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Redneck engineering

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3d printed a paper towel holder for the garage.  printed a magnetic cup holder for the John Deere, that holds a yeti beer coozie just right.  Also need to print an action camera mount for the xbow.

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I made some t-handles, using carabiner hooks, a couple short lengths of chain, hinge pins and duct tape , for drawing my crossbow.  They took less than 15 minutes to make, and work better than the rope-pulley device that came with it.  I lost that last fall, in the excitement after killing a big slob of a buck, and necessity is the mother of invention.   I was able to draw my 150 pound crossbow with bare fingers, while doe hunting on my next couple hunts, but my tendons would not have taken much more of that.   For a relatively low poundage crossbow, a direct pull with those fabricated t-handles is much faster than the factory rope pulley device, and does not take a lot more force to use.   It might even be fast enough to score a "double" on a family group.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to try that after November 3rd.   I would be very thankful for just one antlerless deer however, since I have yet to take one of those with my crossbow.   A button buck would be especially sweet.    


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