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  1. Just saw a nice 7 point chasing a yearling doe this cold weather has them up and feeling frisky in 4h
  2. Whoever is out in 4H better get to cover things are about to get nasty they are calling for 60mph++ winds and hail for us between now.and 7pm
  3. Finnaly cooler weather the only downside is the dam thunderstorms and rain coming with it fml
  4. Over 512 trail cam pics last night all doe where are the boys at ...we need some cold nights to get these guys fired up a little
  5. Some of those bucks they kill on state land are huge I wish we had that many big bucks on state land the one show it was a buck parade they had to be 7 or 8 bucks in a little 10acre area
  6. Wont be long and everybody will labeled outlaws in ny
  7. I predict alot of deer to be hitting the dirt bye the 4th week of oct in 4H
  8. They would wrather have the kids at home bein controllable zombies hooked to there phones it's sad
  9. Not many people hunting there seen 1 or 2 cars over the weekend there
  10. God I hope it never hits here ..iam seein alot less deer this year than previous years
  11. Iam surprised more countys ain't jumping on the liberal ban wagon
  12. I Hunt the nasty days when most dont wanna go out ..I've killed alot of deer on rainy days just moving slow through the heavy pines. And if iam hunting stateland I try to get there before everybody else and go in as far as I can and let everybody push deer to me when they enter the woods late
  13. Screw that .. after you said this I checked our 10 day forecast here lol it's not suppose to go above 68 the next 10 days with lows in the 40s at night.
  14. Ahh lol yeah the Russia thing was just a long running joke from a while back when the forum was having issues and was hacked we all blamed it on the Russians lol
  15. Not sure why I got tagged in this
  16. Pretty much unless you know someone with land or you are a member of a club with a range you really have no options where to site in your guns welcome to ny
  17. I hunt close to the bedding area so they are way more relaxed all it takes is for.a bedded doe to be there and it's one helluva show last year there was a hot doe in the bedding area and I had 7 or 8 differant bucks here everyday looking they had 5 scrapes in a 45yard area I ended up getting a 8 point during bow and a 9 point during gun outta the same place
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