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  1. Glad your ok...scarey situation for sure
  2. Finnaly able to post I tried yesterday but it wouldn't go through let's try this again..8 point from yesterday sorry for the sucky pics ...
  3. 8 from yesterday . Note to self move tree stand out of bedding area ...dam thorns lol
  4. Had a buck peeing in a mock scrape I made I could smell it 15ft away the weather has the deer confused ... last 2 years I got 2 good bucks at the end of october and they wer in full rut already ...around here if you wait till mid November for the rut you are missing out
  5. That cold chill in the air feels good the count down begins
  6. Green county .....I'll let it go to a forum member for 325 atleast I'll know it will get used
  7. 350$ firm is as low as I'll go it's half of what I paid for it when I bought it
  8. Yes sir thats the spot and yes he was a little over 5lbs and he was released to get fatter
  9. Cute little bugger....hope he grows fast winter is coming
  10. I've seen 2 or 3 baby deer with spots on them still in 4h thank the lord there's no early seaseon here like that
  11. Shot only a handle full of times it just sits and collects dust it is fast and accurate first 375$ takes it not bad for a 400fps crossbow
  12. Suddenly boat sales just went up again lol
  13. Caught a bunch of little pike and pickeral and a couple nice bass ...
  14. I keep them up that high because we have a sectional couch and my coonhounds ain't the best trained when it comes to keeping there noses to themselves Lol .
  15. Lol no iam not out of room completely just out of room on that wall...the wife kinda limited me to the living room for the wall mounts if I want to put up more mounts I'd have to move my turkey fans and beards.
  16. Standing Rule is 8 or better iam not shooting smaller lol
  17. silent death

    Wide 8

    The 20 inch wide 8 takes the last spot on the wall
  18. Thermostat is broke it's goin the wrong way lmao man it's freezing out
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