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  1. Cost of a hired guide in Florida for turkey is $3,500 bucks. Way too expensive for me. Trying to get a tag you need a lawyer to figure it out. Shooting one? Boring as shit. They don’t talk. The most unsatisfying thing I ever did.
  2. Nice group of rifles and I like the eclectic calibers. Very nice.
  3. The DEC said they will be enforcing all of the new gun laws. They warned you.
  4. That is a very cool find. And very cool that you can make the ammo yourself. Post the deer you kill with it. Have fun.
  5. Well we know she wants to take away our gun rights. Next is hunting. Raise the age to hunt. Already said she would. Non lead ammo for hunting. Probably for all shooting eventually. No pistols in the field like Canada. Hope you like archery because that’s all you might have soon. And not crossbows. I’m lucky I already have a second home in Free Florida. But I will sure miss my beloved Catskills.
  6. It takes about 12-13 inches of barrel for the powder in a shotgun shell to fully burn. So barrel length has nothing to do with velocity. Also advertised velocity’s on shotgun shell boxes are off by 100fps most times. Pattern is determined by choke and/or the wad used. There are wads like Federal flight control that are best used in open chokes that determine pattern density. And there are chokes that hold the wad together to determine pattern and chokes that strip away the wad and deliver the appropriate pattern. Selecting the right choke is more of a product of what distances you are going to be shooting at or what activity you will be doing such as trap, skeet or sporting clays. It would help to know what the person will be going with the shotgun.
  7. I understand aggressive drive is bad. But I also can’t stand passive aggressive drivers who purposely drive at or below the speed limit to control the actions of others. When they make a left turn they move to the right to prevent others from passing them and then turn painfully slow impeding traffic.
  8. He graduated from Yale and Harvard. Joined the Navy, saw combat, was decorated, became a congressman, ran for governor and saved Florida from a crack head, married with children, wonderful family man, supported his wife thru cancer, is a Christian, did an unbelievable job during a major hurricane. And is about to be re-elected in a state that four years ago was almost blue. Yea Alex I’ll take DeSantis for 200.
  9. Ron DeSantis a nut job? Mr Potato Head said Florida would be devastated for years. DeSantis put the state back together in weeks. I know because I own a house there. Do you remember Katrina?? Lets see he protects woman in sports, children in the womb, police officers, parental school rights, victims of crime, the constitution of the United States, the elderly during Covid, guards the schools, protects the habitat of Florida, protects second amendment rights and hunting rights, no deficit spending, protects citizens of Florida from illegal aliens and ships them to sanuaury states, is governor of the states more people are moving to from states like ours. He served in the Navy and was assigned to the Navy Seals as a legal a legal adviser and saw combat with the seals. He received the bronze star. Yea I’ll take 50 nut jobs just like him.
  10. WTF!! Took energy independence and flushed it down the toilet. We are begging the Saudi’s for oil. Used the our reserve oil to lower prices for the election. Worst inflation in 40 years. Food Prices off the chart. Shortages of all kinds. Lies about almost everything, my son was killed in Service. Crime out of control while trying to disarm honest citizens. Hand cuff the cops while they are killed in record numbers. Can’t meet staffing for military while invoking woke nonsense. I could go on and on but my head hurts!
  11. Did not address handgun training, locked gun cases in cars, at home storage, semi auto rifles, for the down state counties the one to two year wait. Lots more to go.
  12. Shot two turkeys on the wing and somehow shooting them standing still would have been better. The spring vs fall argument I understand and agree with. But somehow shooting flying turkeys bad. But walking turkey good. This place funny sometimes.
  13. .280 is a great caliber and several loadings are offered but I would be afraid of finding what I wanted in NY especially with the new laws. Not going to be something you just walk into a gun shop and find a variety of. I would lean more towards 270, 7mm-08 or the 6.5
  14. The gun shop by me said porn star was the number one answer.
  15. The socialist/ communist's are counting on you giving up your guns voluntarily. After they get the ammo, guns, black Powder, crossbows, compounds, traditional, then they will take your knives. No hunting for you comrade. Only the party leaders will go afield. You will be building solar panels and drinking government vodka.
  16. Not taking anything out on you just pointing out that not everyone lives where you do and has the time and skill set to reload all the ammo they want. I have a home in Florida that I use to buy all the ammo I want. But not everyone has a second home in a free state. So you and I have unique circumstances that not everyone else has. I work hard to keep the 850 members of my club in ammo so they can enjoy our clay venues. It’s a daunting task.
  17. Well for the rest of us who don’t own all the guns we want, don’t reload and don’t live close to the PA boarder these new laws are unconstitutional, un-American and a huge pain in the ass. I want to be able to walk into a store near me and buy a firearm and ammo any time I damn well please. And why shouldn’t I?!
  18. Can’t buy ammo in CT or MA. CT does have a non resident ammo license. I don’t know about MA.
  19. Remington 7600 or 750 Both in 35 Whelen and both with 250 grain bullets.
  20. I agree with your assessment of more turkey hunters and the young kids really love the public hunting guys. But I have never seen anyone using the fan to stalk a turkey. Another part of the equation is turkey guns and ammo have gotten way better since the ‘80’s. We can talk about only shooting out to 40 yards but no one is listening. Two of my crew have crossed the 60 yard mark, hevi shot and Long Beards, and there is no way to put the genie back in the bottle. I truly love spring turkey hunting. I want to see the birds rebound. I personally would be ok with no fall season and only one gobbler in the spring. But I understand others disagree.
  21. Yes. There are 2.6 billion out there already. If we can’t prosecute felons why should we prosecute mineral rock users which are in common usage.
  22. Well I can’t argue that we have way too many varmints. I started turkey hunting in the late ‘80’s. Not many guys turkey hunting then. Covid really peaked the number of hunters.
  23. I hunt in 4P and 4R. Turkey numbers are way down. I would vote to close the fall completely and limit the spring to one in my area. Can’t speak for the rest of the state. Deer hunters in the fall kill turkeys with the gun and bow.
  24. Don’t forget to get written permission from every landowner you hunt on. If you trespass with a firearm you will charged with a felony and loose your guns.
  25. I’m hoping that my friends and myself don’t get locked up for violating one of these new unconstitutional gun laws while hunting this year.
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