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  1. Look, I am not a Biden apologist. But to say he’s a huge step up from Trump says a lot more about Trump than it does about Biden. It’s ok to have different politics. It is not ok to pretend that Trump would’ve handled this any more competently or that his destabilizing actions over his 4-year term didn’t set the groundwork for the debacle in Afghanistan or the emboldening of Putin.
  2. Putin’s economy is collapsing. The united economic offensive has the potential to be much worse and more one-sided than a military offensive between nuclear powers.
  3. You’re beginning to see that there’s much more to diplomacy than tweeting…
  4. I’m in the middle of purchasing a gas guzzler so I’m not thrilled about this either. But is there really a way to transition to renewable energy without financial disincentives that would push folks away from petrol?
  5. We’ve covered this exhaustively. I’ll offer one plot as a teaser. If you’re not familiar with data, focus on the slope of the curve. Trajectory was unchanged. This notion that Trump boosted the economy is rubbish. Same with gas. Yes it was low during Trump’s admin but the entire world was quarantining and not using their vehicles. The barrel went negative. This isn’t Trump’s mastermind, lol. It was near zero demand. You blame Ukraine war on Biden? Another absurdity. Trump weakened NATO and his staff has said on record that Trump was planning to pull out during his second term. You may be politically misaligned with Biden, but this shouldn’t prevent you from regarding Trump with clear eyes.
  6. Looks like someone came out of the shitter a little smarter this morning… It’s really not all that progressive. Just human to respect a person’s gender identity. It’s not our call to assign it for them. Again, sex vs gender. I think you’re getting there.
  7. There’s nothing difficult to understand there. A little googling the next time he’s on the shitter could quickly clarify the difference between gender and sex for him… or he can just get worked up and whine about it on a hunting forum.
  8. If this video isn’t convincing, my interest in this conversation doesn’t really extend much further.
  9. Who’s arguing for valuing foreign opinions more? As far as I can recall, the only person who did that was Trump when he elevated Putin over our very American CIA. Never mind that, he’s still your guy…
  10. That's an odd sentiment, but personally, I welcome the insights of those born abroad, American or not. As Americans we certainly don't have a monopoly on information or good ideas. I'm an experimentalist, and so I like to intervene and perturb systems in order to study how they work. Unfortunately, in political science we can't actively run experiments to test different hypotheses at a global scale. Some ethical issues with that too. Comparative post hoc analysis is really the only tractable route we have in political theory. Foreigners, chime in!
  11. If it was only about “mean tweets”, the incumbent would’ve won. But you know it was about much more than that. Legions of lifelong conservative Republicans turned their backs on the loser you for some reason continue to romanticize.
  12. Sorry to break it to you, but Trump picked up where Obama left off. Didn’t you see the trajectory curves of the economy before Trump botched it with his pandemic mismanagement? Biden’s trying to right the ship again. But there’s a lot to fix.
  13. How do you explain attribution bias to the willfully ignorant?
  14. Was @Grouse carrying a bunch of printouts of fringe conspiracy theory websites? In person, does he simply hand out the printouts or does he read them out loud to you?
  15. What an embarrassment: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/01/trump-was-swamp/617748/
  16. Well Biden, right? It’s why he won the primary. Old white guy who’s a moderate with working class roots. He stood up to the progressive wing of the party last week and said “fund the police, not defund.” There isn’t a credible candidate in the right who can approach the center to the extent that Biden has. Impossible. Uncontested seats pull the parties to the edges. No incentives to appeal to both sides.
  17. He’s a capitalist with Harvard and McKinsey pedigree. He was an executive in government, not a legislator. Decorated military vet. He’s a GOP wet dream. But he’s a Democrat. Wow. It’s like the idea of a green decoy but in reverse. Clear winner here.
  18. Bush 2 was a weak leader whose wars have cost us far too much in both lives lost and treasure squandered. Since holding office, he’s demonstrated an unexpected level of humanity and remorse, and that has certainly made him a more sympathetic human being. He has also upheld the dignity of the office and he’s stood up to buffoons in the Trump administration. Respect This is a beautiful example of how a shifting baseline can lead to lowered standards. Up against Trump, W is clearly leagues ahead. Scary. I’ve allowed myself to disconnect some from the daily barrage of political commentary so I can’t offer a meaningful take of the probable GOP running field. But since I’m taken by our reciprocally impish Sunday morning, I’ll offer Romney as my GOP frontrunner. If a Democrat were to serve after Biden, who would you pick? Ignore HuntingNY’s selection (Buttigieg) for now.
  19. This was harsh?? I thought it was playful and bordering on cute. @Northcountryman, am I the one who’s having an impish Sunday morning?
  20. That’s glib, even for a quick guess. You seemingly put zero effort into contextualizing my response. But I suspect you know that. How very impish for a Sunday morning.
  21. I prefer the non-Q loving RINOs. But wait, didn’t huntingNY unanimously decide to endorse Buttigieg in the next election if Biden steps down?
  22. That’s because Pence is a RINO, never mind that he’s been a lifelong Republican and is awkwardly hyper conservative. RINO I say! To be a real a Republican nowadays you must reject the constitution and have a crush on Putin and Q.
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