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  1. If the repeal of Roe V. Wade made her think abortion was now illegal, she had no clue why it was repealed. It simply took the power away from the feds and gave it back to the states, as the US Constitution demands. If people don't think the US Constitution has to be followed and is the law of the land, they have been propagandized and need to learn the truth.
  2. I don't think it's that easy, but it should be. Stupid people make everything difficult.
  3. The only thing Trump would have to say if the electorate wasn't full of stupid people is, "If you don't vote for me, you will get 4 more years of Biden completely unrestrained by a desire to get re-elected again." That is enough for intelligent people to vote for him. The biggest threat to America today, is stupid people, and they seem to be in the majority now.
  4. He doesn't have to tell us what he will do on those issues, because he already showed us how to handle those issues when he was President. His supporters know what he will do and don't have short memories. What they want to know is how we can fix our corrupt government and establish election integrity. Trump's 2nd term was stolen from him so those two things would not be addressed.
  5. These are the type of rifles Wyatt Earp would've needed if he had a SWAT team. Why are they making a tactical lever gun in .35 Rem? Don't you need lots of ammo for a tactical firearm? Can't find .35 Rem and it costs a fortune to stock up 1000 rounds if you can find it.
  6. It will be restricted to 10 round magazines even though it's a lever gun. It could take 30 round AR mags, but those are illegal in NY.
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