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  1. That’s precisely my point, 90% of people don’t have the privilege upbringing that some of us enjoyed… I grew up in S. FL and I also had exceptional teachers whom I credit for much of my success. But I took all honors and AP classes. Those classes were small and the majority of my teachers had PhDs. We all went off to selective universities. The problem is that this comprised less than 20% of my class. And so folks who didn’t have that early motivation to take advanced coursework were stuck in oversized classes with subpar (overworked and underpaid) teachers. Perhaps my experience is unique in that I had the opportunity take exclusively AP classes and to do research at a local university. I think it’s fair to assume that the vast majority of kids today don’t have this option.
  2. Sadly our education system is so dysfunctional that much of college is actually remedial work aimed at teaching kids what they should’ve learned in high school… So many things that need to be fixed, starting with offering competitive salaries to educators so that we can attract talent to teach our children. Looking through my high school peers, the ones that went into education aren’t the ones who were exceptional students themselves or who had a profound passion for teaching. Rather, it was just an easy path for them as the bar was exceedingly low.
  3. Fascinating. I knew none of this: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/62216.html
  4. Real IDs allow entry into Canada without passport right?
  5. I need to brush up on my salmon biology. I thought some made the run multiple times but you’re saying that not in this case? The ones in the river are going to spawn and die? To reach 25lbs the fish must’ve lived a few years I imagine. So they only make the run on their final year?
  6. So the salmon aren’t eating at this stage? How’s flossing different than snagging?
  7. What's protocol if you get swarmed a couple miles from the road?
  8. These are wasps? How do you identify the nest, just a hole in the ground? Can you hear them as you approach?
  9. Reveal quality is good if you request the HD pic. Does spartan transmit HD without fees?
  10. I’ve had a QAD rest on my bowtech for a few years with no complaints. I’ve heard really gods things about Hamskea if you wanna go a step beyond QAD.
  11. We just booked lodging for a family gathering in Gulf Shores (Orange Beach, Alabama) for next year. I'd like to book a charter to take the family out for red snapper as the trip will coincide with the season. I'm also interested in potentially doing some flats fishing for redfish with a knowledgeable guide. Since this is primetime, I need to book the charters soon. Any input on guides or resources for fishing in this region is much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, it looks like I’m wearing it properly. Perhaps the strap that Matty referred to would stop it from riding up on my neck. Curious whether this is standard for most sling packs or whether a pack with a better (asymmetrical) geometry would prevent this. I was planning to order a replacement online but perhaps best that I stop by a fly shop and try some on.
  13. I wear it like LF suggests. But shoulder strap slides up to neck. I wonder if the asymmetrical models are better at preventing this. There’s that Velcro loop on the center of the back pad. Maybe that’s supposed to go around the wading belt but that seems like a pita
  14. How do you wear a fly fishing sling pack? I've been using the Trout Unlimited sling sent to me with my new membership and the strap slips up to my neck and attempts to tear it up. It's brutal. Is this common with all slings or is there a trick to them that I don't know about?
  15. Spot? https://deq.nc.gov/about/divisions/marine-fisheries/public-information-and-education/species-profiles/spot
  16. Strikingly similar, actually
  17. Retrieving a chukar that @ATbuckhunter shot
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