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  1. In 35 years of investments, I’ve never tired to market time . Recently out at 23,000 something , back in at 18,500 ! Worked out ok for now , prior to,that move down 19% overall , got a bunch of that back . Vangaurd has been emailing the Mrs. her advisor is calling tomorrow,, maybe he wants tips ....
  2. Extra ammo is only one reason , a damn good one ,but just one. Most malfunctions are due to the mag , which is why we all practice ,tap, rack, bang , right ? Also why many carry a spare , like the tire in your trunk .
  3. Not always true , I took 75% pop up . If I die my wife continues to get 75% of my pension , that option cost me a few grand a year , if she dies first my pension “ pops back up “ by that few grand . Now I could take up, to 25% of my pension in a plop , only 8% do according to the state , I had little reason to as we have enough to pass on as it is ,and reducing my pension by 25% was not something I was interested in . Everyone is different, other sources of income , investments, will they work a side job ,age ,health and on and on . Good luck Fees kill your return , you can loose six figures to fees long term .
  4. I get a chuckle out of people telling me I took an oath , have you ? Easy to sit behind a desk and comment .Here’s a few of awards I got for risking my life to save others , the beauty is we don’t ask your color ,race, religion, or if you like to, pitch or catch ,we just go ! Ive never rescued a person who looked liked me , nor do,I care . From my first in ‘92 till the two a couple years before I retried . I did take an oath and I lived up to it and then some , please tell me how many you saved . I have no ill will against those in NYC, With corona ,but perhaps you shouldn’t have treated upstate as shit for so long . oh I don’t display my awards as it’s ,just part or what I signed up,for .
  5. Jumped back in at the right time ,crushed it this week ! Now if condos drop price in Fla could be a win win !
  6. Jerry those trees are my neighbors, right on the line and leaning towards our house .... he just removed about 20 trees , those are next thank God .
  7. Many ash in my yard and all around me . Here’s some pics , fairly infected, healthy , some infection , the pretty infected one may still bud out this year and stand for a few more based on watching others . Youll see the bark do this long before it’s dead . With treatments you can bring them back as long as they have half their canopy still .
  8. Hey my area gets 1/3 of NYC’s garbage , and now they want us to take their sh!t as well , might as well take infected as too . Face it most down there couldn’t find us on a map , we’re just a dump “ up there somewhere .”
  9. Friends in Naples . Not sure I’d he was a Hogan’s Hero’s fan .
  10. Worked a bit on daughters house , snuck up on these deer bedded in neighbors yard , four more were walking down sidewalk . Returned home for quarantine, has to tighten up by buying cheaper beer ! Actually made a tiddy sum by jumping back in the other day at 18,500 or so , never in 35 years tried to market time , so far did ok .
  11. Ya I’ve an issue with that . 50% of the cases are in NYC which geographically makes up .5% of the state . Why does the 99.5% which has is not only is not densely packed like NYC , but where most drive to work in a car by themselves ,not packed into subways and crowded streets , where some counties don’t have one case , need to be under the same restrictions ? You don’t see other states that mirror Upstate NY doing those things .
  12. Oh im going and the Mrs largely thinks the whole thing ( virus ) is way over blown , the issue is not the virus , it’s upsetting the daughter who takes the virus very seriously. She should read TCs link ...
  13. Today will be interesting, daughter and BF are moving into their new house , so a few helping out with the move . He’s also proposing today ( they already plan on getting married, this is just the official asking and ring part .) So a bunch of her friends were to be there first for a big surprise, most aren’t coming, now ,which is understandable, now she doesn’t know today’s “ surprise “ part , but she asked her Mom not to come over as she is mid 60’s with copd ( high risk group ) thinking it was just the move anyways . So does my wife go ? And perhaps piss off the daughter ( she already yelled at her for going to the store yesterday.) Or does she go and keep a distance and leave soon after the proposal ? I can’t make the call .
  14. If it’s the series by Ken Burns ,that’s very good .
  15. Sometimes luck, sometimes perhaps buying a lot of tickets and such . Im 2 for 3 winning guns there , none this year and I was kind like wtf .... lol . Also have to look at the odds, the “ bucket raffle “ where you put your tickets in The bucket corresponding to the prize , has the worst odds I believe . I put a lot of my tickets in the gun buckets, but so does everyone else. The gun board is only 50 tickets sold per gun better odds , but they’re $20 each . I’ve won on each though . It cost about $200 to get in the drawing for that Howa but I think only are 12 in it . Ive won over the years at different functions ,3 guns , and 4 , 50/50’s that I remember . But my wife says I’m a winner everyday !
  16. The old normal for me , get up spend an hour online while listening to morning talk show and drinking coffee , walk dog , workout ( sadly not at gym ) , work around the house ,run errands, wash a car or two . Sit in garage ,perhaps smoke a cigar ,wave and talk to neighbors as they walk by . Spent a half hour looking for that damn loaded 30 round AR mag I stashed somewhere , oh I have more unloaded ones, its just driving my nuts ! Now watching Star Trek ,wife made scalloped potatoes and ham, for dinner , washing it down with gin and tonic . Tomorrow our daughter is moving into her first house with her fierce , so friends and family helping unload ,drinking and eating ! Can’t wait .
  17. Nomad


    Ya I’m on board with most of that . I keep a healthy supply as I buy in mass on sale ,and I’ve lived through a number of “ ammo shortages.” As far as tactical Timmy , well I’ve been to well over a hundred shootings, plugged up a lot,of holes all put there by young inter city youths with a stolen gun and zero training , it’s not that hard apparently.
  18. Daughter works in pre/post opp. Since most elective surgery is cancelled ,not much to, do so they split into four groups . Week one she is home on call, week two home work on required annual course work, week three , work at hospital, week four , home work on obtaining certificates in various fields . They could easily put them all straight to work on floors , but they’re protecting groups of them for ,worst case .
  19. Nomad


    was outside doing yard work and such , this is where I toss my cans when in hot tub .
  20. Mrs Nomad did some shopping today too, she got the two liter Tanqueray Gin, a bottle of whiskey , and a bottle of wine for the youngest who’s coming home for week end . Little does she know I’ve got hid similar amounts . These are back ups in case liquor stores shut down .
  21. Im, guessing shed hunting is essential travel ? Because I’m going Tuesday .
  22. It took me years to find an old boys bike in good shape ! Girls ones are all over as they didn’t destroy them like us , in fact I rode an old girls one for years till I got this one . Its locked to the wall .
  23. No gym, I figured if inmates can be jacked , with body weigh exercises and some rudimentary equipment ,I can at least stay in the game . So today started my garage ,Corona Prison work outs ! Chins KB swings Mud buckets bent over rows ( KB )
  24. I think, that with many of these first time gun owners ,they saw their life go, from normal to disrupted in the blink of an eye . Out of work, everything closed , 58% of the population doesn’t have $1,000, shortages right off the get go, irrational behavior, by many , what some call and ah ha moment. Exactly ! Many are new gun owners ,who I welcome to, our ranks . They are also seeing just how “ gun control “ effects only the law abiding . Some states require firearm owner ID cards , ten day waits , all sorts of hurdles , when all they’ve heard was getting a gun was easier then buying a book .
  25. That’s a fake email , text. FB post that’s been going around for days now .