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Republican Debate

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I hope they stand up and fight against the Democrat nominee when the time comes.



I agree but I just get nervous when they fight among themselves during a debate and make each other look bad. We got some good candidates running and I would be happy with any of them and believe they can win against Hillary or Sanders.I just get tired of all the insults and name calling during the debates.

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What fries me is the Media...They seem to provoke them with their "loaded" questions.  "Mr. Trump you said Jeb Bush was or did this or that"  "can you please explain"?

  That sets Bush off...Trump fires back an on & on & on.

I think they should quit asking loaded questions and stick to the issues.


 I also wish Ben Carson would rise up in numbers and make a showing....he seems to have a pretty good outlook and a fresh way of looking at things. Him not being a career politician is also a plus.


Just my opinion.

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