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  1. Mine finally broke. Forearm fell off it when I was shooting it. Never fixed it and gave it to someone.
  2. Killed alot of deer with a single 12 when I first started hunting
  3. Oh boy anyone got a measuring stick lol
  4. State land with a constant flow of orange past the camera during gun season. So yeah they watch and know where you are.
  5. Hunted turkeys in Alabama and Louisiana. I swear stateland birds will not fly down from their roost till noon. I know they can't be that smart but I've seen it alot.
  6. Still waiting for my 2020 pa rifle buck to get done from my taxi. Better be awesome lol
  7. If you hunt near trails your going to get this lol. Always amazes me the number of hunters who hunt feet from walking trails then give you a dirty look when you walk past them. There's 4000 acres past you bud I'm not waiting around for you to decide what your doing lol.
  8. 3 miles from the car I do it all the time. Especially if it's close to dark. Shot one in my spot and cut it up in the dark and packed it out. Really makes you think when you have one in front of you. How bad do I really want to do this? Lol
  9. 21 doe first day, 19 2nd day, 1 yesterday. No antlers at all so far this gun season.
  10. Apple trees are bad for this also lol
  11. I never set up in a field. Alway set up back off the field to intercept when they are going to field. One night freezing to death in the dark with 20 deer under me taught me that lol
  12. Don't get shot in the guts. It will take a long time to die lol
  13. Saw atleast 6 bucks crossing the road on the way home tonight from family gathering. Several were pretty good one's.
  14. 4 shots here and 3 cases of covid. Worst was the last time a few weeks ago. Lost my sense of smell, fever chills. Only lasted about 3 days then a week of coughing.
  15. Decent 8 walked by my ground stand at 18 yrd. Passed him 3 times this week. Needs another yr or 2.
  16. Lots of big bucks chasing on my way to my hunting area. Should be a good morning.
  17. Walked out side at 1:30 and said nope! Good day to mow the lawn. In November. WTH. Forsythia bushes are blossoming again!
  18. Bucks aren't being bothered by the heat. Chasing hard today at 2pm. If you have a dark side of the mountain this time of yr hunt that. That's what I do and seeing lots of bucks moving in the middle of the day.
  19. I'll pull my phone out and pretend to be looking at it to fool the bucks.
  20. Yeah bucks are chasing hard right now. Find the doe and you will get bucks.
  21. Passed on a decent 8 point buck tonight who came in chasing a doe. Biggest I've seen so far but I know there's bigger up there. Probably a 14 in spread but no mass and very short tines. Maybe a 3.5 yr old . Had him at 25 yrds a few times and just couldn't pull the trigger lol
  22. I hate that other 1% with a passion lol
  23. I know. I hate to be a dick and it was a nice day. But come on it was ridiculous. Your going to seriously park right next to my car and blast away into the woods without knowing where, or which direction I went. Usually in the morning I like to sit pretty much right in the direction they were shooting. I guess I was raised with a little more common sense and courtesy. I know they pulled up next to my car and said f him lol
  24. Seen this on Northwoods law a few times. Gamewarden was stunned. Lol they Definitely going to hunt over it.
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