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  1. The Irish Spring has been deployed! Corn is cut south of me , beans are brown but they like to walk along this field .
  2. Knew I had an old pic , 30 some years ago .
  3. I call em like I see em . I don’t even understand what all that means , I just sit in a tree and hope , well and nap .
  4. Same buck . You don’t have two wide tens with short tines and dinky brows running around there . Case closed .
  5. Best move I made in recent years was cutting corn off the cob !
  6. Don’t use range finders, tp ( i poop first thing in morning ,done for the day ) and I can hunt all day without eating so no snacks , but I do need to find myFisher Space pen .
  7. You’ll be fine ! Used to be hitting a paper plate was considered a kill . You young guys can look up paper plate, but we used to use 16D nails to tack them to straw bales , prior to these fancy store bought targets .
  8. I’ve often seen them hit the cut hay fields soon after cutting . But I’m sure you know your land and deer .
  9. Always shoot a FP, before I get down as well as shoot at home . Used to “ stump shoot “ on the walk out but not using a judo point, I lost arrows every year .
  10. I’ll also just hunt PM, out of this small ladder stand , the deer will follow the black marks into the beans , ok,some will enter a bit farther down , or not at all, they’re tricky bastards .
  11. Tomorrow I’ll report from the deer stand , until then it’s still the off season !
  12. Smooth, boxers, and it’s a toss up .
  13. Nomad


    Sometimes it’s the location , oompa ! Daughter in Germany , to quote her , “ where drinking beer and dancing on tables is normal .”
  14. I like how the guy who filmed it is keeping the location “ secret “ . Only gives his name , and that he was playing in a golf fundraiser on Thursday , and that the closet game farm is 20-30 miles away . Timberline golf course Calera AL. He names the town on FB, that’s the only course with a Calera address.
  15. Just laddered some bonds paying 3.7:to 5.9. Will next grab some stocks . Reconfiguring my wife’s 401k out of funds .
  16. One group I never got into past Working Man , now I see myself on YouTube later tonight ! CCR , swamp rock ! and fluffier nutter users must listen to that moon walk guy who’s name I can’t recall at the moment
  17. Met a friend of my daughter last week, works for a local Gov as a tradesmen . He logs his hours and job number ect on the computer . He mistakenly put his six digit employee number , under “ hours “ . That came to a few million in pay , which wasn’t flagged at the time of entering it ! ok there’s 168 hours in a week, yet it excepted six figures . it shut down all payments in the system , basically overdrawn I guess lol . caused quite a brewhaha , they tried to write him up , but being smart he explained he was never trained on the computer or how to enter info .
  18. That’s a great song , and I’m a Johnny Cash , to Black Sabbath kinda guy .
  19. I believe it’s proper name is Whole Paycheck .
  20. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/dc62930a-9b63-4c0a-9af8-31a29243864b
  21. Nomad

    Age this buck

    You’d have to pole guys at the lunch stop or buying licenses, doing it here where most are very into deer hunting would squew the numbers . My guy here does more then that big one in Buffalo, Buck and Doe , hundreds a year .Dec checks age based on teeth , along with health , size ect Dec doesn’t measure at the processor. Where I go it’s one deer done by one butcher , never any hair , packaged very well never any freezer burn after more then a year . he’ s dropped the rate for me when I bring in a small one , after breaking my balls first .
  22. The ammo on their webpage seemed to be priced around the new normal , but they seem to be in Colorado .
  23. Shot three maybe four times, washed the camo although it’s been sitting in the drier for a couple days so yes !
  24. Long tearful day. If you can find the video on the link it’s pretty good . https://www.rochesterfirst.com/rochester/funeral-arrangements-announcement-for-rfd-firefighter-elvis-reyes/
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