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  1. Looks good, did you add to the side of the stair stringers? That looks like a long run, and with the notches cut for treads you should double up the stringers for strength. Imho.
  2. Congrats Brian! Are you "moving on up to the East side" lol
  3. You're 1 busy guy! I remember having that kind of energy.
  4. NYT-5 Quordle 4,7,8,9. Has anyone tried the multiple wordle games like.... https://duotrigordle.com/
  5. NYT-5 Quordle 5,X,9,6. I guess my brain isn't awake yet?
  6. Thanks for a the birthday wishes. Didn't do anything special today. I hunted a new pc of stateland this morning as I heard a bird there last week when I was kayaking, but the birds didn't get the memo regarding my birthday and were all tite lipped. I'm sitting on my patio soaking up the sun and having an amber beverage! This is as good as it gets.
  7. Happy Birthday @Red We're twins! Lol Have a great day!
  8. Sold! Mods can lock this one up. Thanks
  9. NYT-3 Quordle 5,6,X,8. I should have gone hunting!
  10. Quordle 3,6,7,8. Fail on NYT!
  11. I have 2 sets of used motorcycle bags for sale. Asking $25/each. Located on WNY. Local pick up only.
  12. Thought I would post an update on the summer sausage. I did get a smoke tube and now I can smoke it at the right temps, sausage came out great! Went with dried jalapeños and seasoning from the Sausage Maker. This is my new favorite sausage! That said now I'm thinking how would this be as a cheddar link to cook on the grill? I think I'll try putting it in natural casings and light smoke it then grill it. Any suggestions or experience making smoked cheddar links? Thanks
  13. NYT-6 Quordle X,9,6,8. Not my best effort.
  14. NYT-1(No that's not a typo) !! Quordle 9,5,7,8
  15. It was delicious! How'd you do? I called 1 in at 9am, Turk rolled it at 33yds, shot it in full strut, I think he rushed the shot as it came in real quick, he should have waited for it to drop out of strut and picked up it's head. Rookie mistake!
  16. NYT 4 Tragic fail in Quordle 0,6,8,9.
  17. Can't have a opener without my version of wild turkey tetrazzini!! Just had to use up last year's turkey breast to make room for a couple more!
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