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Grandfathers gun

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I've had my eyes on this gun for a long time, my uncle finally told me to come get it. It's a model 90 Winchester, 22 long pump with an octagon barrel. Needs a really good cleaning but I have waited 27 years to call it mine. Made in 1911 I believe. Maybe someone can tell me more about this "gallery gun"?IMG_0100.thumb.JPG.e26561bc3ad66300c6045

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I have been around long enough to have actually shot those old Winchester gallery guns at an actually shooting gallery. Sylvan Beach amusement park had a gallery many years ago.  I believe they used model 90s 06s and 62s. I do not believe there is a more fun plinking rifle than those old exposed hammer Winchester pumps. Around 10 0r 12 years ago Taurus made a modern copy of the 62 in stainless steel and I picked one up, Rossi also makes a modern copy. I use my Taurus all the time. Congratulations on receiving your granddad's heirloom rifle, take it out and shoot it and have fun with it.


My Taurus 62 reproduction on the right


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The guns that are passed on to us, always, are the most 'valuable' ones we have. That is a very cool rifle! My buddy has one very similar to that one, that he used to teach his daughters to shoot. As they would be useing pump action shotguns to hunt deer and turkey. I'll have to ask if it was handed down to him. But no doubt, that it will be passed down to his grandson, at some point. Love these kind of stories. Happy shooting!

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