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On 12/28/2016 at 5:05 PM, gjs4 said:

280 is a great round and wish I never sold my m77 (in 280) to a friend. Very popular elk round out west.

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 that would be the 280 AI  NOT the standard 280 rem  there is a 200-250  fps velocity difference I own both 

The AI is the better round by far 

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Before buying any new firearm in this day and age, I would be sure to look carefully into ammunition availability. No way would I buy a rifle without being able to buy ample ammo at the same time (for sighting, then several seasons worth). It is said that our current supply issue is going to resolve...and appears to be improving, but who really knows? Myself, I am sticking strictly with what I have and reload for...and have ample supply for.  I know several shooters who were all excited about their new rifles which are still unfired for lack of ammunition.

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.280 is a great caliber and several loadings are offered but I would be afraid of finding what I wanted in NY especially with the new laws. Not going to be something you just walk into a gun shop and find a variety of.

I would lean more towards 270, 7mm-08 or the 6.5 

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