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  1. I've had mallard breast that was great, and then I've had some that tasted like swamp water.
  2. I also am not good at this, but I look at how thick the base of the horns are, and his looks to be on the thinner side, so I'm leaning to 2.5. Don't know if this is right or wrong, just my guess. Definitely a nice deer!
  3. I always wanted a Marlin 336C in 35Rem. with 200 gr. bullets. That's just my thought, my Rem.760 pump in 30-06 always fit the bill so I never bothered.
  4. I have the 760 and my son has the 7600. My son is 41, so I'm guessing he bought his about 20 years ago, and I got mine in 71. We love ours and I wouldn't change a thing. Now the only thing we had to do to ours is have an O ring replaced in the pump action tube, if I'm calling it correctly. But if your forearm rattles you need to have that O ring replaced. They both went early on of use, and they both have been fine ever since. Just a tid-bit of info.
  5. Every fall Dicks, Gander and others always have sales on ammo, 30-06, 308, 270, 243, and 30-30. These I find always available. Now there's a ton of other great calibers, but I would stick with one of those. I personally have and like the 30-06. Now I say this because here in this great state you may not always find what you want and it might be hard to get. I have a Remington 760 pump rifle bought new in 1971, in 30-06. If I had to do it all over again I would buy the same damn gun love it. Now bolt action rifles are the most popular, and one thing I can say is they are easier to clean. Good luck in your "hunt" for that rifle.
  6. That's good, cause those rounds don't like dampness.
  7. I hope it's dry in your basement.
  8. You can go to the Federal home page and look those cartridges up. I don't think the copper tip mushrooms as well as the Nosler ballistic tip.
  9. I have a John Deere blower that was made by Echo, this year turns 20 years old. Never had to do anything to it, just saying. But every time I'm done mowing I get the blower out and do the driveway, side walks, back patio, and even blow off the tractor and mowing deck. I find it very useful.
  10. This was about a year or more ago but my brother bought ammo from Gander on line and they shipped it to the local store and he picked it up at the store.
  11. That plow part looks like some kind of skid shoe, like on the end of a sickle bar mower. Just a guess.
  12. how about a wrist-rocket sling shot!!
  13. jim335


    I'm 62, March be 63. Been huntin' ever since I could pull a sling shot back. My cousin and I were pretty darn good with those things.