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I recently moved and had a chance to sort through my gear. These items are excess to my needs and I'd like someone to get some use out of them . . .

I like to pay it forward so I'm offering  these items FREE OF CHARGE to someone that could use them. I'd rather keep this simple. First person to shoot me a PM with a request and it's yours. I'll update the thread accordingly. Please include contact info and shipping address and I'll get it in the mail to you soon.

For obvious reasons I'd prefer not to ship the primers (hazardous) or the bullets (weight). Items are  located near Utica, NY. I could travel to Utica/Rome/Oneida etc. to meet up.

Have a great day!

Lightweight cotton came shirts, large n xlarge sizes.

Turkey broadheads (NIB).

Bow hanger (NIB). Spoken for.

Slip on youth arm guard.

38 cal 158gr SWC, approx 275 count by weight.

44 cal 240gr soft points, 20 count (I also have 20pcs 50 cal MZ sabots not shown).

30 cal 150gr boattail solid points, approx 330 count by weight.

Misc cartridge cases, (2) small rifle, (1) 44 cal pistol and (1) 38 cal pistol.

RCBS single stage primer setup, RCBS case trim tool, RCBS primer tray.

RCBS 38 cal/357 mag die set - FAIR condition, some pitting inside dies, maybe junk IDK.

Lee 44 mag die set, like new.

Large pistol primers, approx 150 count.

Small pistol primers, 700 count.

Redhead Mossy Oak turkey vest, excellent condition, used maybe 3 times. Spoken for.
















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Biggame beat me to it lol 

Ill take the 30 cal bullets if available. I appreciate your generosity !

NVM just noticed the shipping on the bullets.. no biggy. someone else can enjoy them

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My sincere apologies for the delay. All spoken for items shipped UPS today. ETA to all is tomorrow, Friday, 3.6.20. HMU with a pm if you dont receive your items. Best wishes to all. 

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