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Does anyone clean skulls near Syracuse?


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Call around to the Taxidermy shops in your area as most of them provide this service. I did this last year down here near Binghamton. Most places wanted $75 just to clean it up and mine was skinned just like yours is in your pictures. It was $125 to $150 if you wanted it mounted on a plaque with a badge at the bottom that had the kill details, Date: Weapon, etc...

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21 hours ago, chrisw said:

There's a place in brewerton, near 81. I'll attach the info. He charges $125 for a Euro.

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This is the one I was going to post.  He's a step-in-law of sorts. For whatever that's worth.

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33 minutes ago, moog5050 said:

Now that's a steal

He's always looking for any skulls to be cleaned, he will do any animal. I gave him a doe skull last year for him to do, he sells them and uses them to keep the beetles fed during slow times. 

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32 minutes ago, Zem18 said:

So he'll charge us double if we tell him JGS covert sent us?

Probably won't even know what you're talking about. ;)  He likes me ok I think.  Probably because he lives in Brewerton and I live Rome/Utica area. :D

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So I got this years buck back from my friend tonight along with my brother in law's and another friend's bucks.  Mine is the 8 on the left, I do not have him whiten mine as I like the natural bone color, my buddies 6 pt in the middle is whitened though for comparison.IMG_2363.JPGIMG_2364.JPGIMG_2365.JPGIMG_2366.JPGIMG_2367.JPG

Here is my buck from last year that he did also.


As I said before he is always for more to do, let me know and I can get you in touch with him.



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