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  1. My favorite daily read is back! Thank you Tom and company.
  2. You do a rub on the outside? Interesting! I added some dried jalapeños to mine, I like the extra kick.
  3. They are great! Much better than those 1st 2 recipes I tried. Thanks @mowin I will be making these again. Probably tweek them a little as I would like more cheese? It's a pia to make all those meatballs, I was thinking about using my sausage stuffer and just making balls with that ?
  4. Sorry to hear, stay strong, you'll get through this. Praying for you.
  5. They're pretty good! Better than the first 2 batches I made a few weeks ago. I added some dried jalapeño to them as I know my breakfast sausage isn't too spicy. Next time I'll try to add some high temp cheddar, as I think they could use more cheese.
  6. Happy Birthday Sir! Enjoy your day!
  7. 1st attempt at @mowin's recipe for sausage balls.
  8. Do these look right? I'm ready to throw them in the smoker.
  9. What kind of sausage? Hot breakfast, Italian? Thanks
  10. Good luck and heal quickly. As others said take it easy for 2 weeks and then concentrate on PT.
  11. Happy Birthday Tacks! Have a great day at the beer tent! Maybe I'll join you?
  12. I have a pr of Nikon Monarch in 10x42 I really like them. My wife does too, so today I got her a pr of Leopold Mckenzie 10x 42 at Cabelas for $99. (Reg 199) I'm sure they aren't great but they'll work well for her.
  13. I don't use the skirts but a friend has black landscape fabric around all his home made ladder stand/platforms. He leaves them up all year, no problem. If you want to fasten the bottom of your skirt and have a metal stand why not try magnets? They will hold the fabric in place and you can move them to get in and out of the stand. jmho
  14. Happy Birthday Dino! Happy Birthday Elmo! I hope you both have a great day!
  15. Congratulations Brian and Rocky!
  16. How would they be without the hash browns? And do you dip them? If so, what di you use for a dip?
  17. Thought and prayers for you Cynthia, you'll get through this.
  18. Happy Birthday Larry! I hope you have a great day! Nice of your boss to give you the day off!
  19. Yes, love the horses! Thanks!! I'm matching the shelves that they already have in a couple of locker rooms. I offered to make them back in April but never got to them as I spent most of my time at my daughters house. The shelves will get a coat of polyurethane. The maintenance guys at NU will hang them. I'm hoping to deliver them on a trailer, weather permitting of course.
  20. I'm building some shelves for the hockey locker rooms at Niagara University. Not a bad start, I have 2 rooms ready, only 4 more rooms to go!
  21. 1st batch, recipe with 3 cups of pancake mix came out ok, not much flavor and too muck pancake mix. They would be good dipped in mapke syrup.
  22. I thought about smoking them. It would add a nice flavor.
  23. Congrats! Great job Dad!
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