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  1. Many have had that moment. Years ago there was a guy at work who ALWAYS carried off the job I mean always and at work he carried a pretty large folder . If I had to guess his gun went back and forth to work with him as well . This was a mellow, polite urban living guy, many might have called him a yuppie back then . I came to learn his Dad was killed in a hold up at a store he owned .
  2. Bingo ! Although ours are off on their own, and ones engaged I don’t want to leave them . My wife is trying to get them to move with us , they can get jobs anywhere quite easy , but they aren’t leaving , so here we stay. Wife would be gone tomorrow, but I’m staying if the kids are at this point . Pretty much all her friends have left and the last couple we do a lot with socially are right now having a home built in Tennessee . Her nephew sold his law practice and moved his wife and four kids to Texas last summer , good move his kids are now relocated with them before they sunk roots here . As stated , pretty much everyone we know who left is solid middle or upper middle class , a few though well above that , my one nephew in Tennessee, owns 19 companies across the county , none in his home state of NY though . Those leaving are ones pulling the cart , not riding in it . I only see more leaving, it’s all most we know talks and dreams about .
  3. I thought I was watching a show at a resort in Mexico .
  4. What time does the game start ?
  5. Penn Yan would be great for me but I’d go further if need to . Also would car pool with folks in East side of Roch .
  6. Oh ya , if we were going to a party I’d be all, over that , and usually at home we get shrimp or wings , just not this year . So far today I’ve had , yogurt with blueberries and shredded wheat, and a small piece of back strap and zucchini for lunch .
  7. Nothing much, I think she’s making stuffed peppers ( ground deer ) for supper . Honestly just another Sunday here .
  8. I suppose under the right set of circumstances, I’d try to take out like a mass shooter if I felt I could do so without drawing fire towards my family . But a robbery or something not directly affecting me, not so much . Friday Mrs Nomad and I went to lunch at the Brew pub, just missed a double shooting , one fatal at the corner of St Paul and Ave E . Sat at light as area was marked off and police were still heavily on scene . You never know where the shooter will run or what he’ll do to,get away . Dave that was a good post with lots of good advice . ill,say sometimes it happens when and where you least expect it, trapping,many years ago we had two guys pull a bat and a machete on us , apparently they thought they owned the area , once my buddy drew his fixed blade Buck and I my folder , things calmed down, even though they had the advantage. We were in a stream they were on the bank , I don’t feel they wanted to jump in but it was a bit dicey . Last summer my friend ,who’s still on the job as a FF , pulled into a 7/11 in the suburbs and saw a guy laying on the ground next to a motorcycle, I’m not sure if it was upright . A woman was leaning over the guy, he asked if it was a motorcycle accident, she replied no he was SHOT ! Where’s the shooter he asks , she points to a car still on scene ..... He reached for his gun as the car sped off , then treated the victim . Daytime in the burbs . Too many stories involving people I know shaped my habits .
  9. Nomad


    Ok so this is the beer I had the other day, apparently it’s an up and coming hop . I’d try it again , but not in a big hurry to .
  10. Most likely in , the NYC one was a bit of a drive coupled with some things going down that I needed to be close to home for at that time .
  11. I have three of those ! I try to carry as much as possible , I gave up,on the only carry when I think I’ll need it way of thinking long ago , if I knew that I’d stay home . I try to be my own “ First responder “ a term I never cared for btw . I know if the daughter who’s local has an issue , either with an ex BF or something weird going on , I can most likely beat the cops there, depending on how she phases the 911 call and how many calls they’re backed up, because they always are . My single stack 9 sits on top of the refrigerator right next to my wallet , don’t leave home without it. Frankly one reason is large dogs, there’s so many in my neighborhood , I watch women walk them and they can’t control the dogs at all , the dogs pull them around like a waterskier . I had two pits pull a lady across the street towards my beagle, each went on a different side of me, tangling me up in the leashes, fortunately they were ok dogs, but I did slip my hand in my pocket .
  12. Nomad


    Road trip !!!!! This is my wife’s Maiden name , somewhat known around farm country here , but not exactly a name you run into out of the area . Just found this small brewery by the same name in VT. We’re heading up when the winter winds down , need some swag and beer !
  13. Mostly singles , saw three twice , last year shed hunting three were walking the edge of the thick stuff, and a few years prior three were following the buck I shot and I shot the lead coyote too . Heres some tracks I snapped a picture of today , no idea how many made this , but it’s not uncommon to see . Merlot couple bow seasons back , one layed down maybe 15 yards from me, he was ragged and chewing something that sounded like rocks ! It would have been a cake shot but he looked like satins dog or something , couldn’t take the chance .
  14. I’m leaning toward coyote , how many dogs today roam free, and then how many dogs have no collar and roam free ? That and the Black coyotes sure look a lot like that pic.
  15. Not much of a coyote guy, and I was going with dog, then I googled black coyote, many have that same white chest patch , so now I’m going with , I have no idea . Shoot it and see if anyone puts up, “ lost dog “ flyers with its picture .
  16. Took a walk around found 35 plus beds, lots of coyote tracks . Trail cameras got of pics of young bucks, Turkey ,coyotes, glad to see one young guy has dropped one side ,but he’s the only one on camera so far , oh and that fox came by two days in a row , 5 minutes apart . That doe bedded right by my camera , got lots of pics. almost as bad as when wind blows a branch all day !
  17. If you’re on here, most likely your most expensive clothes are orange or camo ..... I’m pushing 61, haven’t owned a suit in IDK 30 some years ? I have one blue sport coat that’s maybe 20 or 30 years old I have no idea, every few years I buy some jeans and a handful of short sleeve collard shirts . I do, like a nice pair of shoes though .
  18. Again the media gets it wrong , 77k did not leave NYS, that’s NET loss. One must factor in immigration to NYS , the higher birth rate over death rate , along with outmigration. You can see for the year July 17- July 18 , 180k left but that resulted in a Net loss of 48k .
  19. Never had one hit my vehicles, but this guy was one of three that came in after I dropped a buck in its tracts . Before I could close up my pack and untie my harness ( ladder stand ) three were right on his tracks , unfortunately two got to run off .
  20. Here ya go . every board I ever played had different numbers for each quarter,and paid touching squares, , made it fun .
  21. That’s it I’m signing up Mrs Nomad and the dog .
  22. Nomad


    Your welcome , Bolt Action . Just got back ourselves , Mosaic Cream Ale and their new Stout for growlers. Had this one with lunch, I forget the name Gran......... something , hazy but kinda strange tasting it was ok .
  23. Nice we’re heading there shortly, as soon as the Mrs walks the dog, to lesson the chance he’ll pee inside the house while were gone , old age and anxiety ( him not me ) .
  24. I know a guy who runs them with dogs , he kills a ton of them . It takes him a couple days pre season , just to knock on all the property owners doors to make sure he can still do it across their land . Maybe I should invite him over . Guys also trap my spot , which may make running dogs problematic ?