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  1. Well, my Darton is a 1986 and I hunted with it from 1993 until this past fall. This year I broke down and bought a brand new Bear Vast. So about every 27 years or so I guess. I think there's something wrong with it though. It doesn't make any noise when you shoot it, there's no vibration, the arrows fly flat and they go so fast you can't watch them in like with my old bow!
  2. We couldn't at one point though, right? Or did I just imagine that?
  3. So can we buy online now again? I've tried to figure it out but get confused. Because I 've been wanting to try Boss shot shells but they only sell direct to the consumer.
  4. I picked up book 6 of W.E.B. Griffin's The Corps series at a garage sale and ended up getting the rest. Only problem is I've read them enough that they're full of penciled edits for continuity issues I've run into. Nerd. Try Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by James Hornfischer. I've read that 7-8 times and liked it so much I bought Neptune's Inferno by the same author. That's a good one too but I feel the Tin Can sailors is much more stirring. I'm into Terry Brooks for the fantasy type books. Found The Sword of Shannara on the side of the road when I was 15 and it was missing the last 30 pages. I had to pick up a new copy to finish it and have been hooked since.
  5. I wonder if this will change crop rotation schedules with corn/legumes?
  6. I have a bunch of the Patrick O'Brien books, but in random spacing. Haven't gotten around to filling in the gaps yet.
  7. The Boer War by Pakenham, The Bear Went Over The Mountain by Grau, Marshal Zhukov's Greatest Battles (tough going there), Billy Yank by Wiley, The Bridgebusters by Cleaver and Excuse Me Sir, There's a Moose in Your Tent by Larry Weil when I need something light. I have to finish a few of these though because I got 6 new ones for Christmas that I'm itching to start.
  8. Does it count if he drops them between the shot and when you start to field dress him? If so then I found my first set on the last day of rifle season.
  9. I just have to say, that is much nicer looking than the stock, stock.
  10. Where you guys get jammed up is you still think it's about crime. It has nothing to do with crime, it's all about control.
  11. Do you measure length or height?
  12. I have seen similar ones and thought they were cool and different.
  13. They just started combining the corn behind me yesterday. They've been laying up in there all day and coming out into the fields after dark. Every morning there were piles of fresh tracks in and out of the corn from the night before.
  14. There's a spot like that where I frequently see deer. Every time I walk out the door to head over there I eye my layout blind on the way out of the garage and think "Hmmmmm".
  15. Sorry boys, I'm out. Sort of. In the last 10 minutes of the regular season I got a 3pt. Was a 4 but he had one broken off already. Then when I took hold of him they both came off in my hands! Now I know how Charlie Brown feels. One more day and he would've been a doe.
  16. covert

    Wish list

    I'd be ok with... Oh, you said socks. Never mind.
  17. Hands, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes...
  18. I used a spade bit in my cordless drill.
  19. Target shooting I just use muffs. I've always been tempted to go the electronic route but just have this bad feeling about ending up with a defective pair that amplify instead of muffling and blow my eardrums out. I started using the Otis Ear Shields for goose hunting after I read an article in a magazine about them and I really like them. Light and muffle well but still allow you to hear talking and stuff. I don't understand how they work, black magic I guess, but all that matters is that they do.
  20. Once you accept your fate and get past the initial disappointment it's not so bad. Kinda' like being the smallest, prettiest guy in prison.
  21. Just got back from 20 days of vacation, most of that spent in the Big Woods, and happy to report that I still belong to the club.
  22. Ummm, nice buck, but take your dead deer and go to the dead deer thread with the other deer killers you danged deer killer. This thread is for the non-deer killers. Stupid deer killers and their stupid dead deer anyway.
  23. I sat in one stand twice and watched a buck 400 yds away work a scrape and then walk under my other stand. The next night I sat in that stand and watched a buck walk down the edge of the field past the first stand. Sat in #3 at the other farm for several hours seeing a bunch of squirrels, gave up at dark, walked out and stepped into the field and had 16 deer blast off in all different directions. Saw a spike and a tall narrow 8 from stand #2 the night before Halloween but couldn't coax the 8 in close enough. Walking down to the house and see what appears to be 3 does and a buck in the back yard 30' from the kids swingset. Mere moments later I get a call from the wife "Hey dummy, you're up in the woods and there are three does and a buck 30' from the kids swingset". Night before last back in stand #1 and watched a buck walking down the side of the road in front of my house. The best morning I had was when I said heck with it, threw my bow stuff back in the car, switched to the shotgun, threw out my meager spread of a dozen flats and a dozen socks, shot two geese and went home. But on the lighter side of the news, starting 15:15 on Thursday I am on vacation until the day before Thanksgiving!