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Northern Tier ML opens tomorrow...


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And we are off!

I am heading up to my camp on the Tug today, having the next week off for ML season. Rain for tomorrow and sunday at least. Normally I love hunting the rain, and do not mind it much with the cap and ball rifle (Lyman Great Plains). My hope though is to use my flintlock this year as much as possible, and the damp makes them....shall we say, iffy. Monday looks ideal...cool at night, weather clearing and if I remember right, a new (no) moon. 

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Nuthin for me this week. Saturday and sunday were down pours almost all day,  but I was still out there. Monday pretty wet too, went home for some chores but came back for the evening. Tues. and Wed. were nice days...too nice. Too warm. I dont think it helps any with the full moon...the deer are more active at night,and not so much morning/evening. I got alot of chores done at the camp, at any rate. 

It is cooling off in a decent way now, hopefully a good frost isnt too far off. No doe permit for me this year though, and that is what I hope with for ML season.

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Same here with the weather. I gave up Wednesday and turned it into a fishing trip lol
I’ll be back on November 16 and plan on using the cap & ball straight through the rest of the season.

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This is only the third time that I have been able to hunt every day of early ML week.  I was able to fill my antlerless tag this time, and the first time back in 2016, but I struck out last  year.  That time I saw exactly twice as many deer (6, all antlerless vs 4 this year), but I never got off a shot due to being a little to picky.  

I am a little concerned with deer numbers and EHD here in wmu 6c.  I saw absolutely zero sign last Saturday, in the spot where I gave seen the most on other years.  I have stayed out of there all week since then.

I am hoping that things are just a little behind schedule this year, and that I will get into something when I go there tomorrow with my 30/30.   

Given what seems to be a sharply reduced local deer supply, I am very thankful thankful that the Good Lord put me in the right place at the right time to kill what was the only deer that I saw up here to that point.   That old doe was such a good mother to her two fawns, that I never saw them until after she went down.

Time to start an opening weekend of gun thread now.  I am not really expecting much, after the lack of sightings and sign this week, but you never know.

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