it runs great. It was $2100 new shipped to my door.

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I would check the weights and go with whichever is lighter.   My father in law has a 9.9 Honda long shaft, with electric start on his party boat (lake has a 10 hp max limit).  It is ridiculously heavy, compared to the little two-stroke outboards that I am used to carrying up and down the stairs from the lake.

We ended up building a shack for it down on the dock and started leaving it in there for the winter, because it was such a back-breaking chore hauling it up those stairs every fall.  That said, it has been 100% reliable, over three years of service, and runs with very little noise.  

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