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  1. I switched from a peep with a tube to a tubeless 2 years ago but was unable to really shoot/ hunt with it because I was playing soccer in college. I have noticed my non-tube twists in cold weather but this year I've shit a lot and if the peep turns I just turn it back and it's the same impact
  2. This is going to make hunting with my sidekick so much easier. I always seem to loose the orange primer holders. Plus its a pain to remove the primers in the woods with cold fingers
  3. Different bucks. The first one's right side brow time is a lot smaller than the right brow time on the second bucks. Similar overal rack shape so maybe related bucks
  4. My father and brother both have full FXR suits. They love them. It's just like any other type of snowmobiling clothes, as long as they are cared for and are kept waterproofed they should be fine.
  5. I was wondering if you guys had a name for your deer camps. The hunting club I belong to has multiple camps, so many of the camps have their own name. My camp is called Camp Plan B because at the time of me and my brother acquiring the camp, my parents camp was on its last stand. So we named it the Plan B because if their camp ever feel to the ground we would always have a back up.
  6. I've been hunting hunting turkeys since I was 12 but have never really gotten into bow hunting them. The last four years I have wanted to but have not been able to do so because of college and i couldn't get out to shoot my bow enough to feel comfortable to take it out with me in the woods. This year I will have the chance to do so and was just wondering what type of broad heads everyone uses. Is just the standard broad head i would use for deer ok? I don't plan on taking neck shots so the large broad heads that are meant for those shots are not in the picture.
  7. I also have a single pin sight that I never bothered using the pre-made tapes. I just made my own like culvercreek stated. That way I know for sure that my pin is where I need it to be.
  8. We have 3 polaris sportsman 500s. mine is a 98, my brothers is a 2000 and my fathers is an 04. If you could see the stuff we put ours through between bringing out trailer loads of wood to deer, we've even pulled out a 3500 pickup that got stuck up to our camp. The independent rear suspension is what really stands out for me, I have ridden plenty of four wheelers from the Suzukis, Yamaha and canams and nothing i have ridden has come close to the drivability of the sportsman. There is not a bumper or body panel on them fourhwheelers that isnt either bent or broke but they still keep working
  9. I know this is subject has been on this forum multiple times, but lets see those camps. This camp is my fathers that we had just built this summer spending about 30 hrs a week building with help from many friends. Once this snow melts and I can get in and finish the work on my brothers and my camp i will post pictures of that later on. But for the time being i will post pictures of my dads new camp, which is fairly modern compared to other camps on our club, but we spend so much time there its worth the extra expenses.
  10. Doc, this reminds me of the first time i hunted with my grandfather. I was to young to deer hunt, so i carried a 20 gauge with birdshot. As we walked through the woods which happened to be the same woods that my father and uncles had grown up hunting, my grandfather was able to point out spots where he shot deer, where my dad, and uncles had shot deer, and other events. I was amazed at this that he remembered all the specific spots were deer and other events had happened up to the exact tree after all those years. There had to of been a hundred different specific locations that he showed me as we walked through the woods.
  11. While being affected by cabin fever, I have been going through pictures of past seasons of hunting, and while i cherish every time i'm out in the woods and am able to harvest an animal, there are three different hunts hunts that will as of this point in my life will be my favorite times in the woods. The first time is my first black bear that I harvested in the Adirondacks. This comes after two years of getting real close with my father and then me going out on my own, walking up on the bear and harvesting it. The second being two seasons ago when me and my father harvested two nice buck with in 12 hours of each other at camp. My buck being the biggest i have ever harvested, but this was also the first two deer that my father and I had harvested at camp after my grandfathers passing. The third great memory of mine would be of this past year, while my brother harvested his first deer, and him and my father limited out on tags while hunting at a family friends, and I, harvested a buck at out camp, about 200 miles away, all in the same weekend, and also being the same weekend that me and my father had harvested our two nice buck the year before at camp. Sorry about the long post but I had to relieve some of my cabin fever.
  12. I haven't heard back from the DEC from my bear and that was shot three years ago. My roommate got his back earlier this week and he shot his two years ago.
  13. I wouldn't say don't hunt the afternoon, while I have never killed a buck during the afternoon, my father has killed two of his biggest buck around 1 in the afternoon. As for the spending ridiculous amount of time in the woods and just plain luck, yes that accounts for a lot of kills in the big woods. The deer I killed this past weekend, I spent the whole weekend before slowly still hunting his area to figure out where he beds, and where he comes out from the beds and works the hard woods. I had patterned this buck to three gullies where he left his swamp to go to the hard woods where he tended his does and had all his scrapes. This past sunday I just slowly still hunted these gullies and eventually found him on the final gully as he was coming out of the swamp. I have found this as my go to method this time of year as the buck are up and moving during the rut. I will take a weekend and slowly still hunt till im confident that I found his core habitat and then make a hunting plan to hunt him from there. I hope this helps
  14. We had people like that on our hunting club in the Adirondacks a few years back, but like the others have said, they were only in the opening weekend of rifle and then were in only one other time and it was for the day.
  15. I too used to drag the deer out and fill the tag out at the truck, where I would keep my pen, that was up until a few seasons ago when I had shot a small basket rack buck opening day on state land and dragged it to the truck and began filling out the tag. A DEC officer pulled up and told me that it needed to be filled out upon retrieval of the deer in the woods and didn't need to be attached until back at the truck or at camp. He just told me from now on to fill it out in the woods and just throw it back in my wallet till I got out. Because of this I now carry a pen that I cut down so that it fits in the pocket of my wallet that I carry my tags in.
  16. I still hunt most of the day, and usually find a nice spot to sit up against a tree for the final hour and a half or so of shooting light. I to like to being on the ground part as NFA had stated, you can really learn the habits of the deer you are hunting this way. Last weekend while still hunting I was able to pattern the deer that I shot sunday. I figured out where he was coming out of the swamps into the hard woods at night and just slowly still hunted through that area and caught him sneaking out of the swamp on one of the runways. I do have a few stands that I hunt that always have deer activity, but the big woods are always changing, they are not as predictable as deer in fragmented habitats, so I feel that still hunting and finding a nice spot to sit works best for me, you can keep up with the changes in habits.
  17. Well this weekend was a good one for me and my family, my dad and my brother both punched all their tags during the southern zone opener. The seven point in the back on the left is my brothers deer, which is also his first As for me I could not make it down for the southern zone opener because I had to take a civil service test on Saturday. So Saturday after the test, I loaded up and decided to head to camp in the Adirondacks to hunt Sunday. By 11 on Sunday I had seen 5 deer, one of which was a buck. I found this odd due in part to the high temps and strong winds we were getting. Well at about 4:15, I caught the 8 point (back right in the photo) trying to slip buy. So now we have 5 deer hanging in the shed after one weekend of hunting.
  18. This is defiantly a true statement. One of my dads best friends who had hunted at our camp for twenty years started to relying more and more on his gps. Well after one day in the woods were he just brought the gps out, the gps decided it didn't want to work. Long story short we found him around 10 at night. But as for finding good hunting spots, such as funnels, you can look at aerial photos or maps, but the only way to know for sure is to get out and scout. The big woods are a tricky place to hunt. Deer have so much more room to move around in that pin pointing an exact location from a aerial photo is nearly impossible. If you are going into an area without to much scouting, the best way is to still hunt, just slowly make your way through the woods, study the sign and from their you will be able to find the funnels and other good spots to hunt. We hunt with a guy who does not do any scouting before the season. He takes a week and a half off from work to go to camp. He spends the first 4 or 5 days just still hunting and patterning the deer. The rest of the week he spends hunting the spots he finds. He usually shots a nice mature buck every year.
  19. I pulled the chip on my trail camera this past Saturday and this is the only video on it. It beats the leaves and deer just out of the picture that I have been getting the last couple of weeks. PICT0100.AVI
  20. Yeah I know I am watching snow out my dorm window at Paul Smiths right now, we already have a dusting of snow here. Heading to camp in a couple of hours, I hope its the same there and we have some tracking snow in the morning.
  21. I also like this forum as I hunt primarily the Adirondacks. I do not use any sorts of scents, I just pay attention to the wind currents as stated before. I to also do a lot of walking. One reason I do not pay a whole lot of attention to the wind is I don't know whether human scent bothers deer in the big woods where they don't experience that smell a lot. Just last weekend I had a doe come in down wind of me and walked right up to within 10 feet of me on the ground just grazing. She never once was alarmed or raised a tail until I had to move to leave.
  22. My girl friend didn't really like hunting when we first started dating, but after the first year she decided she wanted to accompany me on a duck hunt. Since that first night of duck hunting my girlfriend has wanted to go out hunting quite a bit, which I don't mind. Since that first hunt she has gone hunting with me for just about everything, from deer, bear, coyotes, and small game. She is in the process of getting her license now and really looks forward to harvesting anything that I will take her out hunting for. With this being said, I do like to hunt by myself and made it clear to her that if she wants to hunt, she is going to be sitting by herself, except for duck and small game hunting, and she is fine with this. After all I do come from a family in which my mother has always been at camp. The women give us the opening weekend, but after that, it's fair game for my mom and girlfriend to accompany us at camp.
  23. I live in Ogdensburg when not in school, I was born and raised there. Where about is the camp that you are staying at the river, it might not be to far from my family camp. As four seasons put it there is great fishing and hunting in the area.
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