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  1. Me too. I don't score every season but really hoped to by now this year. One sighting on opening day, nothing again until yesterday 11/25. About eight half-days in reg season in field so far. I'd love a doe or buck, just some venison in any event. I hunt almost only public land but deer go into hiding early there. I did manage to flush deer three separate times yesterday but all were in impenetrable brush and I was alone. I couldn't see 5ft ahead of me much less take a safe shot when they jumped. Exciting at least! I've been telling myself I'd even take a fawn but when I saw a roadkilled one the other day I changed my mind... Tiny.
  2. My daughters and I have had chickens and ducks through the years. Ducks are definitely second class. Way poopier and eggs aren't that great. Plus the roosting thing. Currently we have 5 chicken hens and one duck who turned out male. He just started mounting and plucking the hens and he now has a date at the next livestock buy / sell / trade. Goodbye!
  3. I think I'll be Boyds'ing my Axis II when I get one this spring. Nice choice by the young man.
  4. Go for it. I've never looked back on a hunting session and wished I hadn't gone. I went today in fact, took one red squirrel and let a bunch of greys pass. I'm hoping to have the greys around for any upcoming local contests....
  5. Tag soup can be had by being selective or by being unlucky I think. In my case this season, unlucky! I always thought 'tag soup' meant zero filled tags though. On the lucky side, my hunting friends did well and shared large amt of venison with my family.
  6. I looked at this a while ago, looks good but maybe discontinued?
  7. I'm looking at maybe buying a lower-end new deer rifle. Some well-received ones, like the Savage Axis II XP, only seem available in a scoped package. I'd rather buy a better scope to use than the cheapie in the package. Is there any market for the unneeded scope?
  8. Late on this thread, sorry, but today coming through the Iroquois Refuge I saw a dead one on the road with just the rear half crushed ( car).
  9. Yeah, I had that Blackhawk stock on my 12ga smoothbore and hated it for hunting. It grabbed onto any dense brush I was trying to force my way through. Pushing through the thick stuff is hard enough for a person with no gun much less with a gun snagging every branch, stem, or twig.
  10. Hi guys! Does anyone keep their red-dot sight on their shotgun for other hunting types like waterfowl, small game, or slug deer hunting? I understand lots have separate guns for everything, I'm asking to those who use the same gun for multiple seasons each year. Thanks.
  11. It's built-in to one of our TVs but I've never used it myself. I'll need lessons.
  12. Wow. I can see my lawn here near Buffalo, although we're usually on the wrong end of these snowstorms.
  13. Guide Gear x2! Very inexpensive too.
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