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  1. I’ve first got to get a replacement registration. The one I have the ink all faded off , they printed it on “ waterproof “ paper, that apparently is ink proof as well . I Love NY !
  2. Never knew of such a thing ,thanks guys !
  3. Always owned one, never sold one ….. It’s old a ‘64 Starcraft, with ‘84 70hp Johnson that I’ve owned since new . Anyways I’m looking to move it , I just want it gone without a lot of back and forth . Will everyone want to run it in the water ? It’s in my driveway and I’m not really wanting to go launch it for every tire kicker that comes along . Especially when the sale price won’t be all that much . Oh and what would be a fair price , no rips in seats , floors solid hulls fine . This is not a for sale post , it’s still in storage actually.
  4. Is it unlocked ? I’ve got some old electronics, and paint cans to get rid of .
  5. I’d be in for free cheese !
  6. The kid was already MHA ,and cleared for a plan to shoot up his school … then posted his intentions online in Jan. About killing blacks in a store . Yet it’s a surprise !
  7. Mow about every three days this time of year 45 minutes of walking is very little “ work .”
  8. A dumpster is my fantasy ! Some want two,girls on an island, or a world record whitetail , I’d like a dumpster and my wife’s blessing to clean out this place ! Im still going to drive by, perhaps there’s a set of plastic dumbbells and a Jane Fonda work out tape that was over looked ? Oh and I need a suit for Kathy’s wedding , I haven’t owned one since the 70s .
  9. I’m going to drive by and see what’s out front …. Gotta beat the scrapers !
  10. Same with contractors , if one guy shoots you a way high quote , he either doesn’t want the job, or he’s seeing if some well to do guy will bite .
  11. Nice Biz. Our grass is looking good, finishing up weeding all the mulch areas , then ordering 14 yards or so .
  12. The killer had this post, online since January, everything all laid out for all to see .
  13. The guy that lives behind my spot kills a Tom every year ( including opening day this year ) , he hits the woods around 9:00 . Well the coffees down I’m hitting the hot tub with a Yeti full, you guys have fun out there !
  14. Correct , markets typically adjust months ahead in anticipation. People often wonder, after an event and there’s little to no market adjustment why ? It’s because the market foresaw what was coming and adjusted already . Not every event sure,some are just unforeseen, but many are , and adjusted way ahead .
  15. I simply built a platform under it , easy to level it up that way . I have some weight in my little shed , 8 stacked tires on rims , snowblower etc . Waiting for my nephew to get me some pavers from a job , that he redoes into fancy stone work , so I can dress it up .
  16. I can’t find anything to disagree with in Robs post above , sadly . oh and if you thought ammo and guns were hard to get last year , you haven’t seen anything yet .
  17. There seems to be some doubts about the authenticity of manifest, with large parts of it seemingly copied and pasted from some previous church shooter . Or so the net says , time for yard work !
  18. It’s idk interesting that he wrote out a 180 page manifesto , plan of attack . I’m glad we’re loading the camper and heading to the hills for a few days .
  19. Retired BPD working security at the store ,exchanged fire, but his bullets were stopped by a bullet resistant vest . Guard is one of the victims.
  20. https://www.foxsports.com.au/us-sports/george-m-steinbrenner-iii-silver-shield-foundation-to-pay-for-education-of-kids-of-slain-nyc-cop/news-story/522a47a32a371d810fc59532618d20a6 The Yankees in addition to Steinbrenner have done a lot for the families of fallen police and fire, makes it somewhat difficult to hate them at times…..
  21. My wife’s parents passed like 30 years ago , mine a few years back . I’m at total peace , I can pass tomorrow, and I’ll smile ,I’ve had hell of a ride ! ( 63 y/o ) Years ago I told our kids I just wanted to make it to the point , I knew they were set , mission accomplished, I’m on bonus time now . I told our youngest put me in our boat ,float it out in the lake and shoot flaming arrows at it! She said but then we’ll loose the boat . God I love that kid . My condolences to those that lost love ones , but don’t cry over me , its all good .
  22. Never had it same the Mrs , only wore a mask when absolutely forced to . Retirement parties of 150 plus maskless since the beginning. Traveled all over ,maskless . Multiple exposures, Never got it . One J&J shot I did get blood clots though …. I don’t know just lucky ? Or suburb conditioning and health ?
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