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  1. They are also sending a message to any outsider that is thinking about running for President. If you don't play by our rules this is what will happen.
  2. https://michaeljlindell.com/?fbclid=IwAR3-sbLoor4yUQON9On6q5FO0ajoPc87Iupuns6s1IsIVR_phT65xEbWbUU
  3. Been a rough year for me this year., took last week of crossbow off and 1st 3 days of gun with a total of 110 hours in treestand and no shot opportunities.Only saw deer in 2 of those days.Took my climber yesterday and went on the state land that borders my property and found a swamp with lots of sign and found a perfect tree to watch from.Got there today at 2:30 this afternoon and this buck came out at 3:45.
  4. This is my 1st buck 8pt, shot him with a Bear recurve bow November 17 1978. I was 18 yrs old and it was the last Friday of bow season. I went out early before school started and shot him 7:30 am and was late for school.
  5. I have been hunting the woods. Yesterday was the 1st time I have seen a deer this season.It was at 605 am , just when you are able to make out shapes and see the trees.It came within 5 yds of my stand but I couldn't tell if it was a buck or doe.My guess was it's a buck being that it was alone and I was saying to myself why couldn't you wait another 30 mins when I could see better.I hunted all day and at 1155 am I turned my head to look down the logging road to my right just in time to catch a very large bodied deer crossing the logging road. Another second or 2 and I would have never seen it. Unfortunately I didn't get a good look at it's head.No doubt a buck cruising.I am on vacation until Nov 23rd and plan on hunting everyday all day. The weather forecast looks pretty good. Good luck everyone.
  6. One of the many great things Trump did was expose the Left and made them show their true colors. Anti American, they absolutely don't care about the American citizen, all they care about is power and enriching themselves at our expense.Joe Biden is a prime example.47 years in Gov't and didn't do anything but enrich himself and his family.
  7. Okay Einstein , since when do they stop counting on election night ?
  8. Oh really, explain how they found 138,000 ballots in MI and none were for Trump.
  9. It's true, he was on his way to win with a landslide. He was way ahead in all the states he needed to win.700,000 in PA with 75% of the vote counted, then at 3am something I've never seen before in a election, 3 states quit counting that had Trump with a large lead, PA being one of them.Guess what? when they started counting again Biden was ahead in 2 of those states and within a couple days he caught up with Trump in PA. You say there's no voter fraud. Really?
  10. Been wearing my MAGA hat for months now and have had people blow their horns and wave, even had a guy at the drive thru at the bank ask me where I got it.So far nothing but positive reactions.
  11. Thanks, Yeah the hole makes him unique. My taxidermist also said it was caused by a fly.
  12. Picked up my mount last night.Definately was worth the wait. I call him my Hole in the Horn Buck after that famous Buck from Ohio.
  13. Oh, I want to, I just can't seem to find the time.Someday it will happen, Right now I just enjoy seeing what's down there.
  14. I've bought this property 2yrs ago and I have yet to hunt it.
  15. Went to Ohio last weekend, checked my camera and here are some pics. Last time I checked my camera was in May.
  16. Saw this sign while in Ohio over the weekend. I thought it was funny.
  17. My wife and I went to Ohio for a few days to visit our daughter whose going to college in Cedarville and also spend a couple days at our property.When I got back to the motel after checking my trail cameras, I immediately took a shower to wash off any loose ticks that I may have Last Spring when I was down there the ticks were awful. I did find one but other than that I thought all was good.The following morning I noticed a few bumps on my ankles.We left to go to Cedarville to see our daughter and when we got there my ankles were starting to itch and I noticed that I was breaking out really bad.The next morning I had red raised spots from my feet all the way to my waist and the itching was unbearable.My wife went to Walmart and got some Cortizone 10 cream to help stop the itching.She ended up going back to get more as one tube wasn't enough.I thought I must have got into some poison ivy or sumac.I looked into the internet and saw pictures of people with similar red spots and realized that chiggers were responsible for my discomfort.I heard of chiggers before but really didn't know what they were, now unfortunately I do.Here's a pic of one of my ankles.I 'm guessing I must have 300 to 400 hundred bites altogether.
  18. Had my property recently logged and thought I would try planting a food plot along a 50yd stretch of the logging road.All I had for tools was a garden rake, lawn rake hand held spreader and a chain saw.It was a lot of work but I enjoy this kind of stuff.I put 400#s of lime on it , then used Bio Logic ph fertilizer and seeded it with White Tail Institute's Secret Spot. Here's a couple of pics of what it looked liked after 1 week.Need some rain.
  19. So sorry for your loss, prayers sent.
  20. I told my wife back in January this is going to be an interesting year, being an election year. 1st we had impeachment, then the pandemic, now the riots and we still have close to 5 months to go till the election.Makes you wonder what else could possibly happen, but I'm sure there's more to come.
  21. No, can't do that. As much as ticks freak me out they won't keep me out of the woods!
  22. My nephew has been hunting public land in Muskingum County Ohio, which is 1 of the top booner counties in Ohio.He shot a 221# 10 pt last year that grossed over 160 with his cross bow.That's probably all the information I can give you without him getting too mad at me.He just got the mount back , what a buck.
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