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In the recurve game

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Trying to learn with an old Ben Pearson Panther set at 45# @28 but was surprised to find out I only have a 26" draw, I have a 29" draw with my compound and release. I had gotten to where I was hitting tennis balls @ 15 yards before the weather changed. If I feel I have gotten good enough to hunt with recurve I am going to have to get a bow that shoots 45-50# @28 as this does not have the penetrating power as I am not drawing it to maximum draw.

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I'm into trad bows as well. After giving my grandson a little bear bow for Christmas and shooting it with him I realized how fun it was shooting with no sights. I spent a lot of time researching trad over the winter and tried to learn the basics from Tom Clum Jr and others on "The Push".  I looked long and hard at new bows, but ended up buying a sweet 1960's Wing Swift Wing.  30# @ 28  and 66" long.  It's a really smooth shooting bow, fun to shoot and should be good to learn on.  I'm shooting a Fred E tab and using a bow stringer from 3 Rivers Archery.

Close to the top of my bucket list is taking a deer with a recurve so I'll be working hard to get proficient.  Last fall I also picked up a beautiful 1960's Red Wing Hunter in 45lb, so I plan to work my way up to that.







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Thats a nice bow! I shot one of those for a while then the top limb delaminated. I was heart broken, luckily I only paid 50 bucks for it.  Mine really flipped the arrows out for a 50 pound bow.

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On 4/7/2021 at 7:25 PM, corydd7 said:

So excited. My buddy bought, setup and made arrows for me. He recieved whiskey and dinner for the work. I'll be breaking it in tomorrow, all day.




Does he want any more friends?

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