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  1. Thermostat is broke it's goin the wrong way lmao man it's freezing out
  2. lol that 4th pic looks like a helluva heart shot reaction
  3. You know things are bad when the local urgent care is bye appointment only now no walk ins
  4. Health dept told me 3-6 months also after my positive test
  5. I use to change my own but after owning a 6.4hemi and having to spend 100$ just for the srt engine oil it calls for I just say hell with it and buy the oil and filter and pay the local shop 40$ to throw it all in and they can deal with getting rid of the old oil
  6. Had the same results after the 4th day it was just like a bad cold and I lost my taste and smell where as my wife and kids didn't loose there's ..but they had symptoms I didn't to like severe headaches and body aches
  7. Holey hell just looked outside who turned on the snowmaker...1st heavy wet packy snow of the year
  8. Not for nothing but everybody at my house had both the fpeizer shots and wer fully vaxed and they still got covid the shot is not a guarantee...
  9. We all just got over covid and for us the most suckiest part was the 10 day quarantine hopefully you have the same luck as us where we had no bad symptoms and after the 4th day it was just a bad cold... Keep your head up
  10. Still alive here fellas covid ain't got nothing on meh after 20+ years of marriage . Only 2 more days of querintine left ..the only bad thing that has happened was the loss of taste and smell which are returning now finnaly..
  11. Wife and kids are fully vaxed.....I was able to only get one of the pheizer shots do to a bad reaction
  12. Wife and daughter tested positive for covid there goes my seaseon ..wont be long before everybody in the house is sick
  13. I to had issues with that ammo now I just use the super performance or precision hunter ammo
  14. Same here brother ..I forgot to grab my doe bleat can and I went in my cabinet in my room and picked it up and it made noise the wife was ready to kill me she was asleep she was like u start rattling horns iam gonna throw u out in your truck till morning lmao
  15. Anybody else have issues sleeping the night before opener or is it just me lol
  16. Not to mention joe biden doin the same shit as the media to him
  17. Finnaly good news ..this should send a message to the morons that attack people
  18. I know a month ago it was nearly impossible to get any can am parts from a dealer ..something to do with covid and the parts come outta canada
  19. 375 ish with the winter coat it's hard to tell put a bullet in him on the weekend
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