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Who Hunts With a Sidelock (Let's See Photos)

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4 hours ago, rachunter said:

If you send williams sight an email or call the guy can piece a sight together for your gun.He did it for my tc renegade.

Contact Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc

Making the 3/8 dovetail insert wasn't bad.  I had to bump up the mounting screw to a 6-32 because that was the smallest tap I had.  The original looked like a 5-40.  

I found the original dovetail insert with attached front blade (after I had already made a replacemet).  It was in the back of my ML drawer.  Now I can restore the old Traditions Fox-river 50 to original condition, if they ever ban fiber optics.  You never know, they might also make us go back to ball and patch for a special primitive season.  This short 1/48 twist barrel always shot them ok.

I cant quite restore it to full original condition because I snapped the end off the trigger on or after my my second shot on Sunday.  The remaining stub still works, but might cause issues, so I glued the busted piece back on with JB weld.  I will add some more and reshape it with a file after it hardens.

I am looking forward to hunting with "stubby" this fall.   I got some fish to catch and a turkey or two to kill before that however.


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I love hunting with my Lyman percussion great plains rifle. It just seems so....right. I have taken a few deer with it and have always had clean one shot kills...but I also hunt close. I prefer it and have more confidence in it than my T/C Triumph...until it rains. 

This year I am looking forward to hunting with my new Lyman Pedersoli Great Plains flintlock. I am still zeroing it in but am pretty close. The sights arent quite allowing me to adjust to my normal sight in ML dead on range (fifty yards for woods hunting), but I am working on that. I should be able to use the same load as I use for the percussion....80 grains of FF with patched .530 round ball. I needed to drop the charge to 70 for the flinter to lower my point of impact which bothers me.

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