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  1. You’ve all heard me cry the last two years ,ok . All bow 3 doe seen and a handful of young bucks, no scrapes , few rubs, not bumping any walking in and out ,when the last 31 years deer all,over bumping them most days , picking out when and where to drop one ,it was frankly easy hunting . People said keep grinding , i said why ? There’s no deer around and it sucks sitting day after day and not seeing any when in past years it was 3-6 most sits . Then 8 days into gun and not seeing ONE deer, this happened .
  2. Just occurred to me . The farm that boarders my spot is about 400 acres of mostly wide open crop fields, with one hedgerow which we share , an old creek bed , and a hand full of trees , plus my thicket boarders it . Theres a young man who hunts it a lot, the first time we met he was walking in with a pop up,blind along with a folding chair , that’s how he hunts it . In and out each time with the blind, often a new spot next time based on what he sees . He gets deer , often when they come out of our thicket to feed on their side , and there he is in his blind he just set up . I know of two blinds that went into fields last week, once the corn was cut , it’s a yearly thing , I’d imagine they wouldn’t do,it if it didn’t work .
  3. gee thanks … Did it for one reason only , we thought at some point one would have to show your papers to attend events, travel etc . We have months booked down south and a trip to Alaska that involves flying into Canada . Probably 20k invested that i don’t wish to lose out on . So once I could walk in and simply get the at that time the one and done J&J shot .
  4. Since we’re on the topic of grammar, ( which I’m very poor at ) , noone , which you use all the time , is not a word, it’s no one . Carry on .
  5. Only difference between there and here is it takes a few months to get your carry permit , no training component. Here’s our oldest daughters first handgun . Back on topic ,every gun safety rule as well as sop involving their use on set was ignored. That’s one magic gun, magically live rounds get in it ( should have been checked by the three sets of hands that handled it ) and magically it fires it self , and hits two people it wasn’t pointed at ….
  6. Congrats ! That’s impressive, heck of a grip to pull that . Hard to tell from the pic, looks like a hook grip ? Which I always found painful as hell .
  7. Snitches get stitches ! We did our due diligence, waited 5 days got tested , even though no signs or symptoms, negative results , fully jabbed , booster tomorrow. If one waits for the state it’s way to late .
  8. Hey the state contact tracing folks just called me a bit ago ! 10 days after my exposure and 9 after it was reported to them , what a freaking joke .
  9. There was a tread on here last year , with a picture of number of dead deer, staged near the park,perhaps for pick up . I’ll Text a friend about this years deal, he’s a Deputy who patrols the park on horse ,sweet gig .
  10. Hunting farmland and having thousands of acres of it all around , I know a few who’ve tossed a blind in the middle of an open field and dropped a buck post haste . But most of these are guys who don’t read about or spend much time thinking about deer hunting , so they don’t know it’s “ wrong .” A few on the farm are built on old frames with wheels ,so they can be pulled to different fields .
  11. How many years till your 20 ? Idk if I was close I’d get the J&J , run up my OT ( build up pension amount ) and flee the state one day after my 20 . My story , NYS contact tracing is as messed up as the state is as a whole . We had and exposer on thanksgiving , a few days later they call our daughter and tell her she has to quarantine, she tells them she tested negative and has been going into work at a hospital per the hospitals instruction , they say that’s ok . 8 days after the exposure they call my wife ,8 days lol, she says she waited 5 days got tested , neg and has no symptoms, they say she should still quarantine, which is opposite what urgent care told us , and the hospital told our daughter . Today is I think day 10 and the state has yet to call me lol .
  12. There’s an easy solution for that ! ( live from the kitchen .)
  13. True , but “ Their “ trails are on “ our “ land . Well not really I deny them access every year ,the farm let’s them cross some of their land where they dont hunt .
  14. Wow I find it hard to believe folks still are concerned about this . I haven’t worn a mask in like a year, today I went to the retires Christmas party 150 people no masks zero concerns . Recently my buddy called to tell me he tested positive, I asked why he was telling me ? Well we rode in his truck to and from hunting and sat next to each other at lunch as well as napping in the truck … He only knew he had it as he took a test to attend a large family event ( 50 plus ) . A few days later my RN daughter called her fiancé tested positive ( again zero symptoms) I spent 6 hours with him on Turkey day . He took the test at the request of folks they were getting together with . Oh and our daughter who sleeps in the same bed tests negative,and she gets the antigen test fast tracked . My take away it’s so bad you need to get tested to know you have it …. And folks can spend hours and in fact days with those who have it and not get it . My God folks move on . Cant wait to spend this winter in FLA and Tenn. I’d invite you folks but several freeloaders from multiple states have already filled up most of the dates….
  15. I believe he’s not far from me, Canandaigua area . There’s loads of deer, but spotty ,as many know I have herds of them in summer but they’ve been leaving in Sept. the last two years , the farmer shot a nice buck a mile and a half or so from me, it was one of ten bucks he saw that sit, while I shot the first one I saw 8 days in . There’s been a number of nice bucks taken in the area this year . It’s also believed once pressure steps up many move closer to houses and to,town the cemetery gets loaded with them . Taking daughter #1 back out Sat. Canning this guy tomorrow.
  16. What gets me about that map is, Alaska and Hawaii are so close to each other yet, Alaska is cold and snowy all the time and Hawaii is hot and sunny ,explain that !
  17. This is the most important gear I carry afield , and I hunt private posted land and haven’t seen another hunter in years . I’ve worked on well over a hundred gsw , but 9 mm hardball on city streets is nothing compared to hunting rounds .
  18. Tonight I killed a deer. 200 yards offhand ,measured on my hunting app.
  19. He’s one of the biggest pot stiring guys here , and a poor backpedaling lier as well. Like most anti crossbow guys, they say it’s more like a gun , belongs in gun season , call it a cross gun . Then act upset when some guys try to hunt with it like a gun , which is it then ? If it’s a cross gun why not drive and walk around hunting with it like a gun ? If that’s wrong then maybe it’s a bow ? They’re so confused .
  20. Winds picking up here sitting to maybe 2, got a friend coming by the house for some 12ga sabots I got him yesterday.
  21. Crap a fork horn came in and stopped i though he may have scented me ,but no a decent 8 was coming towards us. I didn’t see him till he saw me edit : actually I saw him first but had to swing the crossbow from 10 o’clock to 2 and hope he kept on that path . He saw my movement and jogged off maybe 30 yards . Fork hung around .
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