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  1. I was doubting your JD degree, not the Trump victory accommodations. I don't need proof but it sounds like this would make for a fun show and tell...
  2. It's nauseating that "centrist" and "compromise" have become dirty words and that honest and intelligent policy-based discourse is no longer possible. But the Dems aren't putting forth Marjorie or Herschel equivalents. I have no doubt that if the GOP continues to flirt with lizard people-believers and the woefully unprepared, Dems will need to call or even raise the bet.
  3. Figured at least half the forum would be able to relate to him
  4. Couldn’t do that and yet you felt he was capable of running the country?
  5. No way you have a JD. Hyper liberal in my workplace. No offers of counselors or therapist. Or even snacks or a beer. Lame.
  6. No need to worry about going after anyone too aggressively if you stay on the ideas and avoid making it personal. I stand by my argument. Make yours.
  7. Aww, you work with a bunch of sweethearts. Seems like a v. supportive environment. I thought you were in finance?
  8. Scare tactics? Clear-eyed choices. For scare tactics, you can get your fill on Fox News
  9. I’ve also found it to be a surprisingly mild tick year in 3 and 4.
  10. Maybe some lament but def no insurrection or conspiracy mongering
  11. That’s a ridiculous question. The end of a presidency has always meant the end of that president’s relevance. But of course, not with Trump. He continues to hold the party captive and those who would typically be unelectable continue to vie for his endorsement. This collapse to the fridges has changed the GOP. Republican politicians fall under two broad categories - those who opposed Trump’s bs and stood up to the nonsensical election denial claims and those who kowtowed and knowingly peddled false conspiracy theories. Zeldin falls in the latter category. This should be disqualifying.
  12. This is your hero? https://www.politico.com/news/2022/11/01/trump-paul-pelosi-attack-conspiracy-theory-00064417 You can do so much better.
  13. Zeldin is not a level-headed, moderate Republican. He is a Trump loyalist who applauded the overturn of Roe v. Wade. He has a terrible environmental record, something that all hunters should care about. He also opposes some of the basic social rights that the overwhelming majority of Americans agree on, such as marriage equality. Your grocery bill will not change with this election. Your daughter’s ability to exercise her will over her body may.
  14. Better yet, focus on selecting electable candidates in the primaries. For instance, Buttigieg, a military officer and McKinsey capitalist, would’ve been solidly in the GOP 15 years ago. He’s a nonstarter for most on the right today. But hey, it’s not just me saying it: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna43777
  15. You’re missing the point again. “Trump” is the ideology that gives this new Republican Party license to advance batshit crazy candidates who believe in Qanon and lack the preparation to serve. It’s what leads congressional members to advance a narrative of a stolen election while hot mics capture them admitting that they know that there was no widespread fraud of any kind. It’s what led this sick man to hunt down Nancy at her home just like the tragic capitol rioters had tried. You may not have the courage to admit it here, but even you must know that this sh@t isn’t normal.
  16. I’m taking you up on that!
  17. Trump and his spineless cronies are guilty of advancing crazy conspiracy theories that inevitably find purchase in the least well among us
  18. This is getting old. Another far right, conspiracy theory pawn, Qanon follower, and pro Trump election denier ruins his life and nearly takes another’s. If someone you know subscribes to any of these beliefs, get them help.
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